How to find a normal guy

How to find a normal guy

If personal life does not glue, no need to sit back. We reason how to find a man for yourself, even if it seems that all the normal ones have already been transferred.

Attention: spoiler

Friends, this is not an article of applied nature. There are no specifics and step -by -step instructions on how to find happiness. Article – the author’s thoughts without a claim to originality and genius. Low expectations – the key to calm sleep. 🙂


My friends were divided into two camps: while some are willing to share their experience and give wise tips on how to get married, others sigh that there are no normal men left in this world.

You know, if I personally did not know these comprehensively beautiful girls from the group of disappointed, I could safely assume that they overstate their price or leave no chance of normal guys. But, it seems, the matter is different.

How to find a normal guy

Maybe some girls are simply characteristic of noticing the wrong men? We fall in love not in those, and then we suffer and cry at night. Yes, of course, in life there are not the simplest situations. But, to be honest, it always Takes Two to Tango: There is no such thing that someone alone is to blame.

Where to find a normal guy

Well, Okay, one day you took and grew up. I understood and accepted that you like pompous assholes. But you get tired of it. Any drama, even the most ornate, sometimes sets, and I want something normal and real. And here a reasonable question arises: where and how to find a normal guy?

If there was some kind of magic place, a kind of Plato’s cave, where all normal men would be hidden, then, probably, the girls would have already lined up in line worse than the clothes of the new collection H&M with some famous designer. Devitz, who graduated from the courses of the women’s practices of Pavel Rakov, would certainly be brought there on special buses, and all the broken hearts were sent for forced rehabilitation.

Alas, there is no such place of concentrated male force. Well, or I don’t know about him. It is clear that all key meetings always take place quite by accident and unpredictably. But here is a simple applied question: is it possible to increase this probability with artificially?

Girl thoughts out loud

I went to the people (in Telegram) and wrote to friends with a request to tell where they generally get to know and look for non -accidental ties. The reaction of the girls was ridiculous: from “well, they talked normally, An, what you start” to “A very difficult question. I have never met normal “. The girlfriend summed up, who wrote: “Oh, An, normal guys – dying out”.

Among the popular answers to the question where to meet a normal man, if very lucky, the university, work, work clubs, car services, sports sections, friendly parties, bars and cafes appeared. One girlfriend suggested that Romeo can be safely guarded on some fashionable intellectual parties, although the girl herself admitted that “until it works”.

Places VS Lifehacks

To be honest, I myself am a strong doubt I put the concept of a place where you can meet. It seems to me that this is all from a series of an unprecedented cave with unmarried and promising. Therefore, I was interested in whether there are some life hacks on this subject, not tied to a certain space? Then I asked to share the insights of those who have already met him.

So what can help meet a normal dude?

1. Dream to meet him. Get disappointed and wait for nothing

It is very important to live with the thought that somewhere in this vast world he must have him, with whom you have fun, comfortable, free and cool as with friends. There is no idealization of the world here. We all always fall in love with those, but many girls are afraid to fall in love stronger than guys. In life, probably, everything comes when you let go. You will be disappointed in everything and stupidly score, you will not wait for anything.

Usually the most amazing stories are shot when I am not even sure that he will call back after a date.

In general, you just need to believe that one day you will meet someone with whom you can be yourself. The one who loves your friends. The one with whom it is easily breathed. And if you have already met, he will not let you leave (read: do not let him go for anything). At the same time, a special emphasis on the fact that it is advisable to be disappointed in everything before the cherished meeting and not wait. Just live, and there, you look, and the prince on the horizon.

2. Visualize

How to find a normal guy


IF You Don’t Know Where Are You Going, You Might End Up Somewhere Else.

The main idea: to find something, you need to clearly know, and what we, in fact, are looking for. They say visualization is a really working thing.

So, girls, you need to tune into the right Zen well and imagine who you want to be with what you want in the end. Imagine all the important qualities of the narrowed, but, most importantly, not from the opposite, that is, without any particles of “not”. For example, if you want a tall brunette, ask for a tall brunette, and not “not a blond of medium height, the main thing is not very low”. Only real qualities, without negativity and denial. And then you write all this on a leaflet and send a message to the universe that will definitely not let you down. Yes, maybe she will need some time looking for a dream guy. But Moscow, you know, was not immediately built.

From important: do not confuse in the testimony, girls! We ask the same thing, we say it out loud, otherwise the universe will be confused.

Another life hack: Sometimes it is useful to ask friends to introduce you to someone, well, to check the spell. The main thing is not friends: it doesn’t work. It is the friends of the party.

3. Do not be afraid to take the first step

It’s funny that on this subject there are two diametrically opposite opinions. One girlfriend (married, raises his son) for a long time calls everyone and to score me on public conventions and says that in fact, in her life situation, she took the first step, while she does not regret anything. Another girlfriend (not married, the guy is not) recently came to the conclusion that all her first steps did not lead to anything good.

I do not have a personal significant record of the first steps to judge their success. But, I admit, I myself always had a scary to take the first step. It seemed that if the guy does not make it himself, then, probably, he did not need. Why should I offer what he potentially does not need? My mother always told me: “Never ask for anything, everyone will come and give it themselves”. So: they will not give.

Girls, maybe you, like me, live with the philosophy of proud heron, and normal guys do not even catch up that we may like them?

4. Register already in Tinder

Do not forget that many guys are in the same way the question: where to find a normal girl? And, as my statistics of friends-Parney shows, many of the quite normal dude are registered in Tinder for General Fun. But what if you are exactly the same with whom not only Fun, but also the Happily Ever After?

And so you planned, overwhelmed, I realized that the first step is not dumb. Come on, act! Forward, barricades!

And yes, I myself would not believe it myself if the number of stories “met in Tinder – they are already happy together for 2, 3 years” among my own acquaintances did not grow exponentially exponentially. Important: Tinder is an example of an easy way to damp dates. No matter where you find them, it is important that you go to them at all.

Reasonable question: can something normal from dating on the Internet get? I will answer the words of the American uncle of my friend Christina, who recently wrote on my wall on Facebook* and instantly loved by my friends:

How to find a normal guy

Comments are superfluous.

IF You Don’t Ask – You Don’t get

My ex-Boss, which I endlessly respect and love, once said to me: “Anna, if you don’s-You Donolt Get”. Works with everything in life: with work and with relations. Question: But how will it be perceived? And then I will remember not at all crazy Chatsky, who had long wondered “and the judges who are?”. A reason to think? As a result, no one remembers how it all began, and the facts and speculations in the head still mix.

Anya, I read it to the end, now everything will turn out for me?

I will answer: depends on you. In general, this is the best answer to all life questions. Do not thank.

Universal secrets of happiness, it seems to me, is not. Probably the main thing that you need to understand for yourself: everything has its time. And happiness too. Will come, girls.

Pheromones, prayer Athena and a little apricot ©.

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