Calculation of dangerous days for conception: Table

Calculation of dangerous days for conception: Table

In the menstrual cycle of a woman, dangerous and safe days can be distinguished. Dangerous days are those in which fertilization can theoretically occur, safe – when the possibility of conception is completely excluded. Many women are interested in how to calculate safe and dangerous days. You can calculate your own ovulation calendar.

Consider some physiological basics. So, once a month, a woman has menstruation. The uterus is washed with bleeding from the residues of the endometrium and is updated. After about 14-16 days from the beginning of menstrual bleeding, the ovulation period occurs (dangerous days for conception).

Ovulation calendar is not at all difficult to calculate

To determine what days of the cycle, neglect of contraception can lead to an unwanted pregnancy, it is necessary to accurately calculate the day of ovulation. During this period of the cycle, the egg ripens and its exit from the follicle. Its vitality lasts about a day.

If during this period of time a meeting with a sperm can be expected by fertilization and pregnancy. These are dangerous days for conception. The survivability of sperm in the uterus is approximately two days. Therefore, it is necessary to add four days before ovulation and four after and remember that unprotected relations during this period should not be.

We will conduct an approximate calculation. With a 28 -day cycle, ovulation is (normally) for 14 days from the beginning of menstruation. That is, if the menstruation began on December second, add 14 days, it turns out on December 16 and there is a day of the alleged ovulation. Add ‘safety’ days and get the period from 12 to 20 December. These 9 days are considered dangerous for conception days. With a regular cycle, you can use the usual calendar and in different colors paint the cells of the expected ovulation and ‘safety’ days.

How to calculate the onset of ovulation more accurately? In order to identify ovulation day, you can measure the basal temperature. That is, in the rectum or neck of the uterus. The basal temperature must be measured as soon as they woke up without getting out of bed. It is advisable not to turn on bright light and the thermometer is best to keep near the bed.

You need to introduce a thermometer by at least five centimeters and in ten minutes you will get the result. On safe days, the basal temperature is not more than 36.9 degrees. And its increase to 37.2-37.6 degrees indicates the onset ovulation. Usually in the middle of the cycle the temperature drops slightly and immediately grows. The day when the temperature is the lowest before increasing and there is a day of ovulation.

To draw the correct conclusions, the calendar of the basal temperature should be carried out at least 3-4 months. It should be noted that with a viral or infectious disease, it is necessary to control the body temperature in the usual way. With increased body temperature, the graph of the basal temperature will not be reliable. For clarity, you can build a personal graph or a diagram of basal temperature. With it, the ovulation offensive will be simple and will be simple and ‘Dangerous days’ Not taken by surprise.

There are other signs of ovulation. For example, more liquid, similar to water, vaginal discharge. But this is for completely observant women. In addition, the consistency of discharge depends on the state of health of the woman.

Ovulation test

Nowadays, women are often so busy that there is simply no time to calculate the calendar. Will help out the ovulation test. A modern and fairly effective tool for determining ovulation. When using it, you do not need to keep calendars and various diaries, listen to well -being and sensations.

Just buy a test and 10 – 12 day after the onset of menstruation testing. It acts on the basis of sensitivity to the hormone LH (luteinizing hormone). It is produced in large quantities by the pituitary gland when the egg is ripened. The body is preparing for possible fertilization. Urine is used for research, as well as for pregnancy test.

When using the test for three – Four hours should not drink a large amount of liquid so as not to dilute the urine. High -informative digital saliva test can also be used. This is the most accurate diagnosis that excludes any error.

If a digital saliva test is used, you need to compare the obtained indicators (a picture similar to a frosty pattern) with control. Such tests are most often used by women who cannot get pregnant. Sexual contact directly on the day of ovulation significantly increases the chances of conception and development of pregnancy.

In two stripes – The most dangerous days suitable for conception came. If the second strip is weakly expressed – The follicle is preparing for the output of the egg. You should also take care of the methods of contraception. Do not forget that the test does not directly indicate that the egg has already come out, it reacts to hormonal surge in the body of a woman.

A complex approach

Can be used in the complex with all methods. So more reliable. For several months, conduct the calendar of the basal temperature to calculate the onset of ovulation. If everything goes – you can mathematically calculate the calendar of ovulation and ‘safety’ Dangerous days. You can use such a calendar for a long time. It is advisable to use a pharmacy test for ovulation for control.

Do not forget that long stressful conditions, a sharp climate change, hormonal disorders in the body of women can lead to a shift in the onset of ovulation.

This method of contraception is more suitable for pairs for which pregnancy is not very desirable, but in principle it is possible. For couples who categorically do not plan the birth of a child, it is better to choose a more reliable method of protection from pregnancy.

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