How to cook peas and how to speed up the process

How to cook peas and how to speed up the process

If you think that peas are always cooked for a long time, quickly burn, remains too hard or, conversely, sours in liquid porridge, you just do not know how to cook it. Here is the recipe for the correct pea porridge and three ways to diversify it.

How much peas are cooked

The whole dry peas are cooked for 2–2.5 hours, or even longer: it all depends on the variety and the consistency you need. The crushed will be prepared for 1-1.5 hours.

If you pre -soak the peas, the seeds will swell, become soft, the cooking time will be reduced. Entire peas will be cooked for 40-60 minutes, crushed – 30–45 minutes.

How else to speed up the process

  1. Do not salt immediately: in salty water, peas are cooked longer. So it is better to put salt at the very end.
  2. After boiling


    Boil peas as described above. Clean the vegetables. Grate the carrots on the middle grater, chop the onion finely, cut the pepper cubes. Put the vegetables in the pan, salt and fry in vegetable oil.

    In finished pea porridge


    Boil peas. Put the stew in a bowl, remove excess fat and liquid. Cut the onion in half rings and fry in vegetable oil until golden. Put the stew and fry for another 10-15 minutes to the bow.


    Boil peas. Peel the onion and cut into half rings. Wash the mushrooms and cut. Fry the onion in vegetable oil until golden crust, then add the mushrooms. Fry 10 minutes, salt.

    Put onions and mushrooms in the prepared peas, mix. Cover with a lid and leave to languish for 20 minutes. Serve to the table with greens.

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