A mixture of a bulldog with a rhino: unusual hybrids in the kingdom of animals

The expression about the rhino is designed to emphasize the bizarre of mixing of different signs. The species of animals so far from each other, however, cannot give offspring, but related animals successfully cross in nature and zoos

A mixture of a bulldog with a rhino: unusual hybrids in the kingdom of animals


Unlike large cats, brown and polar bears have partially intersecting areas, which sometimes leads to their crossing in nature.In the zoos, the hybrids of these types of bear periodically are born since the 19th century. Bears born of so unlike each other’s parents are called gross, polar grousles, acnuki or pussy. Hybrid cubs are born white, but as they grow old, they darken and acquire a bluish-brown or brown-yellow color. In behavior and food preferences, they are similar to a polar bear: they eat fish, hunt large animals and last to pay attention to berries and roots loved by brown bears.

A mixture of a bulldog with a rhino: unusual hybrids in the kingdom of animals

Golers are crossed both among themselves and with parental species and give prolific offspring. This is not surprising, since polar bears come from the population of brown bears that lived, judging by various research, from 120 to 600 thousand years ago. In addition, scientists believe that representatives of these species have repeatedly crossed over the past millennia. Many ecologists believe that recently the appearance of grolars in nature is associated with global warming.


Often, people intentionally cross different types of animals in order to deduce offspring with the desired characteristics. For example, in Africa in the 19th century they began to cross the zebras with horses and donkeys. As a rule, male zebr is used for this. From them, zebroids inherit the famous stripes. True, they do not cover the whole body, but only some of its parts. In addition to the strips, zebroids gets a difficult character: they are wayward, aggressive, but still amenable to shift is better than zebra. Zebroids, like zebras, are resistant to bites of the flood of Tseche, and from mothers (mares or donkeys), they inherit the growth and complexion of the body. So, the hybrids of zebra and donkey stunted, and the offspring of zebra and a riding horse will be quite high and suitable for riding.

A mixture of a bulldog with a rhino: unusual hybrids in the kingdom of animals

Zebroid breeding is fraught with difficulties. They do not appear so often, sometimes born weakened, have various pathologies. This is due to the fact that zebras are rather distant relatives of modern horses and donkeys. But efforts are worth it: zebroids are quite quick -witted, hardy and bring a lot of benefits to a person.

Hybrids among monkeys

But what about the hybridization of our closest relatives? Science is known for several cases of interspecific crossing in monkeys. For example, a cub appeared in a taboo zoo in Saudi Arabia, whose father was a macaques-Reisus, and the mother of Gamadril’s mother. In nature there are hybrids of hammadrils and anubis, anubis and Gelada, Babuins and anubis. In the Sukhumi nursery, Gelada gave offspring from crossing with the babyas.

An interesting case of hybridization is described in the book “Our Inner Monkey” a primatologist France de Vaal. The male Bonobobo was brought to one of the French wandering circuses, who was given the nickname Congo. The trainer took him for ordinary chimpanzees, though he noticed that the new pet was extremely playing and showing, characteristic of Bonobo, “insatiable thirst for sex”. To quench her male was given a reward for good performances. As a result, hybrids of bonobo and chimpanzees were born in the circus. They easily moved on two legs, were elegant, sensitive. Their voices sounded as high as Bonobo.

However, to see a hybrid primacy, it is not necessary to go to Africa or visit research stations. Just look in the mirror. We are also hybrids, since the Neanderthals once made some contribution to the genome of most modern people, and Denisovites also had Denisovs in the ancestors.

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