Nail processing before manicure at home

Nail processing before manicure at home

Nail processing in front of manicure is the initial stage of the implementation of any manicure, both in the beauty salon and at home. Today, many women prefer to cope with this care procedure on their own, in order to save the family budget or from fears for their own health. After all, it is no secret that many diseases of the viral nature, which are very difficult to treat, are transmitted through the blood.

Coming to the beauty salon, every woman plays roulette. Whatever reputation in the cabin, no matter how the masters tell about their good faith, but ‘human factor’ will not disappear from our life anywhere! The disinfectant ended, the sterilizer broke, they forgot to process the surface of the table or stands for hand, etc.D. There are mass options. Hepatitis and HIV can become additional ‘bonus’ To a magnificent manicure.

Rules to make a manicure at home

The rules of manicure at home are quite simple, moreover, today the stores have a huge assortment of all kinds of means to care for the hands and perform manicure. What can be needed by a woman if she decided to perform a manicure on her own:

  • Varnish removal – It is advisable to purchase it without acetone content. Acetone negatively affects the nail plate, although it rinses the old coating quickly. Nails can start dull after such a wash and extend,
  • Nail files. It is advisable to purchase a glass file that does not so aggressively affects the nails and will not entail their stratification. You may also need policeman files if a woman prefers polishing. These files are made in the form of a parallelepiped, on each side of which there is a coating and number. It is very simple to use it – It is enough to polish the nails in turn – depending on the number on the edge. However, it is advisable to do such polishing no more than once a month,Nail processing before manicure at home
  • Cleaning wandsNail processing before manicure at home
  • Special manicure scissors for cutting cuticle or tweezers for removing cuticle. Their size is selected from the convenience of the woman herself. It is advisable to choose a tool from high -quality steel of well -known manufacturers, then there will be no problems with the implementation of the manicure, and they will have to sharpen them very rarely,Nail processing before manicure at home
  • Cuticle oil,
  • Cutter softening,
  • Hand scrub,
  • Cream for skin care,
  • Cotton wheels,
  • Hydrogen peroxide,
  • Bath for steaming, Nail processing before manicure at home
  • Natural bristle,Nail processing before manicure at home
  • Nail polish,
  • Basic coating,
  • Society,
  • Cotton napkin or towel.

How to treat nails at home? Very simple. First you need to remove the old varnish from the nails and using a saw, make the desired nail shape. The saw should move in one direction, otherwise you can injure the nail, and it will begin to extend.

Nail shape is selected depending on the preferences of the woman. If the shape of the cuticle has an oval shape, round, then the oval shape of the nails or rounded is recommended. If the cuticle has the shape closer to the square, then the square shape of the nails is recommended. A variety of nail forms allows a woman to make new design nails every time, depending on her mood.

Nail processing before manicure at home

How to treat nails correctly?

After the selected shape of the nails is made, you need to prepare the bath. A little vegetable oil should be poured into warm water, add a tablespoon of sea salt and a slice of lemon. Apply a means to soften it to the cuticles, and lower your hands into the water for five to ten minutes. Such a bath will not only soften the cuticle, but also strengthen the nail plate, reducing the effect of the varnish coating. Then the handles are wiped with a clean cotton towel and begin to push the cuticle with an orange stick or a special steel spatula.

It is worth saying that before processing nails at home, all the tools that you purchased in the store should be treated with alcohol. It is also important to remember that your tools should only be your.No need to let them use friends or even your family members. Many viral infections are transmitted through blood, for example, herpes, cytomegalovirus, etc. Not all people are fully informed about the state of their health, therefore, it is advisable to have an individual set for manicure.

A small cut during the procedure can leave the virus on the tools. Sterilizer – The perfect solution for disinfection of tools, but not everyone can purchase it. After each manicure, instruments are treated with alcohol solution. If your family has a child, then for him you need to purchase separate scissors. For a young delight – manicure set in beautiful packaging – A great gift and a reason for her not to take ‘Mom’ scissors. And mom will always tell you how to process nails at home correctly.

Nail processing before manicure at home

Nail processing at home may consist of shifting the softened cuticle with an orange stick or cutting it with scissors or tweezers. The length of the blades of the scissors and forceps is selected individually – depending on the size of the arm, fingers, nails, etc.D. Direct scissors are used for cutting nails, and for cuticle – With bent edges.

Nail processing before manicure at home

If a slight skin injury occurred during the cutting of the cuticle, then you need to use hydrogen peroxide. Also peroxide are processed all the places where burrs are removed. This prevents infection!

Manicure products at home

Manicure products at home must necessarily include hand care products, because manicure – These are not only beautiful nails, but also delicate skin of female pens, without ‘snacks’ and ripe areas on the fingers from the effects of chemicals, processing of vegetables, work in the garden or garden. After all manipulations are made to remove the cuticle from the nail of each finger, you can use the hand -shaped scrub. Apply it to the skin of the hands and massage it. Wash off with warm water and wipe dry. Then you need to apply a hand cream and give it time to absorb.

Massage movements help to do this a great. If a woman is in no hurry, then you can give the time a little pens just take a break from the labors, and the nails from the coatings. This is how hygienic manicure is performed. In order to give the manicure a more well -groomed look when the nail treatment is finished, the nails are applied to the nails.

In order for the varnish to last long, before applying it, the following actions must be performed:

  • Degrease each nail plate with varnish removal,
  • Apply the base coating. As a rule, it includes various vitamin complexes to strengthen nails and to protect them from the harmful effects of the varnish coating,
  • After drying the base, apply nail polish. The varnish is applied with neat movements from the area of the cuticle towards the edge of the nail. First, the central part of the nail is painted, then the side parts, Nail processing before manicure at home
  • The second layer is applied after the first layer dries,
  • Apply a fastener – A special coating that allows the varnish coating to remain brilliant and strong longer, as well as dry faster,
  • When all the coatings are dry, the cuticle oil is applied to the cuticle, which allows the manicure to keep its beautiful view longer.

Many women are interested in how to process nails at home, so that the cuticle stops growing? The process of getting used to the cuticle to the fact that it will not be cut off, but will only be pushed back, quite long, but possible. It is the orange wand that will become an active assistant in this, as well as the care products for the cuticle.

Nail processing before manicure at home

Also, many women are interested in the possibility of a hardware manicure at home. Nothing is impossible! To do this, you need to purchase special equipment and undergo a minimum training course at such an apparatus.

Nail processing before manicure at home

Home hand care procedures can be carried out no worse than in an expensive spa center, but much cheaper.

Hand mask

Paraffin masks for the skin of the hands – Ideal means to restore them. The skin becomes moisturized, soft and smooth. To conduct such a procedure at home, you need to purchase a special paraffin in a pharmacy. Following the instructions, melt it to a liquid state. Paraffin should not boil, the skin should be when applied ‘Nice warm’. Paraffin is applied in several layers. To do this, you can simply dip your hand several times in paraffin.

Then put on it a plastic bag and wrap it with something warm, for example, with a terry towel. It is good to do this procedure together with a friend to help each other cope with the second hand. Keep such a mask for 15-20 minutes. Then remove the paraffin with the bag and your handles will be just magical. Such a mask can be done once a week after hygienic manicure before applying a varnish coating.

Nail processing before manicure at home

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