Iceberg the size of Petersburg broke off from the shelf of the Antarctica glacier

Whether it threatens the planet?

The huge iceberg broke off from the Antarctica shelf of the Antarctica glacier near the research station of the British polar explorers. The total area of a giant piece of ice – 1550 km², What comparable, for example, with the Square of St. Petersburg (1439 km²).

Iceberg separated from the 150-meter shelf glacier of Brant. It happened Ten years after the polar experts first noticed massive cracks on the shelf. A similar iceberg department with an area of 1270 km² occurred about a year ago.

Scientists noted that the formation of a new iceberg occurred during the process of reflections, and Not related to climate change, accelerating the loss of sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. “We expected the iceberg department, this is a natural process for the shield of the Branta glacier,” explained Gbraziologist Dominic Khojson. Glaziologists will continue to monitor the shelf glacier in real time. The following data on the glacier will be collected in early February, writes Science Alert.

The British research station Halley VI constantly monitors the state of a huge floating shelf glacier. In 2016-2017, the base was moved deep into Antarctica for security reasons, since cracks in the ice threatened to cut it off. Employees are at the station only by Antarctic summer – from November to March.

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