How to clean makeup brushes: 5 proven ways from make -up artists

How to clean makeup brushes: 5 proven ways from make -up artists

Professional makeup is impossible without quality brushes — The first rule of the makeup artist. And the brushes (regardless of the brand and the price range) work well only when they are regularly cleaned. And this is the second rule of the makeup artist, which for some reason we often forget about.

We hope you wash the brushes at least once a month (and if not, then you will probably go to wash them right now). But this can and should be done with knowledge of the matter. The BYRDIE portal asked the five famous makeup artists to tell about the technique of processing brushes and ways to extend their service life, and we present you a brief resume on the topic.

Amy Conway, makeup artist Bobbi Brown

"I clean makeup brushes with a special spray after each use. In addition to this, I make deep cleaning every 1-2 weeks — depending on how often I used them. I do it right in the sink: I am in filing it with warm water, add air conditioning, and leave it for five minutes to let the pile so be saturated. Then you need to take a dark towel, and wipe each brush well.

The towel is ideal for cleaning, as it is slightly textured, which allows you to get rid of even complex contaminants. Drying brushes is best on a clean surface in a dry place — For example, right on your bedside table".

Florry White, Clinique color expert

"I take the brushes home after work, and my Fairy in warm running water. Moreover, it should be a detergent Fairy Platinum — Only he can cope with persistent cosmetics and ensure the proper degree of cleaning. If I need to clean the brushes during shooting, I use an express tool in the spray format.

After "Large washing" I lay out the brushes on dry fabric, but so that the wet ends do not lie on it, but hang in the air. If the room is cold enough, they can be put on a battery or heater to speed up the process. An important point: if you dry the brushes in an upright position, be sure to wipe them before putting them in a jar. This is necessary so that the water gradually does not dissolve the glue that presses the brush itself to the handle".

How to clean makeup brushes: 5 proven ways from make -up artists

Nick Chapman, co -founder Real Techniques

"I always apply a gel for deep cleaning on the brushes, after which I massage each brush under a stream of warm water for a few seconds. The bristles at this time should be directed down so that the water does not destroy the glue that fastens it with a wooden or plastic handle.

After that, the brush must be rinked, smear with a towel and send it to dry. On another towel, ordinary or paper. If we are talking about cleaning sponges, then the principle is the same: except that I usually soap sponge and squeeze the dirt and excess water several times with force.

Here you have another professional life hack: if the shade does not wash out of the brush or sponge, take a small amount of makeup oil to achieve perfect cleanliness".

Sarah-Jane Frum, international makeup artist Bareminerals

"I always use a small portion of a gunser shampoo, which carefully but gently soaping the fibers of the brush. Do nottoo much — This can reduce the life of the hands. Then you need to rinse the brush under warm water to remove the remaining shampoo, and carefully squeeze them, trying not to damage the shape.

If we are talking about the set, then I always carry a cleansing spray with me, and use it after each model so that the dirt does not accumulate and it was easier to remove. I also definitely process these brushes with shampoo, but already in the evening, when I return home".

Sarah Brock, Hollywood make -up artist

"At first I spray a cleansing product into my brushes, and then wipe them with a piece of fabric to remove excess decorative cosmetics. Next stage — Full cleaning with a special tool that should be added to a bowl of water and place all the brushes that require washing.

Finally, I wash them in warm water using a makeup remover with a tea tree oil from the Australian brand Bodycare. It has an antibacterial effect and makes the brushes softer, so I can calmly leave them to dry overnight on the table or on the windowsill. That’s the whole secret".

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