How to close the account correctly so that the bank understands that everything is over between you

How to close the account correctly so that the bank understands that everything is over between you

If you stopped using the services of the bank, this does not mean that you owe nothing to each other. The bank can send messages, call and use your personal data until you complete the relationship with it by all the rules. The algorithm of actions – in this article.

Banks constantly offer new products. Release a new card, as a rule, simply and quickly. But with the closing of the account, things are a little more complicated.

If you have found more favorable conditions in another bank, do not rush to throw away the old card. You need to finish financial relations with the bank in two -way, just stop using the card is not enough. Even if the account is zero balance, and even more so if there is money or debts there.

I think many have encountered a situation where you seem to have not been using the services of a bank for a long time, and reports about new offers continue to come. Annoys? But this is not the worst that can happen.

If you do not close the account officially, then over time, debts may arise on it: maintenance, commission, automatic re -release of cards – but you never know what the bank will come up with in a few months. All this, of course, will be at your expense. And if the account was also credit, then the commission will be accrued for all this.

Plus it is not a fact that a bank employee will be stubborn enough to notify you by phone about the status of the account that you have not been using for a long time. And the phone may change when you already forget about the binding of an old account to it.

To close the account correctly, follow this algorithm.

Bank’s closing algorithm

You need to make sure that you owe nothing to the bank, and it is to you. After that, you should notify the bank of the desire to terminate the contract for the provision of services and receive the appropriate written confirmation. Do not forget to make sure that the bank destroys your personal data.

Step 1: Highlight the time to visit the bank

First of all, you need to take into account that closing the account will require your personal presence in the bank. It is almost impossible to do this remotely. And one visit you will usually not get off. Therefore, choose a convenient department and time, take a passport and plastic cards related to the account, and go to the bank.

If possible, contact the department in which you opened the account. The time of the smallest queues can often be found in the department or in the number of.

Possible catch: most banks allow you to close the account in any department, but in order to not waste time in vain, call support and check this moment.

Step 2: Remove the balance sheet

If there are some funds left on the account, move them to another account in the Internet bank or remove them at the ATM. In any case, for the balance in the bank you will be sent to the cashier. But, having prepared, you can save time.

Step 3: Write an application for closing an account

In the bank you will need to write an application for closing the account. Closing the account does not occur instantly. If a card is attached to it, then the term can reach 60 days. Not very likely, but possible underwater stone: if an operation occurs during this time, you will have to repeat the steps 1-3.

Step 4: Get official confirmation

Do not be too lazy to go to the bank again for official confirmation that the account is closed, and the bank has no complaints about you. Perhaps the employees will raise his eyebrows in surprise, but they will write the paper. She will protect you in case of disputes in the future.

Do not be lazy and do not hesitate to ask the bank in writing in writing, even if the employee claims that you are the first, who needed it.

Step 5: Take care of the destruction of personal data

Most likely, when concluding an agreement, you gave the bank the right to collect, systematize, storage, clarification, update, change, use, transfer and destroy personal data. If you do not submit an application for the review of this permit, then even after closing the account for all the rules (steps 1–4) the bank can tell you information about new products using SMS and calls. Now you have to ban the bank to use your personal data.

A sample application for the review of personal data you will easily find on the network. Print three copies:

  • The first will need to be sent to the legal address of the bank by applying a copy of the passport and (if there is) a copy of the contract with the bank;
  • the second – to give to the department where you entered into an agreement;
  • the third – to leave with all signatures and seals to yourself.

If you do not owe anything to the bank (step 4), then call and send you the SMS bank must stop. At this step, you will completely complete the relationship with the bank on this account.

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