Manicure with bows: Learning to make original and fashionable design at home

Manicure with bows: Learning to make original and fashionable design at home

Manicure with bows – One of the most popular options for nail art for girls, because each from childhood is associated with a holiday, fun and a good mood. It is great for relaxation, walks, parties, going to the club, he will perfectly decorate the hands of the birthday girl and even the bride, but the only place where such a manicure is definitely inappropriate – This is at a business meeting (a business woman in a strict suit with bows on nails will look at least comical).

Manicure with bows and its features

A bow on nails is really interesting and creative, today you can create such a design in different ways:

  • draw with paint;
  • lay out a microbiser;
  • apply through a stencil;
  • use ready -made decor elements;
  • make dots with Dots;
  • Just using special stickers or stamping;
  • Acrylic modeling.

Manicure with bows: Learning to make original and fashionable design at home

In all cases, a manicure with bows will look different, but always attractive and festive, so you will not be bored with him. In addition, you can always diversify the colors, choosing a different background and the colors of the tape of the bow itself. For example, a black bow looks great on pink, white, cream, blue, yellow background, and it is better to decorate a classic red varnish or dark cherry with a bow with gold. Multi -colored bows most interestingly look on a transparent basis. White drawings will look contrasting and very impressive on black jacket.

Therefore, the main rule of fashionable nail art remains not so much the shape of the bow as the choice of the correct combination of colors: they must emphasize and distinguish each other, and not muffle and conceal.

How to draw a bow on the nails yourself

If you are a beginner in Neil-art, then you need to start with the simplest nail design with bows. First, select two contrasting colors to your taste: for a jacket and bow, then perform a standard manicure: cover the nail with colorless or bodily varnish, highlight the chosen dark color of the jacket, let the nails dry. Now you can consider how to draw a bow on nails in the simplest way:

  • Lower the DOS (this is a special thin stick with a metal ball at the end to draw circles) in white paint and put a circle in the very center of the smile line of the French;
  • In different directions from this circle, draw two triangles with white paint, paint them (this will be the bow itself);
  • From the center of the wide side of the triangles, take them to the sides in one white lane (these will be the ribbons);
  • Take a very thin brush and with its help with black paint, circle the middle (circle), the edges of the bow and the outline of the outgoing ribbons, put in the center of the triangles a pair of black strokes (the effect of the folds of the bow);
  • When the pattern dries, cover your nails with a top.

Manicure with bows: Learning to make original and fashionable design at home

A manicure with bows (and the photo shows this perfectly) colorful on a plain pastel background looks no less impressive. But such a drawing is best applied not to all nails, but one or two on each hand.

Before you draw bows on the nails, prepare your nails (give the desired shape, length, remove the cuticle) with the chosen one-sized varnish in two layers, wait until it dries, and then:

  • In the center of the nail (in the place of the middle of the central bow), put a point;
  • From it in different directions almost to the side boundaries of the nail, draw two triangles (it is not necessary to achieve complete symmetry, then the bows will be more flirty);
  • Contrast color very subtly circle the contours of the triangles, and in the center make several strips (for the effect of folds);
  • Having finished with the central bow, proceed to the rest (draw the second closer to the base of the nail, and the third – to the edge);
  • The center can be distinguished by stone, and the edges of the nail or the base (lunula) with a thin strip of the brig;
  • In the end, cover the nail with a top.

Nails with bows from dots look very expressive and cheerful. For their application, you will need DOTS. On a prepared and dried base, apply a point drawing in the form ‘Eight’, And from the intersection point, lower two ribbons down – the tail of the bow (make them different lengths). Lover of glamor centers of bows can be highlighted with rhinestones. In the end, do not forget to cover your nails with a top.

You can see in the photo how the bows on the nails made using a stencil look. This is the easiest, fast, but very spectacular option, which can be done independently, without even possessing the slightest skills of nail art. Cover the nail plate with a glamorous shiny base, when it dries, put a stencil and cover with black varnish or chocolate color, then with a top.

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