How to make a manicure with acrylic powder

How to make a manicure with acrylic powder

Acrylic powder manicure is especially in demand today, as it is a new approach to hand care. Many women suffer from various problems with nails. Someone cannot release the desired length, since the nails are too soft and break at the first load on them, someone has the nail plate to burst in half in different parts, in someone, the nails are relaxed or covered with grooves, etc.D.

To cope on their own with all problems with nails, all women are striving, but it does not always work out. The fact is that different factors affect the quality of the nail plate:

  • internal processes in the body
  • professional activity
  • avitaminosis
  • Changing the hormonal background
  • heredity
  • The professionalism of the master of manicure.

Acrylic powder is a polymer material of a transparent color of a small texture. Acryl came to the world of nail design from dentistry, where it was used to restore teeth. The manicure with powder is characterized by very tempting characteristics:

  • Simplicity of execution,
  • high strength,
  • Exquisite design,
  • a variety of opportunities for creativity,
  • Strengthens the nail plate.

Acrylic powder manicure

I really liked the acrylic powder, as the masters of manicure, allowing you to create real masterpieces of miniature sculpture on the nail plate, and women who appreciated the main advantages of such a manicure – natural well -groomed appearance, originality of design and coating strength! Manicure masters offer customers a variety of design options – From the classic ‘Frencha’, to the convex roses, snowflakes, hearts, etc.D.

Stones of different shades, a combination of several color palette, metal sparkles, etc. can also be used as a jewelry.D. Manufacturers of this new material for manicure set a difficult task for the masters, offering a huge amount of diverse not only in quality, but also in composition of materials from acrylic:

  • Transparent acrylic powder to strengthen nails,
  • matte, indispensable in order to create French manicure with acrylic powder,
  • A variety of color palette, you can choose a color that will be especially in harmony with the mood, with the color of the outfit or jewelry,
  • With sparkles – Makes the nails literally ‘Burn’ in the sun or in artificial light spotlights,
  • Camouflage – Ideal for increasing long nails and creating a unique design, especially if there is a need to hide the defects of the nail plate. Creates a natural look of its own nails,
  • Neon – especially often chosen young girls who often visit nightclubs. In the light of neon lights, neon design of nails looks especially relevant! Has an opaque structure and neon shades.

A manicure with acrylic powder video shows in stages all the subtleties of creating a new image of female handles.

French manicure acrylic powder

French manicure is especially in demand by modern women. Its popularity does not weaken the last ten years. This is explained very simply! This design perfectly demonstrates the impeccable taste of his mistress! It is perfect for any wardrobe, with any occasion, and makes the female image always exquisite and stylish. The use of acrylic powder to perform such a design allows you to extend the well -groomed type of female handles for almost a month.

The strength of the coating pleases all women, without exception, since they can deal with it, without fear of being left without manicure, home concerns – wash dishes, clean and cut vegetables, wash, clean and garden work. Of course, it is recommended to put on gloves at the same time, since the skin on the hands can become a rough and well -groomed type of nails will not save the overall impression. French manicure with acrylic powder videos demonstrates all the stages of creating this most popular design!

Manicure with powder

For everyone who has never encountered such a nail care procedure, we present a phased instruction:

  1. Remove the old coating, if any, perform manicure according to all the rules, giving the nails the perfect shape,
  2. Degrease the nail plate,
  3. Tibsa or special form is put on each nails,
  4. Primer coating and drying for a couple of minutes
  5. A gel base is applied, a pattern is performed and sprinkled with acrylic powder
  6. Drying in UV lamp 20 seconds
  7. After drying, apply another coating
  8. Drying in UV lamp

In total, three layers can be applied, which increases the strength. The design must be performed very quickly, since the acrylic powder on the gel grabs very quickly. It all depends on the skill of manicure affairs of the master! A manicure with acrylic powder photos perfectly demonstrates the breadth of creative ideas of the master.

In order for a manicure with acrylic powder to be made according to all the rules, it is necessary to contact a beauty salon where professional manicure services are provided at a high level. However, if a woman is familiar with the technique of performing manicure, then she herself will be able to cope with this task. It is necessary to purchase for this not only an acrylic powder, but also special gel polishes, basic coatings and UV lamp. There is a lot of video about how ordinary manicure with gel coating is performed.

Online stores offer a wide range of products for the design of the nail plate, including the actual acrylic powder today. You can purchase a powder of different shades, which will create a variety of design options!

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