Demna Gvasalia: Biography, Creativity and Career

Demna Gvasalia: Biography, Creativity and Career

Demna Gvasalia (English. Demna Gvasalia) – The designer of fashionable clothing is rapidly gaining popularity. Born and educated in Georgia, in the last two years he has become a real legislator of fashion in Paris, and the name of Demna Gvasalia has long been in hearing. What is his secret?

  • Real name: Demna Gvasalia
  • Date of birth: 7.08.1981
  • Zodiac sign: lion
  • Height: 180 centimeters
  • Weight: 77 kilograms
  • Shoe size: 75 (EUR)
  • Eye and hair color: brown, brunette.

Demna Gvasalia: Biography, Creativity and CareerDemna Gvasalia for Balenciaga

Gvasalia in Balenciaga

Changing the previous head of the Balenciaga Fashion House Alexander Wang, Gvasalia struck the public with an unusual approach to familiar things, despite the fact that before his name was not so known in the fashion world.

Demna Gvasalia in Balenciaga, so to speak, confused all the cards. He became the ancestor of a new round in Parisian fashion, and his main horse – This is an underground. Stars such as Jared Summer, Rihanna and Kanye West have already managed to appreciate the designer’s talent.

Although his previous activity was not closely connected with the world of high fashion (he studied for a lawyer), many designers have already managed to leave positive reviews about Dement Gvasalia. Nevertheless, he managed to work a little with such brands as Louis Vuitton and Mark Jacobs.

New fashion trends

In his 34, the newly-made designer dreams of changing the Parisian fashion towards something qualitatively new and non-trivial. In his opinion, the modern French fashion has long been outdated and ‘Zamyzda’. Together with his anonymous Vetements group, he tries to get rid of imposed stereotypes, mixing volumetric sheepskin coats, jeans and heels of unusual shapes in his collections. Thanks to his work, which pleases the fashion world for four seasons, Parisian collections have a chance to get a new charge of energy.

Demna Gvasalia: Biography, Creativity and CareerVetements

The collections of Demna Gvasalia were not always the same as they are now. For example, before working with this fashion house, he first dressed aristocrats and duchess, and then sharply moved to full underground and rave. Which served as the impetus for this choice? As the designer himself reports in a few interviews, time has a serious influence on him.

The first steps to the personal collection

Gvasalia claims that the first collections, along with his anonymous group, Shil literally in his own bedroom due to lack of funding and undeveloped production. In that apartment in a dysfunctional area of the French capital, their team listened to good music, drank wine and thought about creating their own brand.

Since at that time Gvasalia still worked on Loius Vuitton, he could not fully share his thoughts about his new hobby with other people. This largely affected the choice of the name for his collection – Vetements – what is translated from French as ‘cloth’. His desire was not to create a fashion for high -ranking persons according to the canons of Parisian fashion, but ‘Just clothes’, which will become a new trend among street fashionistas.

Despite the desire of Gvasalia to remain anonymous, he failed this task. He began to compare him with another brand with which he had to cooperate – Maison Margiela. In addition, the opinion immediately appeared that his goal was to create ‘anti’ fashion, something significantly different from everything else, according to the fashion designer. The collections of the designer, however, include trouser suits, hoodies and dresses with shirts – ‘nothing special’ According to him.

Demna Gvasalia: Biography, Creativity and Career

Shocking shows

He managed to surprise the audience during the show repeatedly. The demonstration of the new collection took place in ‘trash, greasy and nasty’ Chinese restaurant in one of the areas of Paris. Gvasalia, in response to the amazed questions of journalists, replies that this is not the limit of his fantasy, because in 2014 the show was generally held in a gay club, where the whole bomond sat in stuffy booths. This choice is explained by a low rent and, of course, the designer’s unusual desire for such places. The atmosphere of the restaurant was diluted with classical music, which, however, was then changed to the usual cheerful techno.

One of the interesting design decisions used in the Demnah of Gvasalia was the placement of the DHL logo on some things. When the designer is asked what the meaning of such a move is, he answers very simply: this company is constantly in hearing, and he very often witnessed such a phrase in many offices: ‘DHL is delayed again’. Inscription placed on the sleeve “Vetements” made by an unusual font used by skaters designers for their sweatshirts.

Gvasalia also claims that his team is constantly luring models. Other agencies appoint them sky -high fees, so the group is in a constant search for new persons in the instagram. For example, a young man from Surgut took part in one of the shows, and his road to Paris was a long and short! Gvasalia notes that many models from Russia take part in his shows, and he tries to maintain friendly relations with everyone, contrary to the fact that mostly in the fashion world everyone is at war.

Here he is – Demna Gvasalia, whose biography is full of interesting facts, unusual meetings, dangerous Parisian regions and the spirit of freedom and underground.

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