How to carefully paint your nails at home?

How to carefully paint your nails at home?

How to carefully paint your nails on your own – every girl, a woman who tries to maintain the attractiveness of her appearance, in particular, hands and nails, seeks to find out to find out. Having mastered a simple technique, you can do a manicure yourself, no worse than in the cabin.

How to carefully paint nails, subtleties of preparation

You need to start definitely with the preparation of nails for staining. To do this, wash your hands thoroughly, dry them well (preferably not a towel so that there is no villi left), then degrease the nail surface using ant alcohol. The cuticles must be cut, and the surface is polished so that there are no irregularities, roughnesses on it. Burrs, cracks on the side nail rollers should not be.

I still do not know how to carefully paint your nails at the cuticle? It’s simple – it must be carefully pushed/lifted, you can do this using an orange stick/cannon. This will allow the varnish composition closer to the base of the nail, thereby extending the freshness of the manicure just made. After you cover the plates with a decorative layer, she will return to her familiar position, closing the boundary of the varnish.

Even if it was not possible to paint the nails perfectly at once, do not despair. In fact, any girl can handle this task, the main thing is to show patience and perseverance. Perhaps you just need to choose another way of applying a varnish, if it is suitable, then nothing will stop you from hone your skills.

How to carefully paint your nails with gel polish-optimal ways

Wanting to learn to be beautifully, carefully applied varnish, it will not be superfluous to try to master different techniques, and then choose those that you have the most.

  1. A repetition of an anatomical shape of the nail – this technique is the simplest, even a lover can cope with it. First, the tool is placed closer to the epithelial film on the edge of the nail roller sideways. Then they are carried out on the very edge on both sides, after which the central part of the nail is painted. If necessary, you can make a few more strokes to make the layer a homogeneous. If you use gel polish, then you need to immediately place your hands under the UV lamp, wait 2 minutes. Then gently apply another layer of varnish, dry again. The main secret of the success of using this method is a convenient brush.
  2. Using a tool with a thin pile – how to carefully paint your nails with its help – now we will figure it out. In this case, the varnish is applied first to any surface, then part of the material is taken from it with a thin brush and transferred to the surface of the nail. You need to start painting in the cuticle area, a translucent hole should be obtained. Then an ordinary brush is taken and the entire plate is painted. Again, if gel polish was used, then dry it under a special lamp.

Such methods are acceptable for those who first decided to make a manicure themselves, or do this at the level of a beginner.

How to apply varnish on short/long nails exactly?

When it comes to short nails, it is not so easy to cover them with varnish. It is very important that it is not thickened, because you will stain the skin around the nail plate. Too saturated shades on short nails look untidy, it is better to use translucent, pastel colors.

To carefully, evenly paint short nail plates, you need to type varnish a little, create a decorative layer, starting from the central part, smoothly moving to the sides. By the way, if you leave the edges a little not painted, then the fingers will seem longer. It is very important not to hurt the cuticle during staining, because it will be problematic to eliminate this effect.

Think about how to beautifully paint your nails yourself? If they are long, then it will be much easier to do, and the varnish coating on them looks excellent. Before you start, you need to warm the bubble with your hands varnish. Staining nails begins with a little finger, it is better to get so that the light source is in the upper left corner of the room (this is if you do everything with your right hand). You need to plunge the brush into the bottle completely, and then wrap it on the edge of the tube (the varnish should remain on one side). The principle of applying paint does not differ from the above, excesses are removed by a brush.

Wanting to find out how to carefully paint your nails with gel polish, remember that each layer applied ‘dries’ Under UV lamp, a maximum of 2 minutes is enough for the coating to completely pass the polymerization process, is stuck with the surface.

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