Eyebrow lamination: what to prepare for and how to extend the result

Eyebrow lamination: what to prepare for and how to extend the result

Lamination of eyebrows is an extremely popular procedure in modern girls. And this is understandable, because the eyebrows today is one of the main beauty trends.

But will the eyebrows look just as luxurious as the beauties on Instagram in their nature? Does the procedure have any restrictions? And how long will the result last? We asked all these exciting questions Julia Antonyuk, Brovist of the Studii Network “Manicuroff”.

Eyebrow lamination: what to prepare for and how to extend the result

To whom the lamination of eyebrows is suitable?

Lamination – absolute novelty in eyebrow care. Hair treatment with keratin increases the diameter of each hair, and the eyebrows become more voluminous and well -groomed. Lamination does not damage the hair, but rather saturately nourishes it, contributing to growth.

This treatment is most suitable for women with rare and weak hairs growing in different directions. On the other hand, owners of dense eyebrows, lamination helps with styling. And creating natural eyebrows perfect form becomes even easier.

Before the procedure, the master assesses the state of the eyebrows and the features of appearance, determining whether the eyebrows of the clients in lamination need lamination.

Instagram pictures look magical. But from any eyebrows you can make candy?

Lamination is not in vain also called long -term styling. This is exactly the procedure with which you can visually increase the width of the eyebrows, comb them up and hide the gaps where the hairs do not grow. However, no matter how professional the master is, he will not be able to grow hairs where they are not, and it should be ready for this. But the procedure can stimulate hairs growth if you have overdid it and pluck out excess.

How is the standard eyebrow lamination procedure?

The lamination process takes about an hour, which does not include preliminary correction, and includes:

  1. Facial cleansing of cosmetics and degreasing the working area;
  2. Applying a softening gel that allows you to form styling and straighten naughty hairs;
  3. Gel removal (then you can paint your eyebrows with a special pigment if they were not painted before the procedure);
  4. Applying a laminating mixture that strengthens the structure of the eyebrows and nourishes the hair;
  5. Applying nutritious silk oil, which should not be washed off during the day.

How safe the composition is for lamination?

Lamination of eyebrows is the most gentle and generally safe procedure. But even to this case, the client is not insured from reaction to keratin, hyaluronic acid and oil in the composition. That is why it is important to preliminarily conduct an allergy test for the safety of the procedure. Plus, the procedure should not be carried out in the presence of irritation, rash or skin damage in the treated area.

How to verify the qualification of the master?

Each self -respecting master has a portfolio with examples of work that can and should be asked without hesitation. And do not be too lazy to look at the pages of a broovist on social networks, where you can see the photos “until. All this will help to understand what kind of work the master did, whether he made the shape and/or the color of the eyebrows correctly, how organically all this looks on the models. If all the work looks the same – one color, one shape/styling – you should be wary. Most likely, the master has not improved qualifications for a long time or learned only the basic methods.

By the way, be sure to ask where the master studied, and ask to show a diploma or qualification certificate. These documents should clearly write the name of the school or organization, the term of study and the date of issuance.

Is it possible to paint your eyebrows before lamination?

Yes, the procedure can be performed after pre -staining the eyebrows, because lamination will fix the color, so that the eyebrows will remain bright longer. The paint when painting captures only hairs, and the view is more natural. On the other hand, henna gives the eyebrows the texture, so you need to select one or another option, taking into account what you want to get at the exit. And remember that before staining it is also worth conducting an allergy test.

How long will the salon result last?

The effect will delight you for 4-6 weeks. However, it should be remembered that lamination is cumulative: after the first procedure, the result will last about a month, but each time the composition will work better and longer.

The most important care rule is the first 24 hours after the procedure to protect the face from excessive sweating and water exposure. That is, a visit to the gym, the sauna or pool will have to be postponed. This is important because lamination components are needed for a day to absorb well into the hair structure.

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