Cold -blooded and toothy: look at the 10 most dangerous sharks in the world

In their habitats, you should not ignore the ban on swimming

Cold -blooded and toothy: look at the 10 most dangerous sharks in the world

Lemon shark

In the warm bays of the Atlantic, among the reefs of the Caribbean or in the shallow water of the Bahamas, drivers and fans of sea rest sometimes come across a lemon shark (Negaprion Brevirostris). The largest representatives of this species reach a length of more than 3 meters. Usually they hide for a long time at the bottom, waiting for reckless fish to swim by. In search of prey, lemon sharks even swim into the mouth of the rivers.

Cold -blooded and toothy: look at the 10 most dangerous sharks in the world

To people, lemon sharks rarely show at least some interest, but several cases of their attacks on divers are known. However, not one of these episodes was fatal.

Blue, or blue shark

Blue sharks (Prionace Glauca) are found almost everywhere in the moderate and tropical waters of the world ocean, although in the warm seas they often prefer to stay in the depths.

Cold -blooded and toothy: look at the 10 most dangerous sharks in the world

In length, these sharks reach almost 4 meters. They hunt fish, squid, octopus, and also eat carrion. Often blue sharks fall into fishing networks, but their meat does not use very popularity. Several dozen attacks of these sharks on people were recorded, several cases ended in the death of swimmers.

Giant shark-youth

It is difficult to find a shark with a stranger appearance than a giant shark-little shark (SPhyrna Mokarran), whose face resembles a blacksmith’s gun. It seems that it is difficult for her to move, but in fact, a fellow shark swims very quickly. Moreover, with the help of receptors with which her muzzle is dotted, she discovers the most careful crustaceans and fish trying to hide in underwater thickets. This predator also uses its hammer to immobilize the victim.

Cold -blooded and toothy: look at the 10 most dangerous sharks in the world

On average, the length of the representatives of this type of sharks, included in the list of dying, reaches 3.5 meters, and the length of the largest copy was more than 6 meters. Gigantic obstetric sharks do not show obvious aggression towards a person, but they can still attack and harm, although it is not known about the death attacks with a deadly outcome.

Long -winged shark

Long -winged sharks (Carcharhinus longimanus) are called sea dogs, as they follow the ships, eating waste. Only in the case of shipwreck these fish, the length of which can reach 4 meters, behave by no means like a person’s friends.

Cold -blooded and toothy: look at the 10 most dangerous sharks in the world

For long -winged sharks, the reputation of the killers has long been fixed. They are considered responsible for the death of many sailors and passengers of sea vessels who found themselves in water after shipwrecks. For example, in 1942, the German submarine sank the passenger ship Nova Scotia off the coast of South Africa – out of more than 1000 people on board, only 192 people survived. It is believed that there could be much more survivors if the sharks had not attacked people. In 2010, a long -winged shark made several attacks on tourists in the Red Sea, one of the victims of the predator died.

The famous researcher Jacques-Iv Coustea completely considered long-winged sharks the most dangerous, although modern data indicate that they are not included in the top three most dangerous types of sharks that we placed at the end of the list.


A predator, which combines agility, speed and an impressive size, can be dangerous for any1. Akula-Mako (Isurus oxyrinchus) has all the above qualities. The length of the largest individuals of this species is about 4 meters.

Cold -blooded and toothy: look at the 10 most dangerous sharks in the world

Using powerful fins, they, like torpedoes, accelerate in the water column and easily jump out of it. For such hunters, it is not difficult to turn the fishing boat and seriously hurt a person. However, the sharks-maco do not attack fishermen and divers too often, and only a few documented attacks ended with the death of people.

Gray sand shark

In the coastal tropical waters, a meeting with a sandy shark (Carcharias Taurus), which merges with the bottom, is not excluded-due to the dirty gray or brown color, it can not be seen immediately. Strong body more than 3 meters long and sharp-sided-kinjala teeth sticking out of its mouth unequivocally signaling the potential threat.

Cold -blooded and toothy: look at the 10 most dangerous sharks in the world

Personnel, fish and some marine mammals most often become prey sharks. People in their menu are not included, but during the period of mating, males of gray sandstone behave aggressively and sometimes attack a person.

Rifting shark

Compared to many relatives, Rify Shark (Triaenodon Obesus) does not look too fright. Its length is less than 2 meters, and this shark feeds on the inhabitants of the coral reefs, where it often encounters divers, which sometimes feed reef sharks from the hands.

Cold -blooded and toothy: look at the 10 most dangerous sharks in the world

But count these sharks is not very harmless. They are curious and often swim to the boats and people in water, and their mouths are quite large. The blood of the wounded fish can lead these sharks to excitement and provoke an attack on a person, although it is not known about cases of death as a result of an attack by a reef shark.

Tiger shark

All the above -listed hazels are a certain danger to people, but only three types are considered real champions in this rating, which include a tiger shark (Galeocerdo Cuvier). She got her name for peculiar patterns on her back, similar to stripes on tiger’s skin.

Cold -blooded and toothy: look at the 10 most dangerous sharks in the world

Like a tiger, this shark, the length of which can exceed 4 meters, moves leisurely, but at the sight of its production, slowness instantly disappears. Tiger sharks feed on fish, turtles, other sharks and marine mammals.

Tiger sharks attack people relatively infrequently, but several similar attacks are fixed annually, most of which ends with injuries for victims, and occasionally in death. In 2003, a tiger shark attacked the famous surfing player Bethany Hamilton. 13-year-old girl lost her hand, but survived and even returned to professional sport.

White shark

Thanks to cinema and fiction, the largest of the living sharks has a bad glory. However, the White Shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) really poses a threat to a person and is considered one of the most dangerous sharks in the world – armed with a whole battery of sharp teeth and reaching 5 meters in length, a predator cannot be harmless.

Cold -blooded and toothy: look at the 10 most dangerous sharks in the world

White sharks are very illegible in food – both small fish and sea cats, seals, and sometimes people become their prey. According to some reports, it is the white sharks who lead the number of attacks on a person. Even one bite of a white shark can cause serious damage and cause death due to blood loss. It is believed that several dozen people died from the teeth of white sharks in recent years.

Stupid shark

The creators of adventure novels and horror films in vain in vain by the stupid, or bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas), giving preference to a white shark. However, for people dumb sharks are no less dangerous.

Cold -blooded and toothy: look at the 10 most dangerous sharks in the world

Bull sharks are widespread in the waters of the oceans and can live not only in salt, but also in fresh water – they often swim in large rivers. In length, these sharks can reach 3 or more meters. They are unpretentious and eat everything that comes across in the way.

A person can become a victim of a bull shark. These sharks are not patience and can attack without delay. Data on the number of victims of these sharks vary, but it is believed that it was the bull shark (or several sharks) that made a series of attacks on people off the coast of New Jersey in 1916. It was this story that inspired the writer Peter Benchi to create the novel “Jaw”.

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