Holding from the pier: scientists called the maximum safe height for jumping into the water

And they told how risky entertainment could turn out

Holding from the pier: scientists called the maximum safe height for jumping into the water

Scientists from the USA investigated human diving in different poses and compared this to animal behavior. An article with the results is posted on the Science Advances portal.

People by nature are able to move in the water column, and sometimes quickly enough, but for diving, our organisms, alas, are not intended. In order to make sure of this, you can remember, for example, that diving birds of Olushi use a dense layer of feathers behind the head to redirect the force of impact to a flexible neck. A person does not have such a mechanism, and therefore jumping into water without preparation sometimes leads to concussions and other damage.

Anupam Panda From Cornell University and his colleagues decided to explore water jumping with physical methods. To do this, scientists threw mannequins printed on a 3D printer and equipped with sensors into the water. Figures depicted people in different poses that are used for diving: with their heads, hands or legs forward.

For comparison, they also made animal mannequins that are immersed in water in a similar way. As a result, researchers created a model that links the characteristics of the body and the height of the fall with the load on the body.

Researchers compared the data obtained with dangerous loads characteristic of humans. So, when his head dives down, a person is threatened first Compression injuries of the head and spine, and in other cases – damage to bones and muscles. As a result, according to the results obtained, when his head diving forward, the maximum safe height turned out to be 8 meters, with his arms forward – 12 meters, legs forward – 15 meters.

The result of jumping into water from a height often becomes Numerous bruises of internal organs, soft tissue bruises, fractures, death. Death can come from a blow to water, drowning, manifested problems with health, inability to independently swim to the shore and get to land in an unconnected place and other factors.

Previously, scientists told how “fish with legs” Tiktaalik lived on land, but changed her mind and returned to the sea.

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