You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

It often seems to us that over the years the body ceases to respond to our “requests”, but this is not always the case

Why is it believed that it is difficult to lose weight in age

“There are a number of reasons why people believe that it is impossible for the elderly to lose weight,” says the leading author of the new study, Dr. Thomas Barber. “Among them there are and "Aijest" The point of view (age discrimination) that elderly people cannot lose excess weight with diets and increase physical exercises. “. The authors note that such judgments often become the reason why people aged refuse to talk about obesity with the attending physician, since they feel that in their years the decision can only be in the operation.

Barber and his team studied the medical data of the services, which was engaged in the weight loss program by introducing changes to the everyday activity and diet of human nutrition. 242 patients participated in the program from 2005 to 2016. Scientists divided volunteers into two groups: the first consisted of people under 60 years old, who on average spent 41.5 months in the program, and the second included people aged 60 to 78, who spent an average of 33.6 months in the program in the program. Most people had serious problems with excess w8.

After analyzing the results between the two groups, the scientists were very surprised, since they were almost the same. A group of people after 60 years reduced their body weight by an average of 7.3%, and a group under 60 years old – by 6.9%.

The authors of the work hope that their study will help dispel myths about the difficulties of losing weight in old age and will lead to a better understanding of how to deal with concomitant obesity diseases such as diabetes and osteoarthritis.

How to lose weight at any age

The desire to bring yourself to the form absolutely normal for any age. Both adolescents and adults after 50 may want to look better. However, older people do not always believe in their strength, so they often discard ideas about weight loss. We offer you advice on how to lose weight at the age.

Exercise stress

Indeed, take up physical education! Just be careful and take into account your health characteristics. It is best to engage in physical activity collectively: there are state programs where pensioners can train under the supervision of an experienced mentor.

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

If you prefer to engage in physical education alone at home, check your health before training: for example, measure arterial pressure. If any of the indicators outside your norm, it is better to postpone classes for later. You are healthy, and pressure, like an astronaut? Great. Then proceed to the warm -up. It is insanely important, especially in old age: you do not want your back to grab you?

If you are not interested in ordinary training, you can do dancing, yoga, swimming, Scandinavian walking – there is a whole range of physical activity for the elderly. Pick up something interesting for yourself, then you will definitely be able to lose weight at 50, 60, and at 70 years old.

Refuse unhealthy food

“You are what you eat” – this phrase is especially relevant if you want to lose weight at any age. Start eating correctly is to provide yourself not only a slim form, but also health. No, we do not offer you only to eat vegetables and lean meat. Some products can be left in the diet if you slightly change the method of preparing them. Love fried potatoes? Leave alone vegetable oil and a pan, just weld potatoes or make mashed potatoes. A decrease in blood cholesterol is also possible by adding nuts, avocados and fatty fish to the diet.

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

There are a huge number of diets aimed at weight loss. However, do not forget that the body is individual for each person. Before creating restrictions, it is better to consult a doctor. He will say for sure whether you can use citrus fruits and whether it is worth abandoning fatty meat.

Reduce sugar consumption

Sugar creates a powerful dependence in a person. People add it to tea, in coffee, and sometimes eat special lipstick sugar. Sweets, cakes, ice cream – all this contains sugar in large quantities. One of the causes of obesity is uncontrolled sugar consumption. In addition, excessive love for this sweet substance can lead to diabetes.

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

It is impossible to abandon sugar immediately: it beckons to himself and leaves you no choice, you buy sweets in the store. Doctors recommend first switch from sugar to honey, and then replace the usual desserts with fruits: they also have sugar, but not in such quantities. Gradually a habit will take root in you, and living without sugar will become easier.

Less salt!

Nearby, we left sugar – salt is also your enemy in the fight against excess w8. We all know that salt is an absorbent that absorbs water. That is, the established water balance is depreciated if you like to eat salty fish or chips.

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

Salt, of course, needs the body: it dilutes blood and lymph. But in large quantities, it is absolutely useless to you. Especially if you want to lose weight in old age. We do not offer you to stop salt: just stop eating what contains an excessive amount of this substance.

Do not overeat

A feeling of saturation comes late. Often, people, “crawling out” because of the festive table, cannot move-they fall on the bed and lie until the stomach copes with the overload. You don’t have to do it for sure if you want to lose weight at any age.

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

If you overeat chronically, it can be a disorder of food behavior. The reasons for this can be different: from constant stress to a downed daily routine. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor: he will make a diagnosis and prescribe a personal treatment for you. Perhaps excess weight has formed on your nervous ground.

Do not get carried away with diets

Sounds paradoxically, isn’t it? No, here this refers to the problem of abuse of various diets. Some try to lose excess weight in the age with the help of numerous restrictions.

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

The fact is that each diet is a balanced schedule of what can be eaten and what is not recommended. Good diets are compiled by professionals. An ordinary person without the necessary education will not be able to understand what elements his body needs and which are redundant. If you simultaneously follow the settings “there is everything except meat” and “there is nothing but meat”, that you will eat at all then?

Do not reduce calories sharply

What do you think, how correct is the phrase “Well, everything, from today I have not dinner!”? In fact, a sharp decrease in the number of calories consumed works completely in the wrong direction in which you would like.

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

When the brain realizes that calorie enters the body little, it is looking for ways to “not die of hunger”. This “manager” that sits in our head, all the same, what you want to see your body – it is important for him to maintain performance. You will get tired faster, your blood pressure will decrease, and the metabolism, which in the ideal version for weight loss should accelerate, slow down. In order for the brain not to panic, you need to eat more often-4-5 times a day. Of course, this refers to the adoption of healthy foods and in small portions.

Follow proteins, fats, carbohydrates

What secret is this “trinity” hiding? In fact, all these elements in the body are interconnected: you cannot stop the consumption of one not to the detriment of another. Carbohydrates are responsible for energy in the body. Squirrels are “building materials” for your bones, muscles and other tissues. Fats (“fuel for heating”) help us maintain body temperature.

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

In order to lose weight at the age of 50, 55, 60 and more years, you need to reduce the number of fats or carbohydrates consumed. There are different theories: you can reduce food in your diet containing an excessive amount of one or other substances. Fat faster “migrate” into subcutaneous fat than carbohydrates. Therefore, it is reasonable to reduce the amount of fats. However, one cannot completely abandon them: these substances are still useful and necessary, because they contain vitamins necessary for our immunity and health.

You can also choose another tactic: reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed. If you stop eating cakes and cakes, you will kill two hares at once: reduce both fats and carbohydrates. The most important thing is that there are many, many proteins. They are necessary, especially if you decide to also engage in physical education.

What is trans fat and why they should be removed from the diet

Trans-fats are fats, only unusual. Naturally, they are found in meat and dairy products, but in large quantities they are only artificially contained: for example, in Margarine. With frequent use of trans fats, they negatively affect the circulatory system: contribute to blockage of blood vessels and the formation of blood clots. How to determine if there is a trans fat in the product? If you cannot offhand confidently and correctly say the composition, then this product probably contains a trans fat.

Yes, this substance is quite a lot on the shelves in the supermarket. But this does not mean that you need to be afraid of chocolate sweets and ginger gingerbread. Just all you need in moderation.

Drink water

Water is our everything if we lose w8. After all, it cleanses our body, without it we will last much less than without food.

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

Every day, an elderly person needs to drink from 2.2 (for women) to 2.9 (for men) water liters. You can drink more, and this will only benefit you and accelerate the process of metabolism.

Visit the sanatorium

In recreation facilities, the program is saturated with various activities: you will not notice how the weight will “flow”. There are many different sanatoriums in Russia for the elderly. Choose your place to your liking and arrange a trip!

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

There are state programs according to which trips in the sanatorium are allocated to pensioners. You can both choose a place near the house, and go to another city – it all depends on your desire.

Sleep correctly

It would seem – how a dream is connected with excess weight? However, there is an absolutely direct dependence. According to research, people sleeping at least eight hours a day are more prone to weight loss than those who neglect. Scientists believe that such a paradox is due to the fact that hormones are activated that affect the desire to eat. And those substances that are responsible for a feeling of satiety, on the contrary, are suppressed.

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

Poor dream can cause various ailments associated with excess weight: diabetes, obesity, slowdown in metabolism, as well as other chronic diseases. Sleep well – then you will be able to lose weight at any age.

Try to praudit

Meditation allow you to find harmony in relations with oneself. Perhaps a disturbed internal balance is the reason why you cannot lose weight at 60.

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

You do not have to “know Zen”: meditate in order to saturate the blood with oxygen, strengthen the muscles of the back, get rid of depressing thoughts. In addition, this does not need a lot of time: devote 10 minutes a day only to yourself, and the result will not be long in coming.

Let yourself have little weaknesses

How hard you will forbid yourself to take excess baby in your mouth, the breakdown will be so strong. In order for your ardor to be preserved to the victorious end, do not limit yourself to hard.

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

When losing weight, the psychological aspect is incredibly important: you should be comfortable, and you should not feel in close and resentment. First of all, follow this, and not for excessly eaten calories.

Love yourself

It sounds strange: how can you love yourself if the body is far from ideality? It turns out that it is possible and even necessary. After all, the adoption of yourself and your body will allow you to feel life here and now, and not think: “I’ll lose weight, and everything will work out, but for now we are tolerate”.

You can lose weight with a diet and sports at any age. Slimming tips after 50, 60 years

The love of oneself for yourself is sometimes more difficult than love some1. In this difficult but important psychological process, it is important that there are people who are ready to show you yourself from good sides. You are better than you think. Relatives and friends adore you. Are there any reasons to “drive” about how to lose weight at 50?

The difference in weight loss for men and women aged

The male and female body are very different in the set and discharge of muscle and fat mass. Therefore, each floor is its own approach. High level of testosterone in men contributes to the rapid growth of muscles. Pumping muscles and throwing weight to a man is much easier than a woman. Women are more often prone to fullness, and hormones are “to blame” in this.

It is hormones, not man himself! Therefore, it is not always advisable to look for recipes, how to lose weight at an age. You can change yourself, but you should not bring yourself to health problems. The film “Requiem for a Dream” clearly shows an example of how a person in pursuit of weight loss kills himself. Let’s lose weight right and pleasant!

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