Life hack: review of the main and most popular examples of life hacks

Life hack: review of the main and most popular examples of life hacks

And you know what life hack is, what does this word mean? Wikipedia can give an answer to this question. And just on the Internet you can read the necessary information. One thing is obvious: the life hacks have enjoyed and will be popular. The thing is that, thanks to them, life is greatly facilitated, life is painted. There are LifeHack developments for children, for schoolchildren, students, pensioners, creative personalities, housewives, builders and so on. You can find a variety of examples of life hacks.

You can still find out from the Internet that there is a real Lifehaker movement. Currently, it is not difficult to find a huge number of all kinds of blogs, websites, forums on the network, forums, which have a variety of tips to make life easier. Active surge of those who want to tell about their developments are observed to this day. LifeHack developing people argue that with the help of their ideas you can do much more than without them. This thought is definitely worth listening.

Life hackers pay so much attention to the expansion of their horizons, intellectual development. They invest a colossal amount of forces in the creation of effective methods and ideas, with which you can reconsider your attitude to yourself, career, work, home, etc. If there are technologies that allow you to improve life, then why not use them?

What is life hacks, and why are they needed

Translated from the English “Lifehack”, the word life hack means “hacking of life”. In everyday life, this term appeared in 2006. Today this word is included in the list of useful words. Without life hacks, life would be different: less productive, not so funny. Life hack is what makes people free, healthy and self -sufficient. In fact, these are peculiar recommendations, working instructions, proven tips, certain methods and strategies. They need to be adopted by everyone who wants to effectively manage not only their own time, but also numerous everyday tasks.

To better understand the concept of “life hack”, you should look into history. It originated in the 80s of the 20th century. It was invented by the optimizers programmers. Initially, only the word “hack” was used, which meant an effective solution to the problem. A little later, the word “life” (life) was added, which made it possible to significantly expand the meaning of the term. That is, initially life hacks helped optimize the work exclusively programmers. And in 2004, a journalist from Britain Danny O’Brien offered to use the term “life hack” to solve household problems and everyday problems. After 7 years, the word “Lifehack” could be seen on the web pages of the Oxford dictionary.

In the modern sense, life hack is a manifestation of ingenuity in solving a problem of different nature, which can be useful in everyday life or in life. With the help of life hacks, you can save money, save strength, save time. Similar solutions are needed on the way home from work, for the development of memory, in the office, at home, in solving problems on the topic “Healthy nutrition”, in maintaining health, in love, in entertainment, in animal care, in repair, construction, and creativityand so on.

It should be understood that life hack means using an existing idea in its original performance. That is, you absolutely do not need to invent something new, just come up with some kind of creative refinement of an idea that already exists.

Signs of Lifehack:

  • saving resources;
  • Simplification of different life spheres (in the field of training, education, work, personal growth, etc.);
  • original vision of the problem;
  • Easy to use;
  • The benefits for society.

If your creative experiment has all these signs, know: you came up with a life hack. It is worth noting that today anyone can develop and create a life hack, there would be a desire and need

Varieties, examples of life hacks

Life hack can be very different, simple and affordable, unique and unique, cheerful and funny, useful and very necessary.

What kind of life hacks are not:

  • Household. For everyday life, there are a huge number of finds that you want to implement and implement. Here are some banal examples: having made a list of things, you will definitely not forget anything to take with you on the road, a journey;By sending a photo of the house, you can be sure that the invited guests will hit exactly;After rubbing the glass with a fabric with a toothpaste, you remove all the available small scratches;Lubricating the hair in which chewing gum with a petroleum jelly or peanut oil, you will avoid cutting hair, you can remove the chewing gum quickly and without problems. And when you need to clean the candlestick of the accumulated wax, which should be done? True, put the candlestick in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. For the purity of the window, the window should be wiped with vertical movements from the inside and horizontal movements from the outer. So you can avoid divorces. Did you know that the threads easily enter the needles when sprinkle hair spray on their tips. If in winter your skin shoes often appear in salt, use a vinegar solution to remove them. Having wiped a bath mirror with a shaving cream and removing it with a soft cloth, you will never see a foggy reflection. Soda perfectly removes unpleasant odors that love to accumulate in shoes. It is enough to simply pour it into boots and leave at least 12 hours.
  • Culinary. Today, many hostesses use verified solutions that allow them to save time and easier to do homework. Among the most affordable developments, ideas can be called the following: the smell of garlic from the hands removes stainless steel (you only need to justyour hands on any object made of this material);Frozen grape berries perfectly cool white wine;In order not to suffer with cutting, cut the cabbage stump, you just need to hit it, press it inside and extract it without making efforts. If you stick a straw into a bottle with a ketchup and quickly remove it, then your ketchup is much faster.
  • Children’s. We are talking about ways, one might even say, methods with which it has become easier to educate and raise babies. Useful “inventions of the human mind” are those that help easily wake the child in the morning, which help to solve the problem with long gatherings in the kindergarten and t.D. Take even the idea with kefir. Is all the parents in Kura that this drink helps to smooth out the unpleasant taste of pills. Wise mothers and dads already know what and when to ask questions to the child in order to arouse his interest in a certain case. Could you suggest that by pluting the child on the floor on the blanket, you can convince the child to help you with the cleaning of the apartment, at home? There are already so many ideas for children and their parents that you can be sure of solving any problem.

As you can see for yourself, the Lifehack philosophy is based on the skillful use of generally accepted rules of life, in addition, it is also based on the search for effective solutions of various tasks. Moreover, the path of solving the task passes cheerfully and at ease.

In fact, it is extremely difficult to list all the spheres in which Lifehacking is used. It is used everywhere, starting from apartment issues and ending with personal relationships.

Live simple and easy! Cut your life brightly!

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