Lindsay Lohan – talented, beautiful, scandalous

Lindsay Lohan – talented, beautiful, scandalous

About Lindsay Lohan (English. Lindsay Lohan) Almost every of us heard, many people know her face, because she starred in many commercials. We know films with Lindsay Lohan, someone loves songs in her performance, there are those who remember her as an official representative of Louis Vuitton. The biography of Lindsay Lohan also arouses considerable interest among fans of her work and just inhabitants, because Lindsay Lohan was already a model in childhood and starred in the cinema. Subsequently, her name has repeatedly begun in a narcotic scandals. In July, a sexy shocking beauty turned 32.

  • Real name: Lindsay Di Lohan
  • Date of birth: 2.07.1986
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Height: 165 centimeters
  • Weight: 56 kilograms
  • Waist and hips: 66 and 87 centimeters
  • Shoe size: 38 (EUR)
  • The color of the eyes is green
  • Hair color loves to change

But what contribution to cinema did American actress Lindsay Lohan made?

Lindsay Lohan – talented, beautiful, scandalous

We come from childhood

The Lindsay family lived in Bronx, New York, when on July 2, 1986 they had a girl, our heroine, who later became very famous.

Her parents – Dina and Michael Lohana, were Catholics. Mom worked as a dancer, was a singer, then worked on the radio, later became the manager of her successful daughter. Apparently from the mother of her daughter and the creative beginning was transmitted.

Michael Lohan was a businessman, headed the pasta, but then sold the family business, becoming a financier of Hollywood. They arranged their marriage twice, for the first time in 1985, then dispersed and converged several times, and in 2007 broke up completely. Among the ancestors of the actress there are both Irish and Italians. Three more children were also brought up in the family: the Michael and Dakota brothers and sister Aliana.

American actress Lindsay studied at a school in Long Island almost for one five, especially well she gave accurate sciences and natural sciences. In the last year of study, a diligent student began to study at home.

Lindsay Lohan – talented, beautiful, scandalous

The first shootings

At first, the girl starred in commercials on television, and from three years old! At the age of ten, I tried myself in acting, starring in the popular American series at that time.

At eleven, a pretty red -haired girl could rightly call herself an actress. In 1998, she played the main characters – twins in the comedy film “Trap for Parents” Nancy Meyers. After the film was released, the first popularity came to her.

As an actress, our heroine became widely known after the “crazy girls” and “crazy races” entered the screen. On the set of the last film, she tried herself as a vocalist and even released a solo album “Speak”. Then in 2005 the second disc of the singer and actress was published. In 2006, Lohan was lucky enough to play in one musical comedy picture “Companion” with Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin. The strip responded well about the game of the young actress, calling her harmonious. Were among the film works of the actress and not too successful. However, in general, her film career developed successfully until 2007.

Many of us saw the film with Lindsay Lohan “Queen of Crick”.

Lindsay Lohan – talented, beautiful, scandalous


In 2007, the actress gets into an accident, and twice. Around the same time, it becomes known about the problems of a girl with drugs. The actress was forced to contact a rehabilitation clinic several times for people with drug problems. I even had to refuse several roles. However, these problems did not become fatal for the career of the singer and actress. In 2008 and 2009, films are released with her participation “Nursery” and “Machete”. And the Maxim magazine recognizes the actress with the most sexy beauty of the year. Life goes on. Among the best works by Lindsay in the cinema also:

– “Plague Friday”;

– “Bobby”;

– “Fraud at Christmas” The film Lohan.

In 2010, The Daily Mirror calls it one of the sexual women with red hair of all time.

Nevertheless, problems with alcohol and drugs exist in the life of the actress and at the moment. The tough schedule of filming and performances in which the young woman lives is obvious. In a glass of wine and portions of cocaine, she from time to time searches for the possibility of relaxation.

As the actress herself admits, drugs are trouble and addiction, which cannot be coped with instantly.

Lindsay Lohan – talented, beautiful, scandalous


Lindsay Like the game Marilyn Monroe, among her achievements (some critics consider them controversial) there is a photo shoot that repeats work with Marilyn photographers. The work of the American sex symbol of the 20th century even inspired her to create a leggings line “6126”.

And six years ago, the actress even released a line of auto -zagars, though without reference to the work of Marilyn Monroe. She was also fond of design, but her collection of clothing received negative reviews of critics.

About personal

So far, a 32-year-old American actress is not married. Since October 2015, she met with a 22-year-old young man Yegor Tarabasov, the son of a Russian successful businessman. The newspaper The Sun, the actress admitted that Yegor is very passionate about and their feelings of mutual. The young celebrity does not hide his unconventional orientation. At times she had novels with girls.

The young millionaire paid the accounts of Lohan and looked at her with adoration. It is also known that the dad of the actress was very pleased with the choice of her daughter and believed that Yegor has a positive effect on her. But in 2016, they still parted with a loud scandal.

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