A rare black jaguar appeared in the Leningrad Zoo

The little predator has not yet been shown to visitors.

Leningrad Zoo was replenished with a new pet — Black Jaguar named Richard.

The one -year -old predator occupied the spacious aviary and now lives next to his grandmother — Female Jaguar Agnes. September 17, Richard will be a year. By the nature of the jaguar is very calm and careful, loves to contemplate and analyze. Richard is still shy of the public, so visitors are asked to once again not scare visitors and not disturb a small predator.

In the telegram channel of the zoo, people are already discussing replenishment in the cat family with might and main. ‘What a handsome!’ — wrote one of the users. ‘With addition! We will come to get acquainted’, — Added another.

Jaguars and leopards are born black due to genetic mutation — Excess Pigment Melanin. They can inherit this color by inheritance to their cubs. Sometimes nature encourages such ‘mutants’. It is believed that melanists are more resistant to tropical diseases, and the black color better hides predatory cats in thick forests.

Jaguar — The third largest cat in the world, and the only representative of the genus Panthera in the New World. Lives in Central America and Tropical South America. Jaguar is much larger than a leopard. In the center of the spots on the body of jaguars there are points.

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