Heidi Klum-the story of the success of the top model

Heidi Klum-the story of the success of the top model

Heidi Klum. Heidi Klum) – a world -famous TV presenter and model, one of the “angels” of Brand Victoria Sikret. As a Heidi Klum model, he became famous at 18, since that moment fame and success have not been left for a celebrity. The beauty boasts many achievements – she has her own trademark, one of the varieties of the rose bears her name, Vogue magazine one of the issues devoted to Heidi. Also, the image of a celebrity can be seen on collection brands of 2002. But how the girl has achieved such popularity?

  • Real name: Heidi Klum
  • Date of birth: 1.06.1973
  • Gemini
  • Height: 176 centimeters
  • Weight: 54 kilograms
  • Waist and hips: 61 and 85.5 centimeters
  • Shoe size: 40 (EUR)
  • Eye and hair color: brown, light.

Heidi Klum-the story of the success of the top model


Model Heidi Klum – a native of West Germany. The girl from the very young age was interested in the world of fashion: her father represented a popular cosmetic brand, and her mother was a professional stylist. Back in school, the girl chose a modeling world for herself. The opportunity to show herself as a top model introduced herself to her at 18-then the girl won the contest “Model 1992”, having surpassed more than twenty-five thousand professional models.

Thanks to this, the girl began to work in a famous modeling agency and got the opportunity to participate in Late-Night-Show. Having spent a couple of months in a tense rhythm, the beginning model makes a bold decision to quit college and go to the United States.

The heyday of the career

In the United States, the Models of Hidi Klum went up: after the publication of the appearance of a novice model on the cover of the popular Sports Illustrated in a swimsuit in 1998, her life has changed forever. Immediately a newly -minted celebrity was offered by the legendary company Victoria Secret’s a contract. Also, the novice model began to appear on the covers of Vogue and Elle.

Since 2005, our heroine begins to advertise the McDonald’s network. After this video, other eminent companies and other eminent companies fell on it. In the list of companies with which the Heidi Klum model collaborated, you can find such famous brands and goods as TAFT, Douglas and Volkswagen Tiguan. The star also uses its fame to popularize its own brand, which is engaged in the production of clothes, spirits, sweets and accessories.

Heidi Klum-the story of the success of the top model

Soon, the book of the star “Klum’s Body of Knowledge: 8 Rules of Model Behavior” began to show off on the book shelves, it was also named by the “Heidi Klum Rose” rose variety. Vogue has a whole issue dedicated to this talented woman (released in June 2005).

In 2008, the celebrity entered the top of the richest models, and in 2011 received a well -deserved 39th place in the ranking of the most influential women.

In the role of actress and TV presenter

Heidi is also known thanks to the repeated appearance on TV screens and in the cinema. Behind the celebrity, participation in several series of the series popular throughout the world “How I met your mother”, “Sex and the big city” and “desperate housewives”. We can also see it in the films “English barber” and “Enchanted Ella”.

The winter of 2004 was marked by the release of the television show “Project Podium”, where the top model simultaneously evaluated the participants, produced and led. Our heroine is a permanent member of the jury of the show “Germany’s Next Topmodel”, which goes almost every year.

Heidi Klum-the story of the success of the top model

Personal life

Many are interested in the question of how many children Khami Klum have and who is her current boyfriend?

She was married twice, but both of them were unsuccessful. With the first husband, Rick Pipin, the girl lived for 6 years. After the divorce in 2002, the model began relations with Flavio Briator. After the in the fall of next year, the model announced that she wears a child Flavio, everyone hoped for a wedding and a happy joint life of future parents. But the fate of the couple formed differently-the girl found out about the betrayal of her boyfriend and immediately threw him, left alone with her not yet born child.

Heidi Klum-the story of the success of the top model

After these sad events, fate reduces Heidi with Sil, a black singer from Great Britain. He strongly supported our heroine while the girl was pregnant. In 2004, fans Klum saw the first -born of the star – daughter Helena. A year later, and in May, Heidi and Forces played a wedding, in the same year their common child was born, whom the young called Gernie.

A year later, the family was waiting for replenishment again – the son of Joan, and in October 2009 the dark -skinned girl Lu Sulolu Samuel was born. General children Klum and power made friends with Helena, and the family lived happily until 2012. But then the flile and effort was filed for divorce, the Klum is brought up by the Klum on its own.

In September 2012, the supermodel began dating the personal bodyguard Martin Kristen, but already in January 2014 their relationship ended. Since February 2014, Heidi met with art dealer Vito Schneabel, which is 13 years younger than her. In September 2017, they broke up. Since 2018, the model has been in relations with the German musician Tom Kaulitz, who is 16 years younger than Heidi.

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