How a manicure is made using a needle?

How a manicure is made using a needle?

Photographs of drawings on the nails with a needle are popular, and all because this method of decoration, despite the chic result, is realized very simply. If desired, you can learn and make a quality manicure at home.

How a manicure is made using a needle?

Manicure with a needle – what will be needed?

If you decide to experiment with drawing a sharp object on nails, then you need to stock up on patience, perseverance, confidence in a good result. It is important that the presence of all the necessary devices for work, and this: this:

  • needles of different sizes, the presence of a gypsy is required;
  • toothpicks;
  • several colorful varnishes;
  • fixer/just colorless varnish;
  • Paper napkins.

To make the drawings with a needle and varnish, you need to properly equip the workplace. There must be a table, chair, good lighting.

Laka is given a special role. It should be of good quality, not too thick, but not to spread, because it is the main supplies. You will need napkins in order to support your hands, table clean.

How a manicure is made using a needle?

Manicure needle – preparatory stage

Wanting to master the drawings on the nails with a needle, you should know where it all starts. We are talking about a classic manicure, which implies giving the nails a beautiful shape, as well as removal/pushing the cuticle using an orange stick. The pattern on the nails with a needle will hold longer if you first degrease the working surface (on which you will draw). Thus, good adhesion of nails and working material is ensured. You must completely clean your hands.

It will not be superfluous to look for patterns of drawings on the nails on the Internet with a needle. Before you make up your nails, try to draw on the glass, so you will practice by mastering the technology by getting skills. As soon as you see that your patterns are good, you can start designing.

How a manicure is made using a needle?

Needle drawing technology

To master drawings on nails at home with a needle, you need to be patient. The best assistants in this difficult matter are perseverance, accuracy, attentiveness, measuredness. But if you have a true desire, then you will not feel much difficulties. Better yet, watch the video manicure with a needle at home.

  1. ‘On the wet’ – This technique is perfect for beginners. It consists in the fact that at first the nail plate is covered with colored varnish, then points are immediately placed with other varnish and a pattern is made, for example, a flower. As you know, you do not need to wait for the first layer in this case. The secret of this method is to dispute the main shade with a varnish with a varnish.
  2. ‘Dry’ – In this case, the manicure is done with a needle only after drying the main color layer. So you can make both light patterns and more complex patterns. From ordinary points placed with varnish of a different color, you can draw even more original patterns.

How a manicure is made using a needle?

Regardless of whether you are doing a wet varnish or dry, in the end, everything is always covered with a fixer/colorless varnish. Experienced craftsmen advise to wipe the needle after each action, so the drawing will not be spoiled by a sudden smear. It is not difficult to find simple and understandable video tutorials on the network, allowing you to figure out the nail decoration. Each time, the speed of work will increase, which cannot but be welcome.

How to draw with a needle on the nails, it has already become clear, now is the time to choose a drawing. It is fashionable to draw today:

  • cobweb;
  • spikelets;
  • day and night;
  • images imitating animal skins;
  • chess board;
  • blots;
  • flowers, lights, feathers, points, strokes and all that.

Everyone chooses the subject, based on their own preferences, hobbies.

How a manicure is made using a needle?

Useful tips on the topic: drawings with needle on nails

To create a really original nail design, you must know and follow some rules. First of all, the details of the manicure are thought out, you can try to embody the idea first on the glass. Take the choice of varnishes responsibly, their colors should be in harmony with each other, because sometimes the wrong combination of shades can ruin everything.

Patterns on the nails are first made on a non -working hand, heading from the little finger to the thumb. Pay attention to the power of pressing the tool used, this will not injure the nail plate.

How a manicure is made using a needle?

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