How much raven lives, the difference from a raven and other interesting facts

And you knew that the raven and crow are different birds? But both are very smart. We tell.

Raven is an omnivorous bird that is found in almost the entire northern hemisphere. This is the largest representative of the Verny family, quite recognizable outwardly: completely black, with a strong beak and very impressive size. The raven can reach 70 cm, the scope of its wings – up to 150 cm. A raven usually weighs 1-2 kg, and males are a little more than females.

How much raven lives, the difference from a raven and other interesting facts

An ordinary crow can be found in almost any habitat: in forests and forest -steppes, sea coasts, meadows, and even in the tundra and desert. They get along well with people, especially in rural areas, but live in some cities.

Raven eats everything that came from – from insects, rodents and other birds to cereals, berries, vegetables and fruits. Does not disdain the raven and carrion and food waste. In general, this large bird is able to catch even a hare or a small hoofing animal. 

Getting food, the raven shows amazing quick wits – for example, he watches the goose eggs of the fox, remembers where she hid the prey, and then the cache ruins it off. There were even cases when the raven brought wolves to a flock of deer or moose, and then ate the rest of the meal behind the predators.

How many crows live? 

There is a belief that crows can live up to 300 years, but this is not true. Typically, the raven lives in the wild for 10-15 years, in captivity, with good care, representatives of the type of Corvus Corax are able to live longer. An example is the famous Tower ravens. The maximum life expectancy of a raven living in the London fortress has reached 40 years.

Raven and Raven – what is the difference?

How much raven lives, the difference from a raven and other interesting facts How much raven lives, the difference from a raven and other interesting facts

  • Crow
  • Crow

Yes, crows and crows are different birds. First of all, they differ from each other in size and sounds, with which they communicate with fellow tribesmen.

Nevertheless, Raven and Raven are the closest relatives, these two types are included in the Corvidae family. Both Raven and Voronov can be found almost throughout Russia. The raven is larger, the crow is much smaller – it can be compared by the size of the body with a large pigeon. 

To distinguish a raven from a raven, you can also listen to the sounds that they make. The crow is famous for its simple, uncomplicated croak, while the raven makes a deeper, guttural croaking sound.

In addition, if you look at the birds from close range, you can notice that the ravens have more fluffy feathers around the head and especially on the throat. The beak of the raven is thicker, and it has a large bend at the end. In flight, you should pay attention to the tail of birds. The raven has feathers on the tail along the length of about the same, so its tail looks like a fan. The raven is different in different lengths of tail feathers, so its tail has a wedge -shaped or rhomboid shape.

Another distinguishing feature is the flight style. The raven, as a rule, soars above the ground, and the raven claps its wings. The differences between two similar species are also manifested when walking. Crows usually just walk on the ground, and Voronov is distinguished by a combination of walking and jumping.

We have already learned about the exceptional longevity of the raven, and How much a crow lives? Much less: in the wild up to 13 years, in captivity – up to 20 years. Although there are cases when the crow lived up to 60 years.

Propagation and offspring

How much raven lives, the difference from a raven and other interesting facts

Raven – monogamous birds, these birds live mainly in pairs. Couples are preserved for many years, sometimes for life. The wedding period in ravens begins at the end of winter. Before breeding, birds arrange unusual marriage games – trying to delight the female, males perform complex figures and maneuvers in the air. The raven can also impress the female due to the “important” gait. The boyfriend raises his head high, blows his neck, opens his tail with a fan and walks in this form in front of his lady. If the couple has developed, the crows clean each other feathers.

Raven’s nest loves to build very highly – on the tops of trees, towers, power lines and even beacons. Both the male and the female participate in the creation of the nest. Bitch, hay, wool and other suitable finds are used as building materials. The crow’s nest can be large enough – up to 1.5 m in diameter. As a rule, the Raven family does not one, but several nests in a small territory, and uses them in turn.

 Raven has from 1 to 8 eggs in a nest, most often 4-6. The female usually does the hatch, while the male mines food. After two weeks, the female also begins to look for food, and the chicks can already be alone in the nest. The crowns begin to fly literally after four weeks of life, but they can live with parents for several months. Young crows finally leave the family in winter, and reach puberty for 2-3 years.

Sign and superstitions about crows

How much raven lives, the difference from a raven and other interesting facts

Many folk signs and superstitions are associated with ravens – both positive and not very. One of the most common beliefs – the crow’s croaking predicts trouble, especially if the bird does it next to a person. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to kill a raven or crow – in ancient times it was believed that such an act is cursing himself and even his kind. And most favorable signs are associated with a couple of ravens – it is not surprising, because they personify strong and long relations. Even see two ravens together was considered a sign of an imminent wedding. If the bird family accidentally attends a wedding or wedding, this was regarded as an omen of a long and happy life together.

Attitude towards people

Wild crows are wary of people, but they are not at all afraid. This bird loves to watch the behavior of man. Pitta raven is very friendly with the owners and devoted to them, and can even fight a person to his household or other pets.

Interesting Facts

Raven is one of the smartest animals, so there are a lot of interesting facts about them.

  1. The bird got its name thanks to the color – “a crow” from the ancient Slavonic means “black”.
  2. Raven can remember people who tried to harm them or scared.
  3. The raven can perform the figures of the highest aerobatics – barrel and half -cut.
  4. Crows sometimes play games among themselves-for example, take turns raising pebbles in beaks until someone drops it.
  5. In winter, representatives of the vows can ride in the snow – as entertainment.
  6. Raven can throw solid nuts under the wheels of cars to crush them.
  7. Crows can parody other sounds and remember words.

Content at home

To contain a raven at home, you need special conditions, because this is not a dog or a cat. The bird needs scope – best of all, a large, light aviary with a feeder, a drinking bag and a bathing place. At the same time, the crow needs to walk as long as possible, but at least a couple of hours a day. Since the crows are omnivorous, there should not be any problems with nutrition, but you need to include meat, cereals, eggs, fruits or berries in the diet of birds.

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