Ekaterina Klimova – biography and personal life of the actress

Ekaterina Klimova – biography and personal life of the actress

Childhood of Ekaterina Klimova (English. Ekaterina Klimova) passed in Moscow and it cannot be called cloudless. She was born in an ordinary family, where there was another daughter besides her. Mother – Housewife devoted all the time to the girls, father – free artist. The great -grandmother of the actress was a gypsy, it was such a kinship that influenced the appearance of Catherine and her character – she has a dark -skinned skin shade and a rather quick -tempered disposition. Getting angry, the actress can easily leave the house even at night, throwing only a coat over home clothes.

  • Real name: Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Klimova
  • Date of birth: 24.01.1978
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Height: 168 centimeters
  • Weight: 56 kilograms
  • Waist and hips: 60 and 90 centimeters
  • Shoe size: 37 (EUR)
  • Eye and hair color: green, brunette.

Ekaterina Klimova – biography and personal life of the actress

Ekaterina Klimova – Theater and Cinema actress, whose game I want to watch forever. When the girl was only one year old, the Klimova family faced huge difficulties – her father was arrested and convicted of murder committed by negligence. The man managed to reunite with his family when Ekaterina Klimova was already twelve years old. All this time, the mother was engaged in raising children, who tried to surround the girls with care and attention.

Catherine and Victoria Klimovs grew very amicably, were close enough and did everything together, as the actress recalls, they even decided to try to smoke together. Ekaterina Klimova recalls her childhood with a smile. For the first time with acting work, Catherine met in a children’s camp, where Klimova went to rest in the summer with her older sister. There she participated in amateur theatrical productions that were popular among children.

It was in the children’s camp that Ekaterina Klimova was “redeemed” for the first time in applause and felt what the viewer’s love is. In many ways, this experience has influenced the choice of the future profession of Katya.

Ekaterina Klimova – biography and personal life of the actress

Training in acting

After graduating from secondary school, Ekaterina Klimova decided to enter the Shchepkino school to try her hand at a professional scene. There, the future actress felt like a fish in the water, finally, a boring school lessons were replaced by creative classes in acting. With warmth in her voice, Ekaterina Klimova recalls classes in which freshmen tried to portray an animal, plant or object.

The final work of the actress was a role in the production of “Romance”, then she was given an old dress as a costume, which was found in the bowels of the dressing room of the Maly Theater, it was in a deplorable state – the actress recalls. Klimova tried to give a presentable look all night before the exam.

After graduation, the actress immediately received a job at the theater of the Russian Army, where inexperienced Ekaterina Klimova debuted in the title role of “Othello” director B. Morozova.

Work in the cinema

The formation and growth of Catherine Klimova, as a movie actress began at the beginning of the zero, then she got a small role in the tragicomedy to. Shakhnazarova “poisons, or worldwide history of poisoning”. Two years after that, Ekaterina Klimova received an offer to try her forces in the title role of the series “Games in the Finding Model”.

The film was saturated with frank bed scenes, but the actress perfectly coped with her task. From that moment on, the rapid growth of the talent of Ekaterina Klimova in the film industry began. The actress gained real popularity and recognition, starring in the television series “Poor Nastya”.

Ekaterina Klimova – biography and personal life of the actress

Filmography of Ekaterina Klimova Today is a lot of works with the most famous directors who appreciate the talent of the actress, and often invite to withdraw in their paintings.

Catherine has good vocal data. Fulfilled by Klimova romance in the film “We from the Future” was awarded the most flattering reviews from musicologists.

In 2012, a comedy with the participation of Klimova – “Date” was released on large screens, in the film actress Ekaterina Klimova appeared before the viewer in the image of a sexual teacher.

The next year I got a major role in the film “Icon of the season”. Her heroine is a secular lioness, idly burning life in nightclubs and not interested in anything except gloss and glamor completely changes when love settled in her heart.

From 2013 to 2014, she was engaged in work on the historical series “Wolf Heart”. The actress’s partner was Gela Meskhi.

In 2014, the premiere of the series “Kuprin” took place, there Ekaterina Klimova got the role of a professional resource and seductor. In one of the scenes, Klimova again managed to show off his vocals, performing a romance. However, this time, the actress failed to impress critics with her performance.

In 2014, Ekaterina Klimova took part in the filming of three films at the same time. Despite the active filming process in the cinema, Klimova did not leave work in the theater. In 2014-2015, Ekaterina Klimova shone in the title role in the play “Master and Margarita” and many other productions.

Ekaterina Klimova – biography and personal life of the actress

In addition to successful acting, Ekaterina Klimova repeatedly appeared on the pages of male glossy magazines as a model, was an advertising person of famous cosmetic companies and jewelry companies.

Favorite director Klimova is Andrey Malyukov. Critics often note that Ekaterina Klimova is invited to act on the roles of attractive beauties, whom she successfully copes and looks wonderful in the frame, but when it comes to crawls in the trenches or blows on mines, the actress resorts to the services of professional stunts.

In the real life of Klimova, a very brave woman, she is happy to engage in extreme sports, jumps with a parachute, fencing and skating on a motorcycle.

Personal life

The growth of actress Ekaterina Klimova is not very large, she looks very miniature. Therefore, due to her fragility and femininity, the actress never suffered from a lack of male attention. The biography of Catherine Klimova is saturated with beautiful and romantic love stories.

Ilya Khoroshilov is the first husband of Catherine Klimova and her first love. Future spouses began relations at a young age, then Katya was only 15 years old. Despite her youth, Ekaterina Klimova, did not pay attention to the signs of attention from his fellow students, and gave her heart to Khoroshilov. Ily immediately after the graduation, Ilya made Katya a proposal, which she naturally accepted.

They got married, and soon the first child of Ekaterina Klimova was born – the daughter of Elizabeth. The discord in the family began unexpectedly for the spouses themselves and the divorce soon followed. Nobody knows the real reason for what happened. There are two opposite versions. If you believe one of them, then Klimova’s husband failed to cope with the popularity and success of his wife. He began to stare at his colleagues in the workshop of Ekaterina Klimova and soon found happiness with actress Elena Biryukova. By the way, Klimova and Biryukov were friends and played on the same stage.

Ekaterina Klimova – biography and personal life of the actress

According to another version, it was Klimova that Ekaterina betrayed her husband, twisting an affair with Igor Petrenko while working together on the film “Best City of Earth”. Although the actors were still connected by the bonds, this did not prevent the lovers from getting closer.

Whatever version is true, the result is one – Klimova divorced Khoroshilov, and Petrenko with her wife Irina.

Just a month after the divorce, Klimov and Petrenko began to live together. Such a turn of events was a real shock not only for fans, but also for close relatives of Ekaterina Klimova. Lovers got married on the eve of 2005. Petrenko and Klimova did not begin to arrange a magnificent celebration, they simply arrived at the registry office and signed. The couple did not give a damn about formalities that they did not even bother to buy engagement rings, and came to the registration with a late.

This union lasted 10 years. Their pair was considered the strongest in Russian show business. In the family of Ekaterina Klimova and Igor Petrenko, two children were born, and the eldest daughter Lisa, Igor adopted. In 2006, the actress gave her son Matvey, and in 2008 the son of Korney. However, this romantic fairy tale came to an end.

In the winter of 2013, Ekaterina Klimova received an offer to star in the film “Love in the Big City”, which she accepted and went to shoot in the United States. There, at one of the parties, the paparazzi captured the passionate kisses of Ekaterina Klimova with musician Roman Arkhipov. So, the deceived husband recognized the details of the betrayal of his wife from the Internet.

To say that Petrenko was angry – to say nothing, as the actor himself admits, during an attack of rage, he defeated their joint apartment. After the scandal of grief, lovers immediately broke off the relationship, but this did not help Ekaterina Klimova save the family. Officially, the actress divorced her husband July 10, 2014. Petrenko left his ex -wife a Moscow apartment and a suburban cottage, in which Ekaterina Klimova lives with children.

According to Ekaterina Klimova, he and his former spouse managed to maintain friendly relations and all issues regarding raising children, they solve together.

Ekaterina Klimova – biography and personal life of the actress

In the status of diluted, Klimova was not long. A year after the divorce, the headlines of the yellow press were full of news about the new lover of Klimova. However, the actress was in no hurry to report the name of her chosen one, and for some time kept the intrigue. But everything secret becomes obvious, after a while it became known about the imminent marriage of Klimova with the actor, Gel Meskhi with whom she met during the filming of the series “Wolf Heart”. By the way, the new chosen one is younger than Klimova for eight years.

Thus, not only the creative path of Catherine Klimova but the growth of the career of the theater and cinema actress is interesting to the press and fans, and the personal life of Ekaterina Klimova excites the consciousness of the admirers of her talent.

New life

Ekaterina Klimova did not live long in a civil marriage with Gela Meskhi, and on June 5, 2015 they legalized their relationship in one of the Moscow registry offices. Klimov did not arrange a solemn ceremony again. The new spouse of the actress is a creative person and, in addition to filming in the cinema, is engaged in drawing, although for him it is nothing more than a hobby.

The actress gave the new husband a beautiful daughter, whom they called a rare name Bell. Klimova’s children from previous marriages remained to live with her and her new spouse. The young spouse managed to quickly find the points of contact with the children of Ekaterina Klimova, he takes an active part in their upbringing. The children of Ekaterina Klimova well perceived the appearance of a new man in the life of the mother.

Ekaterina Klimova – biography and personal life of the actress

For her children, Catherine tries to be authority and example in everything. Great attention pays their education. According to the actress, she will support her eldest daughter if she decides to follow in her footsteps, but for her sons she wants real male professions, and skeptical of the filming of boys in the episodic roles that their father suits them.

Ekaterina Klimova reads a military career for her eldest son, and the youngest, according to her assumptions, will choose some kind of serious profession. Boys, despite their young age, try to support their mother in everything and be a real support for her. Catherine’s children diligently study foreign languages and often go abroad to practice during the summer period.

Ekaterina Klimova now is a happy mother of four children, beloved wife and a demanded actress.

Ekaterina Klimova – biography and personal life of the actress

Ekaterina Klimova does not stop her growth as an actress and constantly receives offers to participate in new projects. Often flashes on the stage of the capital’s theater and on TV screens.

Fans of the actress hope that she finally managed to find her female happiness, and the new family of Catherine will be strong.

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