Covosing: 5 things that will happen to your hair

Covosing: 5 things that will happen to your hair

Despite the fact that the peak of the popularity of the coping — hair washing with air conditioning without using shampoo — It came for 2014, stylists are still convinced that there is no way to better cope with hard and naughty hair. On the network you can find a lot of information on a topic, most of which boils down to "incredible effect" smooth and flowing curls in combination with "Of course harmful effects" air conditioning for hair structure.

"Traditionally, air conditioners contain more softening ingredients and have a lower level of surface-active substances than shampoos, — Says expert Pantene Roland Vilkerson. — Therefore, co -winging is especially good for dry and damaged or gross and curly hair". We tell you what will actually happen to the hair with regular booby practice and why this procedure should not be afraid.

1. Intensive moisture

Most often, the problem of dried curls lies in dry scalp, for which, unfortunately, have not yet come up with creams, "Sealing" moisture. At the same time, even the softest shampoos tend to wash the oils from the head, which does not happen if you use the air conditioner. Professionals call it "Magic moisturizes", And they assure that over time, the hair begins to more actively absorb water from the environment (for example, when it is high on the street or it rains). So in a couple of weeks you can return to classical washing of your head, but keep the advantage.

2. Lack of split ends

Thermal protective sprays, serums with the effect of additional protection and other hair products that are designed to cope with the harmful effects of phenomena and flocks — This, of course, is good. But if your curls are prone to fat content, then a passion for this kind of means can lead to overload and, as a result, to a situation in which the hair will look dirty a few hours after washing. And the refusal to use them — to brittleness and split ends. Trichologists say that cowing once or twice a week can be an excellent prevention of such troubles.

3. Healthy scalp

Beautiful and strong hair 90% depend on the health of the scalp. And this means that it is worth taking care of her first of all if her hair is suddenly — You haven’t noticed this before — began to fall out or get confused. Usually girls are faced with their unusual hair type with problems in the spring, when the scalp is trying "recover" After winter shocks like hats, heating and weather conditions with snow and wind. So if you relate to the latter, try to arrange an express cowing course (moreover, hold the air conditioner on your hair from 5 to 10 minutes before washing off) — And you will immediately notice the changes.

4. Light styling

After all that has been said, this item is unlikely to seem surprising to you, and yet, listing the advantages of the coping, it is often not taken into account (and it would be worth it). The softer your curls become, the easier it will be to lay them. However, it is worth considering that complex and multi -level hairstyles are better kept on hard hair. Therefore, if you have planned something like that in advance, postpone the experiment with the coping until a more suitable moment.

5. Time saving

This is not to say that the process of washing your head (even using shampoo, air conditioning and masks) takes a lot of time. However, if you are one of those whose crazy schedule does not fit into the framework of a reasonable one, then you will like the bonuses of the time management that the coping is ready. In addition, this is a great way to keep hair clean and beautiful after training — sparing not only in relation to curls, but also to the girls who are waiting in line in the shower.

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