How to start playing sports: simple instructions

How to start playing sports: simple instructions

Physical activity helps to feel better, fight stress and strengthen health. But only if you approach the classes correctly. Together with the federal project “Sports – the norm of life” of the national project “Demography”, we tell you how to start training and not quit everything after the first approach.

1. Choose a suitable training

Running, kickboxing, dancing, crossfit, volleyball, yoga, tennis – many options. Two landmarks will help to choose the perfect for themselves: internal sensations and health status. First think about what you would like to do: remember what you liked in physical education lessons, or just think about what kind of training seems interesting. Make a list of attractive options. It is not necessary to dwell on one – alternating different training is even useful. So the sport will not come.

It is important to make sure that training will not be dangerous for the body. To do this, it is useful to take a general blood test, check the condition of the heart, lungs and joints. Testing will show which exercises can be done, and which is better to refuse. For example, the choice of the intensity of cardio training depends on the work of the heart, and on the condition of the joints of the lower extremities – the ability to perform squats and jumps.

It is especially important to consult a doctor and a coach if you plan to run for long distances or do difficult exercises on simulators and with weighting agents. And consultation is necessary for people with heart diseases, lungs or kidneys, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, problems with muscles, joints or bones in the past, as well as after recently transferred surgery or pregnancy.

2. Find the goal

How to start playing sports: simple instructions

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The correct goal will help not give up and turn sports into a norm. The goal does not have to be tied to losing weight or increase in muscle mass. The motivator may be improved health, normalization of sleep, salvation from stress and search for new acquaintances.

The main thing is that the goal should be achievable. The newcomer will definitely not be able to run a whole marathon after six months of training: to prepare the body for such a test, you need to deal with at least a year and a half, otherwise there is a risk of injury. But the half marathon in six months is already real.

The goal may be very real sports awards. For example, medals for participating in a charity race or fulfillment of the TRP standards. They allow you to test their strength in pull -ups, jumps, Scandinavian walking and other disciplines and get a gold, silver or bronze insignia for this “ready for work and defense”.

You can fulfill the standards at one of the many TRP sites. Thanks to the federal project “Sports – Life Norm of Life” of the National Project “Demography” in Russia, more than 1,500 TRP sports grounds have already appeared, and they continue to build them. The sites are open not only for testing, but also for preparing for it, so you can come there for training. More than 17.9 million people have already joined the TRP movement. 6.2 million Russians have already fulfilled standards and received insignia.

Start training

3. Make a training plan

Bring the sport to your schedule – it will be more difficult to forget or abandon it. But do not overdo it: plan a maximum of four workouts a week, otherwise the muscles will not have time to restore.

Start with simple exercises and short classes – from 10 to 30 minutes, gradually increasing intensity and adding time. This is especially important if you abandoned physical education at school. For example, teaching the body to running training is generally advised to start with a long walk – 10,000 steps per day.

To start, try to perform such a set of exercises:

  1. Pushups. Keep your wrists strictly under your shoulders, and take your elbows not to the sides, but in the direction of the body. If you perform the exercise from the position of the bar is hard, kneel down.
  2. Squats. Do not tilt your back forward and do not tear off the heels from the floor – it is better to sink shallow, but maintain the health of the joints.
  3. Burely bridge. Raise the pelvis from the position of lying. Once at the top, do not bend your back and do not take the pelvis too high – you should get a flat line from the bend of the knees to the shoulders.
  4. Twisting on the press. In this exercise, it is important to raise only shoulders and shoulders from the floor – you do not need to break away with the whole body and touch the knees. So that the neck does not overstrain, remove your hands behind your head and spread your elbows to the sides.
  5. Blind diving. Performed from the position of lying on the side. Raise the upper leg as high as you can. At the same time do not fall forward or on your back. You can lower your head on a rug or support your hand – focus on your feelings. And don’t forget to repeat the exercise to the other side.

Make as many repetitions as enough forces. I can’t cross through here – fatigue will lead to violation of technology and, possibly, injuries.

4. Do not forget about warm -up and hitch

How to start playing sports: simple instructions

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Without the first it is easy to damage the ligaments and muscles, and the second helps to get out of a state of increased activity. Therefore, it is not worth passing these stages even in short training.

Warm -up

During warm -up, the muscles are heated and prepared for intense exercises. Highlight for it for 5-10 minutes and focus on those parts of the body that will be actively involved in the main training. If you plan to devote a day to the muscles of the legs – squat, and if your hands – do rotations in the shoulder joints, elbows and brushes, slow swings to the sides and up.


The hitch helps to gradually slow down the pulse, calm your breath and relax a bit after intense exercises – cool your muscles and switch your body to rest mode. It is also worth laying on it for 5 minutes, but if there is time, you can linger and longer. Make a few tilts, twisting and pull the muscles that you trained.

All stretching movements should be smooth and careful. If you feel that in some position it is difficult to breathe evenly or there are unpleasant painful sensations, it is better to get out of it or try to reduce the intensity.

5. Do not lose motivation

Loading at work, meeting with friends, housework – all this takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, there is a temptation to choose a calm vacation on the couch instead of training. Do not give in to him and make sport the norm of life will help several life hacks.

  1. Enter the reward system. After completed training, reward yourself. So you will have an association with sports as with something pleasant and over time it will begin to work even without a bonus. Just do not choose something contrary to a healthy lifestyle as an incentive, so that the effect of classes is not erased.
  2. Try the new one. A repeated day after day a set of exercises can tire, so it is useful to experiment. If you feel that the usual training does not inspire you anymore, change the set of exercises, the site, or in general a type of class.
  3. Use the rule “less – better than nothing”. Strength for a full -fledged hour training is not always enough. In this case, instead of refusing sports, it is better to reduce the lesson, for example, up to 10 minutes. This time is enough to warm up muscles and get a charge of hormones of joy, dopamine and serotonin.
  4. Do in a group or with a partner. Then you will additionally motivate the desire not to bring your friends.

Now 49.4% of Russians are regularly engaged in sports. Therefore, you can find the company right during training. And for this it is not necessary to sign up for paid halls. Thanks to the federal project “Sports – the norm of life” of the national project “Demography”, 368 sports facilities have already been opened. The priority tasks of the federal project are an increase in the number of Russians who are systematically involved in physical culture and sports, ensuring the availability of sports for all categories of the population, the development of mass sports and sports of higher achievements, the improvement of sports infrastructure, the preparation of a sports reserve and personnel for the industry. The federal project makes sport the norm!

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