How much time can shellac on the nails?

How much time can shellac on the nails?

Shellac on the legs, making pedicure, is also used, but more often this tool is used in the process of manicure. One thing can be said for sure that a decorative coating for gel -based nails is very popular among female representatives. I would like to figure out what it is connected with.

How much shellac rests on nails and what are its advantages?

The era of extensive nails gradually passes. Now a unique manicure agent is increasingly used that does not affect the length of the nail plate. We are talking about gel coating, which has both positive aspects and negative. Firstly, he is able to stay on his nails for a long time. At least 2 weeks you may not think about how your manicure looks because it will be perfect, as if you had just left the beauty salon. You can’t shake it with ordinary liquid to relieve varnish, special means are used for this.

Secondly, the coating dries quickly, a few seconds under UV lamp are enough. Thirdly, there is a positive effect of the components that make up the gel varnish on the nail plate, namely, they are strengthened. The manufacturer of shellac is offered about 250 completely different colors, shades, which allows you to choose the perfect option for yourself. An important point is that this varnish does not include chemically active substances. You do not have to face allergic reactions, or with a specific smell, which allows the use of gel polish even in relation to pregnant women.

It is worth reading reviews on the topic of how much shellac holds on the nails, in the same way you can find out about the disadvantages of its use. These include:

  • The need to use LED lamps, this is only in a specialized salon, which is simply not of time to visit;
  • large costs in case of acquiring the UV lamp home;
  • the difficulties of applying gel coating to the right hand (if a person is right -handed, and on the left – if left -handed);
  • The material may not be suitable for every1.

In general, shellac is a tool that allows you to always remain in the trend without harm to health and wallet.

So how much shellac holds on the nails? Minimum is 10 days, a maximum of 2-4 weeks. But! If your manicure retains a beautiful look and you are not embarrassed by an increasing strip of unpainted nail, this does not mean that you can not remove the coating. In fact, it can negatively affect the condition of the nail in conditions of long -term use.

How much shellac rests on nails, what factors affect this?

The key to durable manicure is the use of high quality material. You should not give preference to too cheap options, because the result of their use is unlikely to please. By the way, many are interested in how much shellac rests on their feet, the answer to this question is simple. Exactly as much as on the nails of the hands, and the factors affecting the duration of the operation of the gel polish are the same.

Always remember that even having bought an expensive tool, it will be possible to get the best result of its use only if the technology is observed. For example, if at least a microscopic drop of varnish enters the cuticle, then the very next day the decorative coating will begin to exfoliate. It is also necessary to exclude intense loads on the coating itself, especially in the first 2 days.

It has already been said that how long shellac has been holding on his nails depends on how accurately the master has observed the technology, so it should pay special attention. If you plan to make a manicure yourself and want to buy material yourself, then beware of fakes. Do not cooperate with unverified sellers. Before purchasing gel polish, ask not only the price, but also the composition of the material, read the reviews. Do not make a purchase from a person/companies that have not caused confidence. Unfortunately, there are many shellac fakes now, their distinctive indicator is the lack of quality guarantee.

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