How to make an ideal cheese plate

How to make an ideal cheese plate

Cheese plate today is not the most affordable dish in every sense. But sanctions by sanctions, and no one canceled the theory. Find out how to make a cheese plate and surprise guests with its taste and serve.

Perfect cheese plate

Compound: one hard cheese+ one soft cheese+ one unusual cheese.

Innings: on simple fried toasts, croutons, fruit chips.

Additives: one sweet product+ one salty product+ one sweet sauce+ one brackish sauce.

But this standard does not mean that excellent cheese plate will not come out of a smaller number of varieties. In order to consider how to prepare this treat from one, two and three varieties of cheese.

Choose cheese

One variety of cheese

How to make an ideal cheese plate


The secret of the dishes from one cheese is simple: choose either cheese – universal favorite, or special cheese. If you have access to such products, the following varieties can be included in the canon in a cheese plate.

Cheeses that everyone likes: Sharp English Chedder or Soft French Bree, cheeses like Parmesan.

Special cheeses: spicy cheese with mold or smelly, but delicious talegio (half -soft Italian cheese with a crust).

Two varieties of cheese

For a regular cheese plate of two varieties, one hard and one soft cheese will be needed. Here is the best choice in these categories.

Firm cheeses: Chedder, Gauda, Dublininer, Edam, Parmesan and Spanish cheese of manche.

Soft cheeses: Italian cheese of Burrata (creamy “cousin” Mozarella), a delicate kamamber with a mushroom flavor, fruit talegio, ricotta (which is easy to cook at home), brig.

Three varieties of cheese

How to make an ideal cheese plate


Three cheese is perfect. It will take the hard and soft cheese, which we talked about above, as well as some kind of cheese with a highlight.

Unusual cheeses: Norwegian brown cheese brunosta, chocolate cheese, cheese with lavender and fenhel or dull Danish cheese Havart. Also, smelly varieties can be attributed to the cheeses with a highlight: they are less original, but insanely tasty and always go with a bang. In general, it is best to contact sellers in a cheese shop and say that you want to surprise your guests with something. They will be happy to help with the choice.

If you can’t get such varieties, select alternatives from the cheese available in your region. Or use another approach, taking for a plate one cheese from milk of different animals: cow, sheep and goat.

What to combine cheeses

When you have chosen cheeses, you can think about delicious additions. You will need something sweet, something salty, sweet and island sauces, as well as bread and crackers.

Fresh fruits and berries

Apples, grapes, pears, blueberries, strawberries, any berries and fresh figs compensate for the rich salty taste of dairy products with sourness, refresh the palate.

Dried fruits

Tar and sweet dried cherries, cranberries, as well as dried apricots add a bright note to the taste of cheeses. Dry fruits are a good choice for a plate of several varieties, since they are equally harmoniously combined with sharp and soft cream cheeses.


Instead of taking a jar of olives of the same type, buy olives of different sizes and degree of maturity by w8. Only pre -extract the bones or do not forget to warn your guests about them.

How to make an ideal cheese plate



The main salt that can be offered for a cheese plate is the rods. They have a pleasant sourness, and they look very nice.

Meat products

Do not get carried away so that the cheese plate does not turn into meat. Choose one quality meat and let it shake the cheeses. If you serve a lot of saturated, salty or spicy cheeses, choose something calm, such as good boiled sausage (ideally like Italian Mordadella). But the cheese plate will not spoil the spicy salami, saturated with meat or liver paste.


You can serve a mixture of nuts, sugared walnuts, pistachios or almonds to the cheese. Fans of unusual tastes can be offered to experiment, for example, combining almonds with soy sauce and Basabi.

Honey and jam

If you have not tried cheese with honey, it’s time to do it: they are created for each other. Jams and jelly will also create a wonderful sweet effect, especially those that have a tart taste.

Mustard and vinegar

Cheese as a fat dairy product with a rich taste needs acid, and granular mustard can satisfy this need. Also, cheese can be sprinkled with stretching thick vinegar or pomegranate syrup.

Bread and crackers

These products will be needed to “transport” cheese in the mouth, and not distract from its taste. Small crisp toasts, crackers or chips, including fruit made, will cope with the task.

The best combinations of cheeses and additives

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The most important thing is to beat the cheese correctly if you stopped on one grade. You will need at least one product combined with it, which will make a lonely cheese star in the evening. Here are some possible combinations.

1. Dublinner+ apple+ fried baguette

Dublininer is a hard Irish cow’s milk cheese that reminds Chedder and Parmesan. It is at the same time island, with walnut notes, sweet and brackish. Since he has such a complex and rich taste, it will be enough simple greens to him. And the thin slices of the green apple will help to refresh the receptors so as not to feel oversaturation with dairy products and eat more cheese.

2. Parmyjano Redzhano+ Balsamic vinegar

Parmesan is enough to sprinkle with an aged balsamic vinegar or dip it in it to emphasize the spicy taste.

3. Cambotzola+ fruit chips+ honey

Cambotzola is a triple French soft cheese Kamamber Plus Italian Gorgonzole. It combined a soft aroma of blue cheese and a whole bouquet of creamy shades. It is good to serve Cambotzole with figs, olive and cranberry chips. More to him, like any cheese with mold, honey approaches.

Also a great solution for a cheese plate of one variety is to bake or put the cheese. Try to serve BRA, baked in layered dough (Brie En Crute), goat cheese with tomato sauce, pickled Mozarella or Fetu (and in our realities and Brynza).

Based on these recommendations, you can experiment and create your own snack options from the cheeses available in your region. About good domestic varieties of cheese that can be included in this dish, and about overseas cheeses that you like, write in the comments.

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