Ovulation girl conception calculator

Ovulation girl conception calculator

The birth of a child is one of the most desirable and long -awaited events in the life of a young family. A huge responsibility for the future of their child lies on the shoulders of newly made parents. As a rule, for most couples, the gender of the child does not matter, especially the first. The main thing is that he would be healthy. But at the same time, many mothers dream of a girl.

On what days can the acquaintance of the girl plan? A day suitable for conception only one (ovulation), but there can be several methods. The most optimal of them is artificial insemination. Doctors prescribe such a procedure in cases of any genetic disease in the father of the unborn child, or for other reasons. There are also sub -scientific methods with which you can predict the gender of the unborn child. For example:

  • Ovulation;
  • A method of compliance with a special diet;
  • Calendar method.

Scientists have proven that the chromosomes of both parents affect the floor of the unborn child. The chromosome x is responsible for the girl, and for the boy, respectively,. When a male chromosome of X and female x, a baby will be born, and when a HU merges a boy, a boy will be born. For conception of a girl, it is advisable to abstain from sexual contact for a more or less significant time. In a man, a prolonged absence of sexual relations causes the production of certain antibodies, which block the formation of chromosomes. And several times the probability of conceiving the desired girl increases several times.

Ovulation girl conception calculator

Calculation calculator for conception of a girl

Ovulation – Another factor, most likely affecting the floor of the unborn child. Ovulation is the process of releasing the egg from the ripened follicle and its advancement through the uterine pipes to meet with the sperm. It is the period of ovulation that is considered the most favorable for the conception of the child. Since the egg retains its viability only during the day, at another time (for example, two to three days after ovulation), conception is simply not possible. To calculate the exact date of ovulation, you can use any online ovulation calculator or calculate the calendar of ovulation yourself.

Conditionally, a woman’s cycle can be divided into two phases: before and after ovulation. The second half of the cycle for a practically healthy woman is usually always equal to 14 days. With a 28 -day menstrual cycle, the day of ovulation occurs on the 14th day from the beginning of menstruation. For example, if menstruation began on December 1, and the following are expected on December 29, ovulation falls on December 14. With a cycle that lasts 32 days (32-14 = 18), ovulation will occur on the 18 day from the beginning of menstruation.

Ovulation calculator – simple and convenient calculation. Two days before the alleged ovulation itself, the day of ovulation – favorable days for conception of the baby. You can measure the basal temperature for control for several months. It is measured in the morning, without getting out of bed, rectally. On the day of ovulation, the temperature is the lowest, and the next day rises to 37.3-37.5 degrees. Before the arrival of menstruation, the temperature returns to normal values, and if conception has occurred, it remains a little increased. To date, in the pharmacy network, tests for ovulation (similar to pregnancy tests) are sold, also simple and accessible to control the onset of ovulation. With a not enough stable cycle, you can use the ultrasound. Conception of a girl in ovulation – not a complicated calculation at all.

It should be noted that the chromosome moves to the goal more slowly than x, but at the same time it is more hardy, and the life expectancy and the ability to fertilize last up to 3-5 days. X the chromosome, which is needed to conceive a girl, quickly reaches the goal, but lives 1-2 days.

Ovulation girl conception calculator

We will summarize

So, we figured out that for conception the girl it is best to know for sure the time of ovulation onset, which must be calculated in any convenient way and control a couple of cycles. Immediately after the end of menstruation, try so that sexual relations are quite active, up to several times a day, this will help X spermatozoa take leading positions in a quantitative composition. Further, it is necessary to abstain from sexual relations before the onset of ovulation for a possible period. And plan sexual contact precisely during the period of ovulation (the most favorable day for conception), or at least the day before its onset. There will be a high probability that X chromosomes will quickly get to the egg awaiting their egg, and a wonderful girl will be conceived.

For the conception of the girl to be conceived, you can use the Japanese and Chinese calendars of conception, as well as tables in the group of grains. There are plenty of them on the Internet. However, more accurate and reliable is still considered the use of ovulation calculator.

Special diets also contribute to an increase in the chances of conceiving a girl. It should be added to the diet of food with a high magnesium and calcium content. These are dairy (preferably dairy) products, nuts, cereals, sea products.

Do not despair if all the options for conception of the girl are not ‘worked’ And the boy was born. In nature, everything happens as it should and in due time. So the girl will definitely be, another time. Main – The health of the baby. And to be a mother – This is such happiness.

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