Rainbow manicure is the best way to cheer yourself up

Rainbow manicure is the best way to cheer yourself up

Rainbow manicure – This is the best way to fill everyday life with additional colors, to cheer yourself up, without restriction to experiment with your favorite flowers, even the most daring and extraordinary. Such nail design came into fashion several years ago and actively continues to be popular with cheerful and cheerful girls, and in addition to a great mood, a big plus of use in the nail design of several shades is that it is suitable for any color of clothing.

The manicure-raduga is designed for you to use several bright and funny colors at the same time: yellow, red, green, purple, blue, blue, orange. The easiest option – sequential coating with a separate color of each nail.

But today, girls prefer more interesting and unusual solutions, so rainbow nails have come into fashion, and you can see how spectacular and their diverse options are made in the photo: made:

  • ombre technique;
  • using water;
  • through a stencil;
  • By the type of French manicure in the form of a multi -colored jacket.

We make rainbow manicure ombre technique

Fashionable technique today ‘Ombre’ is the most convenient and popular for applying several colors to the plate of one nail. Before proceeding directly to the design of the nails ‘Rainbow’, Prepare:

  • varnishes (several colors you have chosen);
  • sponge or sponge with a minimum of pores;
  • a small plastic or cardboard plate (for applying paints);
  • transparent base;
  • cotton buds;
  • nail polish remover;
  • fastener;
  • nail tape.

First, perform a classic manicure (cut the cuticle, clean the side rollers, give the nail a shape and length). Then wrap your fingers with a protective sticky tape, which needs to be brought under the very nail.

On a small plastic or cardboard plate, apply several stripes of varnishes of different colors close to each other (in the order in which you want to see them on your finger). Take a sponge (or sponge), get wet varnishes in one motion, and then quickly transfer them to your finger, also in one motion. Press the sponge for a few seconds to the nail plate, then remove it sharply. Repeat the procedure with each finger, and at the end, cover the nails with a fixer.

Technique ‘Ombre’ always leads to a strong contamination of the skin around the nail, so do not forget to use the protective tape. If a little varnish and passes on the skin, remove it with a cotton swab dipped in a varnish removal.

How to make an original nail design with water

Choosing a modest nail design in fashionable photos, a photo with a color abstraction will surely be interested in you. For such a design, special equipment and water are used.

Rainbow manicure is the best way to cheer yourself up

It is not difficult to make such a manicure, but the first time you have to practice well. So you will need:

  • varnishes (several selected colors);
  • a small bowl with warm water;
  • transparent varnish-base;
  • top;
  • toothpick or needle;
  • cotton wheels;
  • high fat content, dense hand cream.

Previously perform a classic manicure and prepare your nails, cover one varnish, let it dry well, then apply a thick layer of cream around the nail (it protects the skin from staining).

Drop a drop of varnish of one of the selected colors to the surface of warm water in a prepared bowl. It will work a little, then you can drip varnish of a different color, third, fourth. Maximum – Four to five shades, you don’t need to take anymore, otherwise it will turn out not the original design of nails, but shapeless colored spots. With a toothpick or a needle, stretch drops of varnish, connecting to each other into a single, interesting abstraction. Then lower the finger into the water along the edge of the bowl and direct under the pattern of varnishes. Gently raise your finger with the pattern and let the nail dry naturally. Then cover the nail surface with a top, and remove the remaining cream with a cotton pad.

Rainbow manicure is the best way to cheer yourself up

Rainbow jacket on the technique of French manicure

It looks interesting in the photo and the rainbow design of nails, made using the technique of fashionable French manicure. In this case, you need to put the nails in order (remove the cuticle, give a neat shape) and cover them with a varnish-one, let it dry well. Then to the nail, from the tip, apply color strips alternately, you can proceed to the subsequent only when the previous one has dried up well. You will get a beautiful rainbow jacket, and at the end, cover the entire nail with a top.

Rainbow manicure is the best way to cheer yourself up

The easiest way to quickly make a manicure rang

In the photo of the manicure-randigs, you can look after a particularly spectacular, expressive, beautiful painting, and it turns out that it is also easy to make it at home. For this, special stencils are sold, which is enough to glue on the nails covered with the base base and cover the elements of the pattern with the selected colors. When the pattern dries, carefully remove the stencil over the edge, and if necessary, slightly draw the joints of the paints with a thin brush. Then cover with a top, and enjoy an unusual, positive rainbow design.

Rainbow manicure is the best way to cheer yourself up

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