Hairstyle “Fountain” in details

Hairstyle “Fountain” in details

Requests for hairstyle ‘Fountain’ They meet very of10. The reason lies in the fact that from early childhood, girls strive to be beautiful, attract attention, then they become girls, women and nothing changes. To achieve this goal, a whole fashion industry was invented, including various ‘structures’ From the hair. Having mastered simple methods, you can turn from an inconspicuous mouse into a real socialite. Most often, in order to transform, pigtails are used, there are many options for weaving them.

Hairstyle “Fountain” in details

How a hairstyle is done ‘Fountain’ step by step

By the way, the described hairstyle is still known under the names ‘Basket’, ‘Spider’. You can definitely say that it will look great on long hair. If you plan to make a fountain for the first time, then perhaps you will need help. But! Over time, your hands will get used to it, which will allow you to cope with styling without outside help.

So what will you need? This:

  • smooth elastic band;
  • hairpins designed for hair;
  • medium -sized lacquer.

On average, it takes about 45 minutes for laying. As experience increases, this task can be able to cope faster. You should start with the fact that wash your hair with shampoo, dry it, but only in such a way that the hair is slightly raised at the base of its growth.

Hairstyle “Fountain” in details

Next, comb your hair thoroughly, make a high tail. Attention! Some of the hairline on one side must be left not involved. The weaving of the fountain begins that one free strand is taken from the forehead and is laid on top of the strand taken from the tail. Weaving continues in the same way, only another strand is already taken from free hair on the forehead. As mentioned above, the hairstyle is still known as chrysanthemum. So, get it in a circle until the end of the use of all hair. At the end, it is fixed at the base with the help of studs. A flower made of hair can be corrected with a gum fixing the tail, all this is formed with varnish. This can be assumed that the hairstyle is ready.

Hairstyle “Fountain” in details

It is worth noting that hair styling in this way is well kept due to weaving. It can be used not only by little girls, but also for the graduation ball, for any other celebration. In this case, it will not be superfluous to decorate the hair, for example, with decorative studs, pearls, ribbons, a shiny hairpin. Better yet, watch familiarization videos, master classes. So you can get acquainted with different methods of weaving ‘Fountain’ From the hair.

Valuable tips about the hairstyle fountain

Before you make a hairstyle, of course, you need to familiarize yourself with a detailed instructions, photos and examples, but it will not yet be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the advice of masters of hairdressing. A few of them are given below:

  1. If you have thin, brittle hair, before the start of weaving, it is worth combing it at the base of the tail;
  2. With curly hair before creating a hairstyle you will have to tinker. More precisely, you should straighten the curls with special forceps or using a hairdryer during drying;
  3. Do not be afraid to do the weaving tight, this will further weaken the stretch, without deforming its base;
  4. In the process of weaving the strand, you need to choose the most equal thickness, the pigtail should be perpendicular to the base of the styling.

Hairstyle “Fountain” in details

Be prepared for the creation of an unusual hairstyle will take time and require a lot of effort, but believe me, the result you get is really worth it.

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