Aerobics for the brain: 11 tricky exercises that will improve memory

Often forget important things? Play with yourself in words and figures!

Aerobics for the brain: 11 tricky exercises that will improve memory

How often do people’s names fly out of your head, the numbers of the apartments of friends, their own promises? It happens that during a dialogue thought spins in my head, but does not add up to the right word? Then you should definitely adopt these exercises – you probably have small problems with memory, and it’s time to practice it.

How to improve memory: Exercises for the brain

A set of exercises to improve memory is called neurobics. Practically like aerobics, which is available to both adults and children of any level of physical training. But there is still one difference-neurobics can be done anywhere and anytime. These simple exercises.

  1. You will need a sheet of paper and a pen: start writing numbers from 1-20, while calling them in the reverse order.

  2. Take the second sheet and another handle. First, draw, for example, a circle with both hands, then two different figures (right – square, left – triangle).

  3. Choose a item-a vase or a cactus-and look at it for 3-5 seconds. Close your eyes and imagine it with all the details again, open your eyes, roll with the original and repeat the procedure until you get an identical image in your thoughts. By the way, it is believed that it was this exercise that Aivazovsky used when he painted his paintings.

  4. The option is more complicated: take a few matches, remember their location within 2-3 seconds and try to imagine how they lie by closing your eyes. Or put them out of memory on another sheet. Add several matches each time, and when you reach 12-14, start again with 4-5. But now remember the location of the match heads.

  5. Invite another person to put an object in front of you, and guess to the touch that it is. The activation of other sensory organs is guaranteed.

  6. Look around and come up with a funny story about what is happening right now.

  7. Say the “elephant” on the contrary – “NOLS”, then “Apple” – in general, any word that you will like, the main thing is the other way around!

  8. Remember how in childhood it was necessary to count up to 100 to fall asleep? Start counting up to 100, without calling numbers, multiple of five, and at the end, start from the end.

  9. In Arab countries, they read from right to left – it is unlikely that this helps to improve memory to native speakers of this language, but for us it is a wonderful training to improve concentration.

  10. And now check for primary school graduates: List all months, seasons and days of the week in the reverse order.

  11. Completely exercise. Select any letter and name at least 20 words that begin with it.

If you periodically perform some of these exercises, your memory will improve, attention will become more tenacious, and thoughts will be more structured.

As a bonus is another exercise that can be done in the evenings. Sit on the sofa, sit comfortably and remember your day with all the details. What smells came to you today? Who did you communicate with? What they felt during this communication? What were busy?..

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