Masking Rules: 10 Life hacks for the use of a concealer

Masking Rules: 10 Life hacks for the use of a concealer

If we are really annoyed by some spots on the face, then these are not freckles or even small pimples, but dark circles under the eyes. They appear for any reason and poison our existence. Too fat for dinner? Dark circles. Another series "Game of Thrones"? Dark circles. A pair of additional cocktails in the bar? And dark circles again.

In addition to this, dark circles are almost always accompanied by swelling and redness of the eyes, which takes away a few more points from your (in the theory of magnificent) morning image. But you will be happy to find out that the consequences of yesterday’s sins can be corrected using a consultant of a correct shade. Especially if you know ten life hacks that will help to achieve the perfect result.

1. It all starts with skin care. To minimize swelling and dark circles under the eyes, use two tea bags for 3-4 minutes immersed in cool water. Caffeine helps narrow blood vessels, which means — make the color of this area more even and reduce swelling.

2. Most makeup professionals recommend applying the cream with light gel texture on the eyelids and under the eyes before taking up the concealer. But the makeup artist Gina Brook recommends mixing a cream with a concealer, and only then apply to the skin — to get the most comfortable consistency, which, moreover, will not emphasize small wrinkles.

3. Remember: applying a concealer — This is the last stage of eye makeup. Consilery as a final stroke guarantees that you will eliminate any imperfections associated with crumbling shadows or smears of carcasses on the lower eyelid.

4. When working with a concealer, do not forget to eliminate not only dark rugs under the eyes, but also darkness on the century. Nice bonus: the concealer at the same time copes with the function of the primer for shadows.

5. Even if you have recently become the owner of a set of professional brushes, leave them for other products. The concealer is best applied with fingers, the heat of which will gently distribute it on the surface of the skin. However, if the concealer clogs into folds, then the flat synthetic brush of small sizes will most likely help you.

6. If you want to hide traces of fatigue or disguise dark circles with maximum efficiency, use colored concealers that neutralize blue and green halftones. "The color of the peach eliminates gray and green, and the color of non -eyed porcelain (pink) takes gray, blue and purple", — explains the full -time makeup artist Bobbi Brown Kim Soan.

7. We are almost sure that you are applying a conciliar with a crescent, while the right technique — Inverted triangle. This helps to make the eyes brighter, and at the same time carry out almost imperceptible sculpture, in which the emphasized cheekbones will look even more acute than usual.

8. Experts recommend applying colored concealers not a continuous layer, but point. "Do not be afraid to put points with a pink or peach tint directly on the foundation — A weightless powder will make them almost invisible when you complete makeup", — Says makeup artist Katie Jeng.

9. Arm yourself with a fluffy brush with a natural pile, and in order to bring the makeup to perfection, cover the area under the eyes with powder with a light banana tint.

10. Remember that skillful contouring will distract attention from dark circles under the eyes, even if they seem too obvious to you. Berry lips or shadows of metallic work in the same way.

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