Guide for the summer festival “Oh, yes! Food!” in St. Petersburg

Guide for the summer festival “Oh, yes! Food!” in St. Petersburg

‘Gastronomic theater’, ‘Culinary scene’, School of restaurateurs ‘Expresso’, master classes on the preparation of dishes of northern peoples in a children’s culinary school ‘Young Lokavor’, Minifest was bbq and ‘Oh yeah! ECOMED!’, ‘Yoga in the oil meadow’, Food stylistic, ‘The kitchen of the future’, Musical scene, art shooting, SKA zone ‘Table hockey’, Cup ‘Oh yeah! Food!’ by volleyball, a real ramp for extreme entertainment and much more — July 23-24 on Elagin Island in the CPPPI. Kirova in the picnic format will take place the long -awaited large summer festival ‘Oh yeah! Food!’.

‘Cooked in Russia’ — The theme of the Big Summer Festival ‘Oh yeah! Food!’ this year. Farmers creating unique regional products, chefs and restaurateurs who form the ideology of new Russian cuisine, – Main characters ‘Oh yeah! Food!’ 2016.

The topic was chosen together with a partner of the Great Summer Festival — national payment card ‘World’, which has prepared many bonuses and other pleasant surprises for all guests of the festival. In addition, the site provides for special privileges for card holders ‘World’: For them, the entrance to the festival will be free, and upon presentation of the Russian payment card it will be possible to get discounts from the festival participants.

The main program

On the stage ‘Gastronomic theater’ Real Food representation will unfold. Each chef will cook two dishes: first — will demonstrate a bright feed and unique style, the second — will reveal the original taste and will be served in mini portions for tasting.

July 23

13.00 — Marina Naumova (almonds), traditional Georgian snacks Phaleuli and ‘Sorbet show’ With liquid nitrogen

14.00 — Ilya Burnasov (Hitch, Italy-Group), Ribs BBQ and Forshmak

15.00 — Evgeny Vikentyev (wine cabinet, Hamlet&Jacks), omul/corn/cancer/grass, beef/rhubarb/honey

16.00 — Anton Isakov (gastronomic)

17.00 — Matteo Guide (Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace. Petersburg)

18.00 — Evan Le Roy (Freedmen’s, USA) and Alexei Burov (minced meat&Barrel, trappist and Foro Bravo), Brisket-Sandwich (traditional smoked beef brisket with barbecue sauce on a potato buns with halapeno) — Classic Texas dish

19.00 — Sergey Alshevsky (Abrau Durso), prepared in Russia: an digged Black Sea Kalkan with creamy cream cream and peppermint oil oil. ‘Stew’ From a farm duck with baked figs and mashed potatoes with mountain lavender.

July 24

13.00 — Dmitry Bogachev (attic), prepared in Russia: Murmansk cod in serum with romeine. Arctic Gotet with chanterelles and a piece

14.00 — Konstantin Klimenkov (Le Boat, Seagull), pure from the sig. Venison with baked beets and berries.

15.00 — Alexander Belkovich (protein, Ginza Project), risotto of all the cereals with yells. Chile’s scallop

16.00 — Chan Yu Corgo (TSE FUNG), prepared in Russia: Bryansk beef with asparagus and pepper sauce Wok, traditional Chinese dish — Chicken in Sichuan sauce wok

17.00 — Igor Grishechkin (Kokoko), prepared in Russia: rhubarb and strawberries with fermented bunch and buckwheat honey

18.00 — Sergey Fokin (Four Hands)

19.00 — Valerio Andrisani and Heget Berdiev, winner s.Pellegrino Young Chef 2016 in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries (Percorso, Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace st. Petersburg).

Guide for the summer festival “Oh, yes! Food!” in St. Petersburg

Culinary battles

On ‘Culinary scene’ With the participation of restaurateurs, foodbloggers, famous athletes and TV presenters, culinary battles will be held, and guests of the festival will be determined by the winners — In blind tastings.

July 23

12.00-13.20 —Team ‘Mrs. St. Petersburg’ / Team ‘Top models’: Guryevskaya porridge

13.30-14.50 — First semifinals: Ginza Project / Food Retail Group: Russian Ears

15.00-16.20 — Team ‘Leningrad Center’ / Team ‘BDT’: Russian cabbage soup

16.30-17.50 — Team ‘’ / Team ‘Energy radio’: Meat is strict

18.00-19.20 — Second semi -finals: Probka Group / Italy Group: Koryshka in white sauce

19.30-20.50 — Team ‘Museum workers’ T.Khmelnitskaya / Team ‘Spectators’: Forshmak

July 24

12.00-13.20 — Musical team ‘Master and Margarita’ / Team ‘Music Hall Theater’ F.Mastrajelo: cookies ‘FRU-FRU’

13.30-14.50 — Team ‘Fudblogers’ / Team ‘Restaurateurs+critics’: Botvinya

15.00-16.20 — Team ‘Comedy Club Petersburg’ / Team ‘Buff Theater’: Solyanka

16.30-17.50 — Team ‘Ground meat&Barrel’ E.Leroy / team ‘Chef’: Pickle, Greek, dumplings

18.00-19.20 — Team ‘Golfs’ / Team ‘Twed’: Gatchinsky trout

19.30-20.50 — Cup final ‘Oh yeah! Food!’: Cutlets in Kiev

On July 23 and 24, at the Barilla site, the chef Fabio Anchelotti will conduct culinary master classes on the preparation of Italian pasta. Guests of the festival will be able to try and break the finished dishes and Barilla products at a special price. Harry cooks’S American Sandwich will teach to cook unusually tasty sandwiches, and visitors ‘Oh yeah! Food!’ will be able to take part in a culinary competition and receive gifts and prizes from the brand.

Lectures for novice restaurateurs

At the school of restaurateurs ‘Expresso’ Leading experts will share their experience and knowledge, having given a course of lectures for novice restaurateurs and those who plan to open their own business in the restaurant industry.

July 23


  • Alar Flead (Estonia), consultant to the Global Restaurant Network Vapiano
  • Lecture: How to become No. 1 in a restaurant reference book


  • Violetta Gvozdov
  • Lecture: how to improve your restaurant constantly, and not ‘Subtle fires’


  • Denis Kuznetsov, Director of the HoReCa Department, Russian wine house ‘Abrau-Durso’
  • Wine degustation ‘Abrau-Durso’


  • Alexey Burov, co -founder of the Civil Code ‘Beer map’
  • Lecture: BBQ: Adaptation of American concepts, taking into account local specifics


  • Aram Mnatsakanov, restaurateur
  • Lecture: about love for food and guilt, or how to open a successful restaurant today


  • Yakov PAK, comrade marketing of the Unodostres restaurateurs partnership, expert of the association of catering enterprises in St. Petersburg
  • Round table: Digital marketing of a restaurant business

July 24


  • Igor Prashchenko, Director General of the restaurant ‘Farm’;Igor Grishechkin, chef of the restaurant of the new kitchen ‘Kokoko’
  • Round table: cooked in Russia


  • Anton Lyalin, managing partner of the Torro Grill restaurant chain, co -owner of the Boston Seefood restaurant&Bar, co -owner of Global Foods

Lecture: the impact of controlling the flow of visitors on the revenue of the restaurant

  • Dominic Shop, bb&Burgers;Daria Zhukova, Wava Burgers

Round table: in search of the perfect bourger


  • Journalists from Moscow
  • Round table: Discussion about the restaurant festival


  • Ivan Shishkin, director of FIRST Federal;Alexey Romanenko, co -founder of the brewer ‘Bakunin’;Nikolai Mitchin, co -founder of the Vasileostrovskaya brewer
  • Round table: craft beer: fashion or long -term trend?


  • Sam Konyakhin, Kabinet;Igor Zernov, El Copitas;Arthur Frolov, Madbaren
  • Round table: how to open a fashionable bar

Guide for the summer festival “Oh, yes! Food!” in St. Petersburg

Kitchen’Oh yeah! Food!’

Guests of the festival will be able to learn to cook branded dishes in the kitchen ‘Oh yeah! Food!’ Under the sensitive conduct of eminent chefs:

July 23


  • Vladimir Pavlov (Food TV channel)
  • Master class from the most non-banal cook of the TV channel food


  • Evgeny Kochetkov (block)
  • Summer salad with beef marble bacon


  • Vyacheslav Kuzmin (Dreamers)
  • Quail with cherry cream and anchovy sauce


  1. Semyon Nechaev (kitchen – culinary space)
  2. Summer salad of root crops with mangoes


  • Alexander Isakov (Prostovino)
  • Chicken fillet with caramelized pumpkin and chili


  • Maxim Krylov (Bureau)
  • Sig with mushrooms and tomatoes confin


  • Sergey Fokin (Four Hands)
  • Beef tartar with smoked cream


  • Roman Vasiliev (kitchen – culinary space)
  • Befstroganov with pickled beets and homemade buckwheat cake

July 24


  • Roman Vasiliev (kitchen – culinary space)
  • Salad with fried pears and Sudzhuk


  • Peter Karasev (Food photographer)
  • Risotto for two


  • Sonya Musakova (called dinners in your plate)
  • Summer salad with beetroot bone and fried cheese


  • Maria Cube (Shantaram, North Goa)
  • Lapsha from zucchini in an Asian manner with a dressing from a fenior and cilantro


  • Vitaliy Bulgakov (CAFé Beirut)
  • Ilchi Köft


  • Roman Vasiliev (kitchen – culinary space)
  • Green buckwheat with champignons in the manner of risotto


  • Anna Alexandrova (blogger, author of the culinary book ‘The table under the apple tree’, He leads a series of master classes ‘Culinary pampering’)
  • Eggplant caviar in gubernate with brucettes made of rye bread


  • Marina Evtoshina (founder of the Lowfat Gourmet project)
  • Low -calorie fiber pancakes with cottage cheese and walnut pasta

School’Young Lokavor’

And at this time the smallest cooks will imagine themselves to be eminent chefs at school ‘Young Lokavor’ and create their first gastronomic masterpieces.

23, 24 July

12.00 — Master class: Shanga with potato filling

13.thirty — Master class: village pies with cabbage

15.00 — Master class: baked potatoes with mushroom filling

16.thirty — Master class: Karelian rice gates

18.00 — Master class: Dumplings with cottage cheese

A bunch of ‘tea discoveries’ Waiting for tea lovers in the Tess z1. Here it will be possible to try refreshing cocktails based on leaf tea TESS, prepared according to the innovative method of brewing tea Cold Brews, as well as evaluate the latest brand news – Limoncini Biscuit with lemon and macadamia, Banana Split with mangoes, banana and strawberries and Raspberry Fresh with lime and raspberries.

Within the framework of the Great Summer Festival ‘Oh yeah! Food!’ Several minifestals will pass. The BBQ festival will collect restaurants specializing in the preparation of steaks and BBQ. There will also be master classes of Texas chefs – guests ‘Oh yeah! Food!’ learn the secrets of cooking the perfect marinade and choosing the best meat.

Guide for the summer festival “Oh, yes! Food!” in St. Petersburg

Minifalism ‘Oh yeah! ECOMED!’

Minifalism ‘Oh yeah! ECOMED!’, On the contrary, he will focus on a healthy lifestyle and again collects the speakers and enthusiasts of the culture of Velnes, sports and healthy nutrition on the same stage. You can put the acquired knowledge in practice in shops with products of proper nutrition located in the neighborhood.

July 23


  • Nikita Zagainov, co-founder of the network of vegetarian cafes ‘Dill’
  • Lecture: about the possibilities of a modern citizen, eat economically and useful.


  • Gala, a certified fitness instructor, nutritionist, culinary blogger, winner of the Food-Mama 2016 nomination 2016
  • Master class: we eat at home correctly and tasty (together with a cafe ‘Dill’).


  • Marina Khromova (MSC), author of one of the largest yoga festivals in the world Free Spirit
  • Lecture: how to figure out which yoga style suits me? Presentation of yoga varieties.


  • Angelina Pyatnitskaya, expert in the topic of vegetarianism in modern urban conditions, journalist 4freshguide, Organicwoman, ‘Monday’, Organizer of educational, entertainment and healthy lifestyle and seminars
  • Master class: cooking several dishes from one vegetable (together with a cafe ‘Dill’).


  • Julianna Pliskin, healthy nutrition expert, author of the book ‘Myths’ and blog about the delicious and healthy life of Pliskina.COM, founder and brand-chef of the EDIMCU, Wellness SOACH, winner of the prize laureate ‘TOP 50 women in Moscow and St. Petersburg’ In the nominations ‘For contribution to the health of the nation’ And ‘The best gastronomic project of the year’
  • Lecture: Exposing 10 myths about a healthy lifestyle. How to stop feeding on errors on an empty stomach and start a conscious life.


  • Galina Golovanova, model, director of the fashion show. Loves healthy lifestyle and sweet.
  • Master class: preparation of vegan sweets (together with a cafe ‘Dill’).


  • Tatyana Ekimova, owner of Mygreenmarket online
  • Lecture: Learning to read labels. The composition of the products and their quality.

July 24


  • Mikhail Ivanov, founder Ra-Wellness.
  • Lecture: the difference between vegetarianism, veganism, raw food diet and all the food.


  • Konstantin Kharkovsky, head and founder of the St. Petersburg school of yoga ‘Stream of wanderings’
  • Workshop: Stress Methods: Control of one’s own breath (pranayama) and available examples of meditation in the city.


  • Round table with the founders of Generation Yoga, I Love Running, Ra Welness, Studio Stretch ME, First Club Cup, Human 3000.
  • What to do to make the body say ‘Thank you’. Choosing modern fitness or Velnes for ourselves.


  • Julia Tea, creator of the Generation Yoga project, teacher Kundalini Yoga, editor-in-chief and founder of the online magazine Kundalini Journal, freelance journalist Yoga Journal
  • Master class: making mandalas from food.


  • Komova Marina, practicing doctor, doctor of sciences, member of the Presidium of St. Petersburg Association of Perinatal Psychology and Medicine, author of many books and health programs, constant speaker Human 3000
  • Lecture: what can lead to a healthy diet.


  • AMRITA NEXOPOLITANA (VEGETARIAN magazine), a vegetarian with 30 years of experience, studied the secrets of culinary art in India, Thailand, China and Russia. Invited chef of the vegetarian network Jagannat. Master in the preparation of vegetarian, vegan and raw food dishes
  • Master class: Imagine that you are in Asia. We get acquainted with light traditional dishes of the southeast


  • Sasha Light, the founder of the Fudshering movement in Russia.
  • Lecture: Fudstering – Frontation of products. We save food.

Yoga master classes

Also, the whole weekend will take place of yoga classes for any level of training from leading teachers from Russia, India and the USA. Just bring your rug and join the mass ‘Yoga in the oil meadow’.

July 23

12.00 — Ruslan Cleitman (USA), founder of the integral style of yoga akhila yoga

17.00 — Vivek Tivari (India), Master of Yoga, teacher of yoga at the Consulate General of India in St. Petersburg

July 24

12.00 — Mikhail Moiseenko (St. Petersburg), Ashtanga-Vienas Yoga, Certificate owner ‘Ginnes record books’

17.00 — Konstantin Kharkov (St. Petersburg), head and founder of the St. Petersburg school of yoga ‘Stream of wanderings’, Yogaflow System

Magazine ‘’ Present at the festival ‘Oh yeah! Food!’ The farmer market with the best suppliers of high-quality farm products from the Leningrad region will try to create a dialogue between the end consumer and farmer and will take another step to introduce the culture of the consumption of local products not only by restaurateurs, but also by residents of St. Petersburg.

Guide for the summer festival “Oh, yes! Food!” in St. Petersburg

Workshops on decoration of the table and food-illustration

In the Pavilion of Food Stilistics from Cleverstudia, talented artists and illustrators will conduct master classes on decoration of the table, food-illustrations and floristry.

July 23

12.00 —Master class: Sweet Art. Gingerbread coloring.

13.00 — Lecture: Commercial Food-illustration: from sketches to earnings.

14.00 — Master class: Food-illustration from Cleverstudia. We draw a summer basilic fresh.

16.20 — MASTER CLASS: ‘Tasty’ typography. Food plate.

17.thirty — Lecture: botanical painting. Lecture from Svetlana Vinnikova.

18.thirty — Master class: Funny fruits! Painting of wooden figures from Gogol-Shop.

July 24

12.00 — Lecture: stained glass painting of plates.

13.00 — Showing master class: charming radishes. The first bouquets of vegetables in Russia from ‘Very good’.

14.00 — Lecture: manual printing house. We print vegetable linograms.

16.20 — Floristic master class: Rustic style.

17.thirty — Lecture: who works — He eats. Food photography from Petrov-Vodkin to Click on Instagram.

18.thirty — Master class: Food photo.

High kitchen restaurant for cats

In a high kitchen restaurant for cats from Gourmet, four-legged gourmets are pampering with real delicacies from the Gourmet brand, and the hosts will be able to take part in an interesting interactive program: culinary master classes with stars, draws of prizes from the gourmet brand, as well as the opportunity to get a magnet with their photo with their photo.

23, 24 July

13.00 — Master class: pieces in a paste ‘Terrin’ With duck, carrot and spinach in French

15.00 — Master class: pieces in top of trout and vegetables

17.00 — Master class: beef à La jardiniere with carrots, tomato and tsukini

The future is already very close — Unusual gadgets that will facilitate, accelerate and make the cooking process high -tech, can be found in the kitchen of the future. And for your own copy of the publication about food with the author’s signature, go to the library ‘Oh yeah! Food!’ — The first store of books with autographs.


The point of attraction of the festival will become ‘Musical scene’.

July 23

14.00 — Nanka, intelligent electronic pop

15.15 — Malinen, Indi, Folk

16.thirty — CATS PARK, DOWNTEMPO, guitar trip-hop

17.45 — Shafirov & Sweet Hot Jazz Band, Pop Rock, Pop Sul, Jazz

19.00 — Manizha, ethno-jazz, New-Age, Soul

20.00 — Egor Sesarev, Funk, Soul (acoustics)

July 24

14.00 — Atlantic Beats, India Rock

15.15 — Singapur, indie dance

16.thirty — DEDOOX, BeatBox, Livelooping, Layaring

17.45 — ALINA OS, Indi, Pop Sul

19.00 — The Hatters, Merry Pop Folk

20.45 — Pizza, pop-sul, reggae, funk

Nine -time laureate of the award ‘Golden mask’ theater ‘Shadow’, created by Maya Krasnopolskaya and Ilya Epelbaum, fits in ‘Ambulance theatrical aid’ — a small minibus converted to the theater hall. For a large summer festival on Elagin Island ‘Shadow’ comes with three performances that can visit everyone for free by appointment.


A sports program will offer free activity for every taste and different level of training:

  • SUP surfing stations

Master classes from SUP Spot school coaches

  • SKA ‘Table hockey’

Everyone will be able to try their hand in this game. The briefing is carried out by professionals.

  • Extreme sports zone from FK – RAMPS

Master classes for guests of the festival, a tournament among professionals-skaters and self-scathers.

  • Table tennis
  • Golf from golf club ‘Gorki’

Master class from professional golf — certified coach who will teach everyone to hit Swing.

  • SolODRive unusual modes of transport

The demonstrations of professionals and the current station with the possibility of teaching beginners and rental monocoles, gyro scooters, mini-segwees.

The entire Weekend for guests of the festival has the opportunity to play this game under the supervision of professionals.

  • Cup ‘Oh yeah! Food!’ By volleyball

Team competitions.

  • Boxing

Master classes from Backyard school coaches. Showing fight from professional athletes.

  • Chefs Run (chefs of cooks). 4.5 km

July 14, 11:00 – Collection and registration, 11:30 – Warm -up, 12:00 – start

  • Backstage Crossfit

IN ‘Summer cinema STS’ There will be a show of favorite food films.

Mega family shopping centers in the framework of the festival invite everyone to a fashionable mega picnic, where everyone will be able to find a job and have fun with their loved ones. For adults and children, fascinating master classes will be organized, such as the manufacture of air snakes and painting eco-suck. Shopping lovers will be able to listen to interesting lectures on fashion and style.

A bright gastronomic event at the end of the Big Summer Festival ‘Oh yeah! Food!’ There will be dinners in one of the best restaurants in St. Petersburg from the invited top-chef from Moscow.

We are waiting for you at a large summer festival ‘Oh yeah! Food!’ July 23-24 on Elagin Island!

Tickets: Odaeda.Me

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