Is it possible to get rid of moths and why does she even have your sweater?

If you belong to those people who run after the mop at the sight of a spider or midges, you can not do this anymore. It’s more complicated with moth.

The team of scientists led by Entomologist Michelle Trautwinin estimated that about 100 species of insects live in every human dwelling. 

Is it possible to get rid of moths and why does she even have your sweater?

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Where exactly it is: in Russia or Australia, city or village – it does not matter. As well as how often wet cleaning is carried out in it, garbage is carried out and there are pets. It turned out that none of these factors affects the number of species. But! If you constantly scatter the crumbs on the floor and stop doing wet cleaning, the number of “tenants” can grow significantly. 

Among the others, a plane moth often settles in the houses, which is definitely able to ruin the life of the owners of the home.

Is it possible to get rid of moths and why does she even have your sweater?

Answers Svetlana Zarechnaya Entomologist, to. b. n., assistant professor

The flying moth, behind which you are chasing the apartment, intending to save things, is actually only indirectly guilty of spoiling clothes. She does not have a rotary apparatus! Plane’s butterflies are created for propagation. 

Being caring parents, they are looking for places for laying eggs in advance – suitable clothes, which caterpillars will be eaten in the future. Thus, they save the larvae from the need to look for food, barely born.

Just imagine: each female lays up to 100 eggs! It would seem that if a mole has started in the closet, the larvae should be everywhere, but we practically do not see them. This is because butterflies are more noticeable and caterpillars can be found only by looking at damaged clothes.

Is it possible to get rid of moths and why does she even have your sweater?

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From May to September, they eat, preferring contaminated with fat or then products made of wool, felt, felt. And in the fall they move to cornices and for sofas, where they attach their covers. In the spring, a wrapping caterpillar is sinking for the last time in a doll.

For a normal life cycle, it is necessary that the temperature in the room is +23–25 ° C, and the air is quite dry. Under adverse conditions, caterpillars can slow down in development up to two years, all this time damaging clothes.

In addition to the moths, in residential premises there is a fur, furniture, felt, grain. They have their own food preferences. For example, fur mol prefers fur products, and furniture can damage the upholstery of the sofa, but in woolen socks the hole will appear precisely due. By the way, it is the most common.

Is it possible to get rid of moths and why does she even have your sweater?

Nikolai Dubinsanitary doctor, chief disinfector and director of the quality of the company “Vobolov”

Larvae of the moths of moths feed on keratin – a protein, of which consist of products made of wool and fur, but clothing made of synthetics is also under threat. There are no artificial fibers larvae, but they will gnaw. True, the wool in the fabric should still be at least 30%.

As a rule, a plane mole enters a dwelling with already infected clothing. But even if this happened, some measures can be taken.

Firstly, in the summer it is worth disassembled cabinets and lay out things to dry in the sun. Ultraviolet rays help to fight not only with a plane mole, but also with dust mites. Under their action, insects die.

Is it possible to get rid of moths and why does she even have your sweater?

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Secondly, already slightly spoiled, potentially infected things can be frozen. Low temperatures are destructive for insects in the same way as high. It is worth doing if the damage is not severe, but you really need things. Otherwise it is easier to throw them away.

Thirdly, it is recommended to regularly ventilate the room and do wet cleaning.

Finally, fourthly, it is useful to put cloves, lavender and other herbs in the cabinets with a strong aroma. He scares away female butterflies. Previously, for this purpose, naphthalene and orange peels were used, but they work worse. In addition, scientists of different countries have long discovered that Naftalin vapors can cause severe poisoning, but, the worst thing, they destroy red blood cells and provoke the development of cancer.

Note that chemicals also affect mainly on adults, killing them. But it is necessary to prevent the development of caterpillars, which can already be in clothes. So to hope that a miraculous tool from the store will help, not worth. 

Nevertheless, professionals have funds to fight. True, our company more often processes textile production, warehouses of felt boots or, for example, rooms where the walls are sheathed with felt.

Paid moth should not be confused with a butterfly-oogneuska, which is popularly called food mole. Her larvae settle exclusively in bulk foods, including the packaging itself, among the folds and seams, and they are not interested in clothes. The most effective means of combating it is the inventory in the kitchen. As soon as you find an infected product, you will have to get rid of it. Also on sale you can find extremely effective pheromone traps.

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