Jared Leto: On the Way to Success

Jared Leto: On the Way to Success

Jared Leto is one of the most popular actors from the USA. He gained his wide fame in many countries, including in Russia, not only thanks to acting and played roles. After all, besides the fact that Jared Leto actor, behind him he also has a musical career. Jared Leto is a member of the modern rock group Thirty Seconds to Mars (30 seconds to Mars), which collects stadiums.

Today, handsome Jared knows the younger generation. But his blue eyes are especially remembered. Also, the fans of Jared will be interested in the following information:

Real name: Jared Joseph Summer. Date of birth: 26.12.1971. Zodiac sign: Capricorn. Height: 180 centimeters. Weight: 63 kilograms. Shoe size: 43 (EUR). Eye and hair color: blue, dark.

The unique talent of the actor was noticed not only by his fans. After all, Jared has a large number of awards. For example, his career biography includes achievements such as receiving an Oscar and Golden Globe awards. Interestingly, one day summer took part in the film, where he was a woman. For this, he was awarded the Awards of the Guild of film actors of America.

Jared Leto: On the Way to Success

The biography of the actor

The place of birth of Jared Summer is Louisiana (Louisiana), the city is Bossier City (Bossier City). Since childhood, it was clear that the boy was very talented and had a craving for art. Most likely, it was inherited from the mother. In her youth, Jared’s mother performed in the circus, so she encouraged the future star with his brother for determination, musicality and other manifestations of talent.

His mother was called Constance, and since childhood, she had a hard time. She was forced to raise children on her own, as Jared’s father was divorced from her. In addition, his father died, as soon as he left his family and find a new woman. After a while, Constance decided again to try good luck in marriage and married the young man Karl Summer. Although he adopted the guys, this marriage later also turned out to be unsuccessful – Karl left Constance.

Thus, Jared has two brothers according to the biological father. He also has one half -sister from Karl (while the girl was born not from Constance, but from his subsequent woman). His half-sister, Melissa Lafski, is known as a writer (although she was once a lawyer). Once she said that she failed to build good relations with the brothers.

As for childhood summer, he owes his talent not only to his mother. In his youth, he was a member of the Hippi company. Therefore, from his friends, he also acquired a love of creativity and self -expression. When Jared and his brother were not five years old, they already had ideas about some musical instruments, and also owned the basic skills of playing them on them. Perhaps that is why Jared Leto says that his real addiction is music, not acting, and it was with musical creativity that he wanted to engage in his whole life.

Jared Leto: On the Way to Success

However, in his childhood there were also unpleasant moments. Since the boys grew without a father, it was not easy for them and mother to cope with hunger and poverty. That is why Jared, together with his brother in childhood, had a strange hobby: they loved to make their way to others in the houses, thinking that this was their personal haven and all that is in their disposal.

By the warehouse of his character, the actor was always very purposeful. He had great confidence in his abilities and had many ambitions. Therefore, from the age of 12, he became a dishwasher in the small cafe of Virginia. At the age of 16, he was hired by the Swiss. Jared also mentioned in an interview more than once: his grandfather was military personnel along the mother’s line, so he was often forced to move from one place to another. Since Jared had the opportunity to travel in childhood, he was able to go even to Haiti.

The future actor practically did not attend school. His years of youth were no less complicated. So, even in adolescence, summer took drugs, and even had firearms. According to the actor, at that moment he was more close to death.

As soon as Jared received secondary general education, he decided to enter the University of Artelphia University. After submitting documents, he was successfully accepted. The student’s specialty became artistic arts, that is, several of his types. Thus, at the university, Jared received painting lessons. Having studied at this university for some time, Jared decided to transfer to the University of Fine Arts of the city of New York. The first small success of the future star occurred when he personally wrote the script for his film, and also performed in it in a key role. The name of the film is “Crying Joy”, which is translated from English to “crying joy”.

Jared Leto: On the Way to Success

Actor career

In 1992, Jared left the city of New York to settle in Sunny Los Angeles. He did it for the sake of getting an actor’s career. By the time of the move, Summer gained a decent experience of acting skills. However, the work, thanks to which it has become famous, is shooting in the series “My so -called life”. Although the series turned out to be very short, and its shooting was subsequently canceled, Jared Leto received roles in films with eminent directors.

As for the growth of the popularity of the ascending star, it was obtained from 1995 to 2000. In 1995, Jared received a major role in the film “Patchwork Bloody”. Summer also significantly proved himself when he took part in the film “City Legends” with famous actors. For example, Nick Nolti or Shono Pen.

A special role should be given to the film, in which the star took part in 2000. He played a major role in the Requiem for a Dream – a psychological thriller that did not leave indifferent to those who watched. Playing a young man who is trying to overcome dependence on drugs, he took part in the shooting with Ellen Berstin and Jennifer Conniel. On the way to the career of the famous actor, our hero took part not only in filming films. And in 2011, he became the face of the Perfume of Just Different from Hugo Boss in television advertising.

As noted earlier, Jared even managed to play a woman in the film “Dallas Buyers Club”. At the same time, the role of transvestite was played so well that even the most picky critics appreciated this project at the highest level. It was thanks to this role that the summer was awarded the award of the guild of film actors and other awards.

In general, the actor’s filmography has about 25 films. In addition to the acting career, Jared successfully took part in the dubbing, work producer and composer. Jared Summer’s last film today is a “suicide squad” (2016). In June 2018, it became known that the summer will play the character of the Marvel comics, vampire Michael Morbius in the film of the same name.

Jared Leto: On the Way to Success

Musical career

As noted earlier, all his life Jared Leto attached greater importance to music, and not acting. Therefore, to this day, he is more often busy with musical projects and less often appears on the screens in new roles. The main genus of his activities is participation in the rock band “30 Seconds to Mars” (30 seconds to Mars), where he is a performer. The musical group was founded in late 2000 by Jared and his own brother. Today there are three people in the team. Jared Leto not only performs songs, but also plays the role of the guitarist, composer and author of the songs. His brother plays drums, and the third participant, Tomo Milishevich, plays the guitar and violin. In addition, the group has a reserve participant in the reserve. He takes part in the group only during performances live. His role is a game on the bass gitar.

Jared Joseph Summer directed the groups of the group, the songs to which were written by him with his own. Among them, the following can be distinguished:

  • “The Kill”;
  • “From Yesterday”;
  • “Kings and Queens”;
  • “Closer to the edge”;
  • “Hurricane”.

Album “30 Seconds to Mars”, named after the group, “30 seconds to Mars” was released in 2002. In 2005, a release was released on “A Beautiful Lie”. When releasing the subsequent album, the team experienced difficulties with the company recording company, however, he still released it by 2010. And the last album was released in 2013.

There is also a rather interesting fact from the words of Jared himself: two of his guitars, which were made by Steve Maxwin, received names from the owner. He named them in honor of the heroes of ancient Greek mythology – Artemis and Pythagoras.

Jared Leto: On the Way to Success

Personal life

In show business, Jared Joseph Summer was especially famous among colleagues due to increased loving. Indeed, throughout his small career of the actor and musician, he managed to go through a relationship with the famous Scarlett Johansson and Lindsay Lohan. The most long and memorable actor had a connection with Cameron Diaz. He has no children, and has not yet shared information about his plans for this.

The actor has a large number of tattoos. Among them you can notice a tattoo on the name of the group and several of its albums. Jared Leto is a vegan.

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