Instructions: how to feel confident on the beach

Instructions: how to feel confident on the beach

The bikini season is in full swing and, according to forecasts, is still very far away until the end of the bathing season. Another thing is that the decision to go to the city beach — Question from among psychological. Especially if there you almost always feel uncertain and strive to wrap the pareo as much as possible so that no one — Oh God! — I did not see the zone that you worked on in the fitness club is not intense enough.

Tash Okley, co -founder of the A Bikini Day project, is sure that there is no perfect body for bikini. The girl shared with the BYRDIE portal with her thoughts on confidence on the beach and ways to achieve her if you know exactly that you have serious problems with this. And we made a simple and motivating instruction based on the results of the interview.

Instructions: how to feel confident on the beach

About the size: "Of course, we believe in a healthy lifestyle that will always look excellent and not feel the need to change ourselves in the summer. But if we talk about sizes, do not be afraid to buy swimwear by size more or less. It all depends on the line of a particular brand".

About cellulite: "Cellulite cunning, and to some extent, each of us has it. But there is one thing that really helps on the beach — And this oil with flickering particles. The fact is that shimmer reflects light from the skin and smooths out flaws, and if you do not like the feeling of oil film, try dry oil, which is absorbed almost instantly".

About Beauty Masthevy: "Salt spray my favorite, because carefree beach waves — The best hairstyle that can be chosen on this occasion".

About bloating: "I would advise you to always take food to the beach with me. Even when it is difficult to do it or when to do this at all — Only a full dinner ultimately guarantees you normal digestion. Bloating more often arises from quick and rash snacks, which will ruin not only your well -being, but also your appearance".

On vacation: "If you are used to regularly going to the gym, then stopping fitness active during the trip is definitely not worth. You will be surprised, but many exercises will be effective even without special devices — The weight of your own body and fantasy will help you".

Instructions: how to feel confident on the beach

About confidence: "Your figure — This is a little more than personal preferences. There will always be someone who prefers your shape to the form of a person who is near you. There is nothing wrong with the fact that you are a little more or less than planned when you just signed up for Cycling. All girls are different, and that’s why they are all beautiful".

About healthy snacks: "I love berries, and especially raspberries. In addition, I always take nuts, slices of carrots and celery to the beach".

About photographs on Instagram: "Key thing — This is lighting. Plus, a certain time of the day is better than others. For example, multiple pre -election light can make the lines in a soft natural way".

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