Interview with a star: Elizabeth Druzhinin

Interview with a star: Elizabeth Druzhinin

Elizaveta Druzhinin is a professional dancer, a participant in the dance show “Dancing” on TNT and sister of the talented choreographer Egor Druzhinin.

Lisa was born in Moscow. The prerequisites for dancing were seen from the girl from early childhood. Lisa had someone to take an example from – her grandfather was an excellent ballet dancer and worked in the famous Stanislavsky Theater. “Dad wanted to see a daughter in ballet,” Elizabeth recalls, “and I always dreamed of dancing barefoot to any music”. Already in his youth, Lisa realized that it was in the dancing that her meaning of life is her dance.

Not so long ago, Lisa opened her own dance school. We met with a young dancer and found out whether she helped her older brother’s fame in work on how not to pay attention to rumors and gossip and how much you need to dance to be in the form of this and much more read in our interview.

Interview with a star: Elizabeth Druzhininon Lisa white overalls YESDRESS

Lisa, the opening of her own school was a spontaneous decision? How did you come to this, who helped you financially?

The dream of opening your center or school was almost from childhood. I always knew that I would have something of my own, and I will be my boss myself! or, of course, brother. I also realized that moving beautifully and at ease, given to every person. There are many interesting techniques and techniques for working with the body, but the movement accompanies us everywhere, and, as it would be great, to convey to people the skill of managing their body in everyday life and on stage.

Interview with a star: Elizabeth Druzhinin

Everything spun after the project. At first there was simply the direction of the “free plastic”, with which I came to the casting of TNT, then – master classes and regular classes based on my own methodology, and later, in the spring of this year, I decided to expand the range of opportunities and open the school. This is not just a dance school, it is a creative space in which there are many directions. At the moment, we have dancing, yoga, fitness and classes for children. The whole family helps me. I try to solve the financial part of the issue myself, and so far it turns out pretty well.

And the surname and fame of the older brother help in this process?

Everything gives huge resources: family, experience, labor, knowledge and time that is devoted to our team to create a quality work process. In some points, we remind you of something Apple Corporation Steve Jobs. The impulsive, energetic and fresh approach to training and improving the quality of life not only of ours, but also everyone who comes to the school “Free plastic”. Many simply do not yet know about us or did not feel the need to come and try bodily resources. Therefore, the main task for us is the promotion and creation of those conditions under which absolutely everyone can find something interesting for themselves at school. Already in the name I laid the foundation of freedom not only of the body, but also the soul.

You are brave guys, since you took part in the same television project (“dancing” on TNT) it was difficult not to take various gossipes to heart and at the same time perfect?

Oh, there were many different points, but all the negative is quickly forgot10. I believe that the main thing is that we met with the guys, and now many of them help and teach at school “Free Plastic” school. The fact that together and after the project we support each other is very valuable.

Interview with a star: Elizabeth Druzhinin

Among the teachers you can meet fame, Snezhan, Adam, Alena Frolochkin, Ira Red and many others. So we have not just a “team”, but a friendly team of like-minded people who went together a difficult way of show business.

How you evaluate yourself from the outside today? There are things/actions that you regret?

Nothing to regret. Sometimes I want to be even more here and now in order to enjoy every moment of life even more fully, even when it is not always easy. Live “all” history that come to my life.

Dancing can be attributed to sports? What directions in the dance can replace the campaign in the gym?

Any dancing with an intensive load will replace your gym, and at the same time will not replace, t.To fitness is another “element”, like yoga. Each – his own: by character, temperament and lifestyle. Each has many nuances and subtleties. Therefore, we first thoroughly study all approaches, methods and specialists, and only then we offer this in the schedule. After all, how good it is to immediately come to a good specialist, so as not to cripple, but cure!

Interview with a star: Elizabeth Druzhinin

How many times a week you need to “dance” to be in the form?

Depending on which “form” initially. Any system and methodological approach gives the result. With regular classes, at least 2-3 times a week, you can get the result and start the body in a new way.

Lisa, you are in love? Tell us about your romantle history?

Always in love! I don’t live without it. But I can’t tell history, this is very personal. But I can say that the most romantic is ahead.

What are your plans for the future?

Development and love.

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