Signs of conception after ovulation

Signs of conception after ovulation

In the female body, everything is arranged so that at the time of ovulation, fertilization and conception of a new life, as well as during the implantation and the first days of the development of the embryo there are no signals about the incident. Rare exceptions are sharp negative manifestations in the form of nausea or vomiting. For many women, the first sign of conception is an enlarged tummy and a long absence of menstruation.

In order for the signs of conception after ovulation do not become a surprise, you need to know what they are and what depend on. Do not forget, before reading the material that each organism is individual and there are no 100% recipes, however, a general idea of the issue will allow you to make knowledge with a greater degree of probability of its own occasion and get a positive result.

Signs of conception after ovulation

Fertilization process after ovulation

Each new menstruation is a sign that the cycle of the child process is restarted and a new egg ripens and matures. This is a tiny cell ripening under a durable follicle shell. The body of a woman, after reaching puberty, carries about 500,000 eggs, theoretically capable of conception. In the process of life, they gradually ripen and ovulate, others die. By the age of 60 years, there are only 10 — 30,000, and a woman is already incapable of childbirth.

With the beginning of menstruation, the pituitary gland produces the hormone that stimulates the development of the egg. Growth period is 14 days. Having received ‘signal’, that the egg is ready, the pituitary gland changes the composition of the hormone and now it contributes to its exit ‘imprisonment’. It is this moment that ovulation is called. The egg released from the follicle is in the abdominal cavity of a woman, but draws smoothly lowered into the fallopian tube — The course of ovulation. Only after this fact can we confidently assume that the possibility of conception exists.

The path of the sperm in the process of conception

Spermatozoa is produced by male glands constantly. They fall into the female body during intercourse with ejaculation (ejaculation inside). On the back of the vaginal wall, ‘Future fathers’ They will make a long way to the awaited egg to make conception.

The first obstacle will be to overcome the cervical canal. Already at this stage, natural selection will work, since most of the spermatozoa will not be able to overcome it. At the time of ejaculation, about 500,000 sperm is released, so the loss of the slowest ‘competitors’ will be beneficial for everyone else. Only one of them will take part in conception, so they are in spite of all their might, since ovulation gave the egg life only for a day. For the formation of zygotes — the primary shape of the embryo should be fulfilled by two conditions — ovulation of the egg and achieving its sperm.

Studies show that the average life expectancy of a sperm in the female body is 48 hours. It follows that conception may occur if they fall into the female body on the same day when ovulation occurs or within the next day after ovulation.

On the other hand, it was established that during the period when ovulation in the vagina, mucus is released, which is a favorable environment for the survival of sperm for a long time, in some cases up to 7 days. Given the path that they go in a period from approximately 3 to 7 hours, conception is possible if sexual intercourse occurred from 5 days before ovulation and over 8 — 10 hours before the end of the egg activity.

Signs of conception after ovulation

Signs of conception after ovulation

Such signs are manifested quite rarely and most women are not perceived as signs of conception. Only those who are aware of changes in the body that causes ovulation, conception and change of hormonal relationships can feel these signs.

Most often, the first signs of conception are noticed by women who want to have a child and all previous processes are aimed at this result. Otherwise, any signs are subconsciously rejected until they become too obvious to neglect.

It is worth noting that some signs of conception may resemble ovulation. It is that ovulation ‘showed’ yourself at the wrong time and pays attention to the possible conception.

The main signs of conception after ovulation before implantation

Appear as follows:

  • An increase in basal temperature is higher than the average monthly norm;
  • Increasing the total temperature by 0.5 — 1 degree, without concomitant symptoms;
  • Increased fatigue, fatigue, breakdown, with the same daily loads;
  • Changing the tactile sensation of the skin. To the touch, they become more dry or too fat;
  • A feeling of bursting or severity in the lower abdomen;
  • For some, early toxicosis is characteristic.

In the event that a woman leads a log of cycles and controls the basal temperature, changes in her amplitude will be noticeable immediately and ovulation is to blame for this. From a medical point of view, the maintenance of such a magazine is necessary for all women who plan to become a mother, even in the middle age. In addition to determining the abnormalities of the cycle and the release of the day when ovulation occurs, a full -fledged magazine will immediately pay attention to diseases, female colds and the like. It is known that more earlier treatment is the key to less damage.

In the case when the magazine is not conducted to reliably determine whether ovulation has occurred or not can only answer an ultrasound, but it will not show the exact time of ovulation and the moment can be missed.

The pituitary gland produces the hormone progesterone, which transforms the bursting follicle into a yellow body that produces hormones for maintaining a fertilized egg. Moreover, implantation depends on the level of progesterone — fixing the fetal egg on the wall of the uterus.

Interesting fact. After first ovulation, and then conception, the egg turns into a zygot, to the first division of the cells inside. Further, after dividing into blastomers, it becomes blastocyte. And finally, after implantation to the wall of the uterus, it becomes a fetal egg. Until the last moment, being in the way to the uterus of Blastocist is actively divided, increasing the number of cells inside the shell, but remaining one size externally. Successful implantation of the embryo to the wall of the uterus after ovulation and conception, as well as a long journey to the uterus and is an official start of pregnancy.

Signs of conception after ovulation

A sign of conception and implantation will be light colds

This is due to the fact that conception — There is a manifestation of a foreign body in the female body and the immune system for a while muffles so that it does not attack the embryo. As a result of this, viruses and bacteria, which were previously neutralized in time, can develop in the body. It is also indirect signs of conception and implantation.

Additional signs of conception after ovulation

These signs are manifested against the background of hormonal restructuring, which translates the body to ‘Military rails’. For some women, this passes almost imperceptibly, only mild ailments, as well as pulling pains in the lower abdomen (conception of signs) make themselves felt. Others can react extremely sharply to conception, the signs of which affect the well -being of a woman as much as possible.

After accurate ovulation, the signs of conception are skin rashes, acne and acne. It is also associated with hormonal restructures, do not worry, everything will work out as soon as the body compensates the new period of life.

Ovulation is the starting point of the whole cycle of transformations, which will ultimately lead to the birth of a new life. Conception, more precisely, the path of zygotes into the uterus and the moment of implantation can respond with pulling pains below, resembling menstrual, albeit weaker. These signs are noticeable to women awaiting pregnancy and more carefully monitor its signs after the fact of ovulation and sexual intercourse with ejaculation.

After conception, strong signs appear only in 7% of women. It was they who brought to the world terrible stories about severe intoxications, brutal nausea and vomiting for any products.

It makes no sense to argue, such signs are also manifested in a mixed format, but very rarely headaches and related ones are applied to intolerance to smells and nausea and so on. That is, signs associated with a particular part of the body are clearly manifested.

It is also noted that complex early toxicosis is more often manifested in women who have decided to give birth in an average or late age. They are more poorly ovulation, it is more difficult for the body to maintain optimal conditions and respond to hormonal bursts after ovulation. Therefore, the reaction to conception manifests itself much brighter.

A separate line should be noted that after ovulation and fertilization up to the moment of implantation in the uterus, Zygote is very vulnerable to any interventions and malfunctions in the work of the body. Any violation, with a sufficient level, will lead to the death of the embryo. Then the egg will not fall into the uterus, but will be bred during menstruation to clean the place for a new attempt, because ovulation will again occur on schedule.

In other cases, when ovulation, fertilization and implantation occurred successfully, the pregnancy develops, most often without showing signs until the moment the future mother notices the most important manifestation — Lack of menstruation.

If the suspicion that ovulation ended with conception, the signs of which are manifested quite weakly, and the test, while not at all shows anything — The best solution would be to take blood tests and urine. The results will say exactly about the fact of whether ovulation has ended with pregnancy and indicate its terms with an accuracy of several days.

Signs of conception after ovulation

The original conception of the sign is a causeless mood change. This feature is most often noticed by the woman, employees or relatives. Ovulation is accompanied by the development of progesterone, which, due to circumstances, can affect the mood. In this case, the change can be so instant and cardinal that causes discomfort and isolation. This feature will soon disappear as soon as the level of progesterone is leveling.

A clear sign that ovulation has passed into the stage of pregnancy are frequent urge to go to a small toilet. There are several reasons for this:

  • An increase in blood circulation in the pelvis, in order to saturate the area where the embryo has to develop with oxygen and nutrients. The consequence of this is the acceleration of the work of the kidneys, which means that you want to go to the toilet more often;
  • All the same progesterone from which ovulation began to cause relaxation of the sphincter of the urethra, which will demand from a woman to stay near the toilet;
  • La pregnancy of 7 months and higher frequent urination The result of the pressure of the stretched uterus on the bladder.

Draw conclusions about the signs of conception

  • Ovulation of the main point in the cycle, from which all other processes start, leading as a result to the birth of a child;
  • Signs of conception are most easily established when a woman keeps a diary, knows on what day ovulation occurs, calculates favorable and unfavorable days for fertilization;
  • For those who are not even aware of what ovulation of signs may seem insignificant things, and the very signs are left without attention. If the question is with all acuteness, but there are not enough own observations — take tests or make an ultrasound of the pelvic organs to establish truth;
  • A gynecologist or obstetrician will not be able to confirm the diagnosis of pregnancy earlier than 2 to 3 weeks, upon examination;
  • Pregnancy tests will be able to confirm the fact of at least 10 days after conception, not to be confused with sexual intercourse, which many accept for the moment of conception. Ovulation can occur 2-5 days later than ejaculation and lead to conception.
  • During the period of uncertainty in the fact of pregnancy, and even more so after confirmation, do not take any tablets without consulting a doctor, do not drink alcohol, nicotine and any negative effects of allergetics;
  • With signs of toxicosis, try to exclude sources of intolerable odors, products and any sources from your environment

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