How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

How to decipher the payment, pay utility bills without queue and when to demand a recalculation.

How the payment for housing and communal services is calculated?

All payments are divided into three blocks:

1. Housing maintenance

This includes all the services provided by the management company: repair and maintenance of elevators, cleaning of entrances and house territory, work of dispatch, garbage collection, and so on. Since 2017, the same block includes the expenses of communal resources – electricity, water, gas – for common house needs.

The costs of ONE are determined as follows: the management company adds the consumption of the resource in each apartment and takes away the amount from the value that showed a common house metering device. The difference is distributed by all owners of residential premises in proportion to the area of apartments.

2. Public utilities

This block includes electricity, gas, hot and cold water, heating, drainage services – all without taking into account common house needs. The consumption of electricity, gas, water is calculated according to the readings of the meters or, if they are not, according to the standards established by the regional authorities. To determine the volume of drainage services, the indicators of spent hot and cold water are folded. Heating fee is calculated in accordance with the readings of a common -house meter of thermal energy and the meter of the apartment.

If the contract for the supply of any resource is concluded directly, and not through the management company, you will have to pay separately with the resource supplying organization.

3. Other

Intercom, security services, access to a common television antenna and so on.

When to pay for an apartment?

According to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the apartment fee should be made no later than the 10th day of the month following the calculation. This is a universal requirement, unless otherwise marked in the contract between the owner and the service provider (the exact calculation dates are indicated in the payment document).

The management company can send a payment over the past month or current, these data is in the document.

How to give meter readings?

Monthly should be applied to the management company by the testimony of all assembly devices installed in the apartment of utility resources, otherwise the accruals will be carried out according to the standards (in each region they are established by local authorities). There are several options for how to do it:

  1. Way provided for by the management company. Put a note with the latest indications in the mailbox in the entrance, enter the Criminal Code website and so on. Information on how exactly the organization prefers to receive data from residents is usually at the stand in the entrance.
  2. When making a rent by mail.
  3. When visiting a settlement center. In each region, this structure is called differently: a single calculation and information center, a single information and calculation center, a calculation and information center, a regional information center, a city settlement center, and so on. It is sometimes possible to introduce readings of metering devices on the organization’s website, you will first have to go through the registration procedure.
  4. On the website of the State Information System of the Housing and Public Utilities, which works in the “State Services” system. You can enter the service by login and password “public services”. If you do not have them, you need to register on the site and get a verification code by mail, in one of the service centers or using an electronic signature.

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

If the contracts for the provision of utilities are concluded directly with suppliers, the meter readings should be left directly on the website of the resource supplying organization.

Where to get the payment and what should be indicated in it?

What the payment looks like

A single payment document can be called differently: receipt, notice, notification, and so on. However, it must contain the following information:

  • surname, name, patronymic of the owner of the apartment;
  • Postal address of the apartment;
  • name of the contractor of housing and communal services, contacts, his bank account number and details;
  • the personal account of the owner of the apartment;
  • the month for which the account has been issued;
  • a list of all the services you pay for;
  • indication of tariffs for each service;
  • units of service measurement;
  • the volume of services consumed (according to the standards or by meters);
  • the size of the final fee for each service;
  • the volume of services spent on common needs, and the amount of fees for them;
  • whether the recalculation was carried out and on what grounds;
  • Information about the penalty.

The approximate appearance of the payment was released by the Ministry of Construction in early 2017.

The most important information is the TIN of the Management Organization and the number of the personal account of the owner of the apartment. It is they in most cases that will be needed to pay for the apartment.

Where to get the payment

You can look for a single payment document:

1. In the mailbox. In the vast majority of cases, the management company, HOA or ZhSK sends the payments just like that.

2. In the management company with a personal visit.

3. In e -mail, if the management company provides such a service. The request can be left on the organization’s website or directly in its office.

4. In the calculation center or on its website. Similar organizations often provide payments in electronic form in the user’s personal account.

5. On the website of the state information system housing and communal services. First you need to tie the personal account to your personal account.

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

Information about the bills issued can be obtained using the “Find out about debt” button on the main page of the site.

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

6.Through the federal system “City”. If your management company cooperates with the service, you can get it from its employees to enter your personal account. The necessary information is in the section “Detailization of the account”.

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

Where to pay for an apartment?

1. In the post office

Classical way: you come to the mail, defend the queue, give the cashier a payment and money, get a check about payment.

2. Through the settlement center

To pay housing and communal services, just come to the box office of a settlement center with a payment. Here you also need to be prepared for the queue.

Option for sociophobes – find out if you can pay for the apartment online through the site of the settlement center. Some institutions provide such an opportunity.

3. Through the bank

At the bank’s checkout, you can pay in cash or card. I need a payment, the rest of the operator will make for you.

4. Through ATMs and terminals

From the point of view of payment for housing and communal services, the functionality of ATMs and terminals is similar. You need to look for them in places of high cross -country ability: in shopping centers, stores, at gas stations, at metro stations. And of course, the devices installed by banks will be precisely found in the branches of these institutions. It should be borne in mind that some ATMs do not accept cash, and some terminals – cards.

Through an ATM or terminal of the bank, the client of which you are, you can most often pay without a commission, although there are exceptions.

The desired function will be hidden behind the “Payments”, “Payment of Services” button and so on. Click on it and follow the further instructions of the terminal. In some cases, you will have to enter the name of the management company into the search line, in some – to search for the TIN. Perhaps the terminal or an ATM will offer to find an organization on barcode from the payment.

To pay the housing and communal services, you need to enter the number of your personal account, indicate the month for which you pay and the required amount. The sequence of actions largely depends on which company belongs to the terminal or ATM, but the algorithm is most often intuitive.

The main thing is to carefully check the numbers that you enter and which the device displays on the screen so that the fee in the right amount goes as intended.

5. Through the website “State Services”

Log on the site. In the service catalog, select “Payment of housing and communal services”.

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

Select the service supplier from the list.

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

It is worth noting that the choice of managing organizations at the “public services” is small, but perhaps you will be lucky.

6. Through the state information system of housing and communal services

Go to your personal account, click on the link “Pay housing and communal services for any personal account”.

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

Enter all the necessary information in the opened form and pay.

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

You can also connect a personal account to your account from your personal account and next time go to payment immediately from the main page.

7. Through the federal system “City”

Automated system for collecting and processing payments from the population for utility and other services allows you to make money for the apartment online. Information about the display will be available in your personal account.

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

8. Through online banks services

Many banks provide the opportunity to pay for housing and communal services online. To do this, you need to be a client of the institution, the login and password for your personal account can be obtained in any branch of the bank.

For example, in the Sberbank Online system, you need to pay for the apartment in the section “Transfers and payments”. Click on the link “Quarterpay”.

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

Select the region, and then the management company from the list. In order not to leaf through the list of organizations, you can enter the TIN from the payment in the search line, the desired Criminal Code will be selected automatically.

Then dial the personal account number also specified in the payment document. Next, the payment form will open, in which the amount for the transfer will be proposed. Check its correctness, sometimes the data in the system is data over the past month. In this case, enter the numbers manually and pay.

In the Alfa-Bank system, Alfa-Click, the actions are approximately similar: click on the “Payment of Services” rubricator, then select the position “Utility Services”.

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

Find your management company or go to the Search page of the Criminal Code by TIN.

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

The algorithm of actions on sites of different banks is similar, so difficulties should not arise.

9. Through mobile applications of banks

To get access to paying for housing and communal services, you need to download the application of your bank and register in it. Find out about the conditions of verification on the website of the financial institution. Most often, it is enough to enter the code sent by SMS, but the bank may also have additional requirements.

The algorithm of action is similar to what is used in online banks. You need to find the category of “payments” or the like, then select the “Housing and Utilities” section or immediately move on to the choice of a managing organization.

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

How to pay for an apartment: detailed instructions for the passage of housing and communal services

What will happen if you do not pay for the apartment?

The legislation provides several levers to combat the unfair payment of housing and communal services.

1. Peni

For the first month of non -payment will not be fined. Further, penalties are accrued for every day of delay including the day of its repayment: 31–90s-1/300 of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (now equal to the key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and amounts to 7.75%) from unpaid amount, from the 90th day- 1/130 bets.

The amount of the penalty cannot be more than the amount of the debt.

2. Restriction or termination of service

According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1498, the service provider may stop providing it if the consumer has accumulated a debt exceeding the amount of payments over 2 months. Hot water, gas, electricity and sewage are subject to disconnect.

Turn off cold water and heating the law prohibits.

The resource supplying organization first sends the debtor a notification of the impending shutdown. This can be a registered letter, a payment text, a phone call, an email message – any method in which the information can be recorded by the addressee. If there was no notification, the owner of the apartment may challenge the actions of the supplier in court.

3. Prohibition abroad

Utklings can go to court to cut off debts from a non -payer. If the decision is made in favor of a resource-supplying organization, the case file will be transferred to the bailiffs to the bailiffs. FSSP has another lever of influence on the debtor – a ban on traveling abroad. This is possible if the debt exceeded 30 thousand .

4. Eviction

If the housing is not indispensed

According to the law, in order to be evicted from housing occupied under a social rental agreement, it is enough not to pay utility bills within six months.

A citizen and his family cannot be kicked out into the street, he is obliged to provide him on social conditions of another housing – 6 m² per person.

If housing is owned

It is difficult to evict from the apartment of its owner, but you can. In this case, real estate is put up for public tenders. After the sale, part of the money goes to pay for debts and legal costs. The rest is returned to the former owner of the apartment. However, according to the law, this measure can be applied if the disputed real estate is not the only housing of the debtor.

How to recalculate the rent?

There are several cases in which you can recalculate the amount that you must pay for the services provided.

In the case of a long absence of residents

If you are absent in the apartment for more than 5 calendar days and you can confirm this documented (tickets, a check from the hotel, and so on), then you can contact the management company with a statement about the recalculation of the rent. Only utility services will affect the changes – with the exception of heating – if there are no meters in the apartment and they cannot be installed. If there are metering devices, there will be no recalculation.

If the service was not provided

The consumer has the right to demand a recalculation if there were no emergency situations on networks and communications, but:

  • Cold or hot water, drainage were absent for more than 4 hours and more than 8 hours per month in total;
  • Electricity was not supplied for longer than 2 hours with two power sources and longer than 4 at one;
  • Heating was absent for more than 24 hours in total, or more than 16 hours if the room temperature was 12–18 ° C, or more than 8 hours at a temperature of 10–12 ° C, or more than 4 hours at 8–10 ° C.

To receive a recalculation, you need to notify the management company about the absence of a service in writing or by ph1. The dispatcher must make a note about this in the report of the registration of messages. If the reason for the disconnection is known, you will be called both it and the time for the renewal of the service.

If the managing organization does not know about the reason for the lack of a resource, you should agree with you the time of the visit of the representative of the Criminal Code, which will record that you really do not have water or light and so on. In fact, an act is filled out in which the date and time of verification are recorded. If the service is not provided for a long time, you can initiate a second audit with the preparation of the second act.

On the basis of acts, the Criminal Code submits an application for a recalculation.

If the service was provided poorly

Each utility services have its own standards:

  • Cold water should be transparent, without impurities, an unpleasant odor;
  • The temperature of hot water is normal is 60–75 ° C;
  • The temperature in the living rooms of the apartment should not be lower than 18 ° C, in the corner rooms – not lower than 20 ° C.

If you think that the service is poorly, demand from the management company to check. If the Criminal Code refuses or does not recognize violations, contact the territorial department of the State Housing Inspectorate. Your goal is to get an act in which the fact of poor -quality service will be recorded. On its basis, apply for a recalculation of the management company.

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