Persistent nail polish – how to extend the life of a manicure

Persistent nail polish – how to extend the life of a manicure

Find the most persistent nail polish – The dream of any girl caring with our own hands, because almost all of us (more often or less) are faced with trouble, when a chip is suddenly found on a fresh, just made manicure. The first one we accuse of this annoying misunderstanding – manufacturer, because he put us a poor -quality product. In most cases, this is so, but often the same problem happens with an expensive coating from a well -known cosmetic company. Who is to blame then?

How to choose a persistent nail coating

Persistent nail polish – how to extend the life of a manicure

As a rule, for most girls, the dominant criterion for choosing varnishes is the attractiveness and saturation of color. Further, the price is in comparison, and directly to the manufacturer and its guarantee, attention is paid much later. And this is one of the mistakes. The fact is that today, under many known brands, special varnishes are produced that provide a persistent nail coating that is not amenable to aggressive influence of the environment and capable of maintaining the perfect appearance for a long time. Therefore, choosing varnish, you need to start with its quality characteristics and brand.

Attention! You will never find persistent nail polishes among the unknown origin of coatings, which are proposed in a huge amount, for example, in underground crossings. The variety of bright colors should not be decisive, low -quality compositions can be toxic and dangerous for the health of the nail plate.

When choosing a good varnish, pay attention to a few more points:

  • the quality of the brush (it should provide uniform application of the coating to the nail plate, villi should not disappear from it);

Persistent nail polish – how to extend the life of a manicure

  • expiration date (if it is running out, then the coating will be unevenly to lie down, it may begin to bubble);
  • the presence of a metal ball in a bottle (it will help when shaking the composition before applying evenly and stroke it high -quality).

What nail polishes are the most persistent, brief review of manufacturers

Today, the most confidence is caused by professional nail polishes offered under well -known stamps. They are of high quality (density, texture, uniformity of application, resistance) and expensive cost. But the one who at least once tried to apply it will immediately appreciate the advantage over cheap decorative coatings.

Among the existing variety of brands, it is easy to get confused, and it should be borne in mind that not every coating, the advertising of which you saw, belongs to the group of professional and persistent. Choosing which nail varnishes are the most persistent today, you can pay attention to:

  • OPI;
  • LCN (famous for the creation of a 3-phase light-hardened coating system);
  • Loreal;
  • CND (or – Creative Nail Design);
  • ORLY.

Persistent nail polish – how to extend the life of a manicure

All this – the best brands, but there are many others offering ideal quality coatings. Therefore, each girl must choose which manufacturer to trust, and which varnish will be better for her.

How to choose the best nail polish and maintain its resistance for a long time

There is one important point that should be taken into account by choosing which nail polish the most persistent – This is the state of the nail plate, its health, structure and characteristics of the body. This is what in many cases makes the concept ‘The best nail polish’ From the world brand the concept of relative.

Therefore, if the nail plate looks unhealthy, the nails are breaking or laying, initially you need to put them in order, finding out the reason. Most likely, the problem is a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. In addition, you need daily special nail care and hands: nutrient masks, paraffin baths, from medicinal herbs, and so on.

Persistent nail polish – how to extend the life of a manicure

Having bought the most persistent nail polish, try to observe several recommendations that will help maintain its properties and get a strong, long -lasting coating:

  • Store the product in a dark place (from the sunlight, its quality spoils);
  • Even using the persistent composition, do not neglect the base coat and fixer;
  • Before applying the coating, the nail plate should be degreased and slightly walk along it with a soft file (this will increase the clutch of the applied composition with the surface);
  • Apply a persistent varnish optimally in two layers, having dried well (but not hot air);
  • Do not forget to remove the cuticle efficiently (its entering the coating will lead to chips).

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