Why snails are one of the most dangerous animals on earth?

The structure of the Achatine Snail, which usually holds as a domestic animal

Grape snail (Helix Pomatia)

What is schistosomosis?

Parasitic worm of the type of Schistosoma

According to the World Health Organization, in 2018, 229 million people were preventive treatment of schistosomosis. Since this disease usually affects the inhabitants of poorly developed countries, only 97 million people received assistance. You can also become infected with schistosomosis when in contact with water affected by worms. It is believed that diseases are most affected by people who often swim in dirty reservoirs and are engaged in fishing. The fight against the disease is carried out by providing people with access to pure water. Prazikantel is used for treatment – a drug used for diseases caused by various worms. Fortunately, it is very effective and there is not so much.

In the end, it turns out that the snails are not so harmless creatures. They themselves, not wanting it, they cause the death of thousands of people annually. Slogs also pose the same danger to people – in fact, these are the same snails, simply deprived of the shell. In 2019, I talked about tragic cases in which people accidentally and intentionally swallowed slugs with unwashed fruits and infected their parasites. Ultimately, this led to damage to the brain and death. You can read details about these cases by link.

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