Music for sex: How do jazz, rock, hip-hop and classic affect the process

Music for sex: How do jazz, rock, hip-hop and classic affect the process

If over time your sexual life has not become as violent as before, then this is completely normal. Sexologists argue that at a certain moment the craving for each other is reduced in all pairs (it is another matter that each of them happens at different times), and at this moment it is necessary to introduce a variety in the usual sexual life. The easiest way to do this — have sex to music. Moreover, you should choose the musical accompaniment that meets your individual requests.

We tell you how they influence sex pop, rock, jazz, techno and other musical directions so that you can make the only right choice.

Pop music

Thanks to the incendiary motives and almost the complete lack of semantic load, pop music will make you feel like adolescents who have decided to have fun while your parents are not at home. Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez — These performers will revive you and, quite possibly, will make you try something new. Experts especially recommend this music to couples who have long been married and no longer expect surprises and sexual revelations from each other.

Heavy metal

According to statistics, men like this option more than women, allowing them to feel aggressive males. However, for girls, sex for heavy music can become a useful experience that will tell you what else a partner in bed is capable of. It is useful to know that Heavy Metal provokes fast and hard sex, so most likely, in this case, you will have to turn out without a thorough prelude.


Smooth jazz compositions are not intended for experiments in bed, but they are able to prove to you that even a missionary pose can be of different — It all depends on the pace. The peculiarity of jazz is that improvisation constantly changes speed and intensity, and in this case you will have to follow them. Want to add to sex romance and see the unusual in the usual? Billy Holide to help.

Classical music

If you have seriously thought about having sex for your favorite classic compositions, we immediately warn — Better not worth it. It is possible that in the first minutes you will feel like a heroine of the film with a complex plot, but after a few moments you will be bored. On the other hand, fans of sex for the classics assure that if we are talking about tantric or oral sex, everything will be just amazing. And now you have a reason to check it.

folk music

Here you need to make a reservation right away: Russian folk songs are unlikely to set you up for a sexual wave, but performers in country style — quite. At first, the whole process will seem a little ridiculous, but it’s worth it. Any disadvantages and inaccuracies for such music will be perceived as a joke, and therefore you can finally decide on those things that have long wanted to try. The only problem — If you or your man categorically do not tolerate country, nothing will work out.

Electonic music

It may seem to you that this music is more suitable for strange parties, and not for sex, but we are ready to convince you. The best way to create an atmosphere of a closed club in your own apartment — Turn on the techno. As, however, the best way to feel where there are no prohibitions. New Year’s garlands will be an ideal addition to this music (you still have not removed the Christmas tree? Great!) who will immerse you in an unforgettable lounge atmosphere.

R&B / hip-hop

Choose something as melodic as possible, like NE-Yo or Drake, to slow down and get to know each other better. It can be a little routine at the very beginning, but you will not notice how you get involved in the process and want to continue. By the way, aggressive hip-hop is also not prohibited, but the result will turn out as in the case of metal. And try to avoid compositions with complex texts on a social topic, unless this is what really starts you.

Speaking of music for sex as a whole, it can be noted that everything here is good in moderation. If your ardor has faded, and feelings seem not as bright as before, arrange for yourself a week of experiments with different soundtrack every day. And always remember that whatever music, the main thing is in sex — listen to the wishes of a loved one and absolutely trust him.

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