Hills, forts and bridges: what to do in Vladivostok

We talk about the main attractions of the city and the surroundings

Hills, forts and bridges: what to do in Vladivostok

“Around the World” briefly talks about interesting places in Vladivostok and the environs that should be visited during stay in the city. Inspection of the main attractions of Vladivostok and the environs will take 1-2 days, but a thoughtful acquaintance with the city and the region will require, of course, more time. A map below, on which many locations worthy of attention are noted, will help to make an approximate route.

Hills and forts

The construction of the fortifications of the Borpost city was carried out with an eye on the relief: 16 forts of the Vladivostok fortress were erected at the tops of the hills. The complex also includes other fortifications, artillery batteries and other buildings.

You can get acquainted with the history of the construction of the fortress and its device at the visitor of the Museum-Reserve “Vladivostok Fortress” (Street of Peter the Great, 6). In total, the museum complex includes over 40 fortification objects scattered throughout the city. For example, Fort No. 5 on the Sobritsky hill and a large fort No. 7 located near him are open to visit. You need to walk around the forts with a card, a lantern, in comfortable shoes and with caution.

Hills, forts and bridges: what to do in Vladivostok

Having climbed the 200-meter hill of the eagle nest, you can enjoy the view of the Vladivostok, the islands of the Japanese Sea and the Golden Horn Bay, which has been crossed by a cable gold bridge since 2012, because of which Vladivostok has christened the Russian San Francisco. The height of the supports of the 1.5-kilometer bridge reaches 230 meters.

Hills, forts and bridges: what to do in Vladivostok

Skota Peninsula

Before crossing the Golden Horn Bay, look at the Skot Peninsula, where there are also several worthy examinations. For example, here you can admire the cross hill and take a picture at the stele indicating the end point of the Trans -Siberian line. On Tokarevsky Cape is a beautiful lighthouse of the same name.

Hills, forts and bridges: what to do in Vladivostok

On the other side of the Ulysses Bay, among the thickets, the temple of Perun is hidden, which was built at the beginning of the 21st century by the local pagan community. In addition to wooden idols and ritual structures, there is an observation deck with a good look.

Russian island

The second widely known bridge of Vladivostok connects the mainland part of the city with the island of Russian. The span length of the Russian bridge exceeds 1100 meters.

Hills, forts and bridges: what to do in Vladivostok

In addition to the complex of buildings of the Far Eastern Federal University, fortifications are located on the island, some of which are marked on the map above.

If forts and batteries do not seduce you, there are many natural beauties on the island. For example, from Cape Kazarin, the best view of the Gulf of Ussi opens, and behind Fort No. 12 on the steep bank is a piano, which has become a place of pilgrimage for lovers of photo shoots. This is the third instrument in this place – the previous two were spoiled by bad weather and vandals, but were replaced.

Hills, forts and bridges: what to do in Vladivostok

Far islands

The most active tourists, while meeting Vladivostok and the surroundings, should visit two more picturesque islands that lie southwest of Russian island. It goes to the island of Reineke with a ferry from the port of Vladivostok, but to the uninhabited island of Rikorda, you can only get on a private boat. Like the island of Russian, the islands of Rikord and Reineke belong to the archipelago of Empress Eugene, named after the French sailors in honor of the wife of Napoleon III.

On the island of Reineke, you can see the half -saved ship Peresvet – a former German icebreaker, which after World War II was repaired and entered into the Pacific Fleet of the USSR. Now local residents love to swim and collect sea inhabitants at the skeleton of the ship.

Hills, forts and bridges: what to do in Vladivostok

As for the island of Rikord, then all wildlife lovers should go here. Many animals and birds live here, but during the visit it is worth showing caution – snakes are also abundant on the island in abundance.

A trip to Vladivostok can hardly leave someone indifferent. From this vacation, you will probably bring not only numerous souvenirs, but also a lot of vivid impressions of the distant city on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

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