Chilean great -grandfather: found the oldest living creature on earth, his age is 5484

The species is named after the captain of “Bighel”

Chilean great -grandfather: found the oldest living creature on earth, his age is 5484

Before that, the oldest tree was officially considered California Pine is bristly, which is 4853 years old.

Fitzroy is an evergreen tree, the only representative of his species from the Kiparis family. The unique natural object proudly bears the name of Robert Fitzrock – the captain of the Bigl ship, on which in 1831 he went on his famous round -the -world trip Charles Darwin.

Barichivich in his youth decided to connect his scientific career with the “great -grandfather” of all trees. The future dendrologist spent his childhood in the vicinity of the Aleers-Koster Park, where his parents worked as caretakers. The ecologist later took up a serious study of a childhood friend.

To determine the age of the tree, Barichivich used modern computer modeling technologies and traditional calculation methods. To calculate the annual rings, he investigated the non -destructive sample of the tree of the tree. Comparing the results obtained with samples of cores of younger trees of the same type, Barichivich calculated the age of the tree using the statistical modeling method.

The scientist admits that, most likely, additional research will be required to confirm age. So far, he urges local authorities to strengthen the protection of ancient trees, which represent a great historical and scientific value.

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