Love and trunks: an amazing story of the elephants of the Moscow zoo

The story of deprivations, love and jealousy in three chapters with a prologue and epilogue

Love and trunks: an amazing story of the elephants of the Moscow zoo


Pamir and Prima walk, gently stroking each other. Pipita observes an idyll from afar. The girl – the daughter of Pamirs and Pipites run up to Pipita, but the father does not pay attention to the teenager. He wants children from prima, but years go, but the couple does not succeed.

Love and trunks: an amazing story of the elephants of the Moscow zoo

Pitita dreams of never seeing these two, to leave somewhere with his daughter Capriid, but this cannot be d1. Four drama participants – elephants living in the Moscow Zoo. However, the whole story of their life is a continuous drama in half with an adventure novel.


In nature, the elephants bring cubs every 4-5 years, and in the litter, as a rule, one elephant. Pregnancy lasts almost two years – this is a record for mammals. The newborn weighs about 100 kilograms and can immediately stand and walk. However, the first days the mother carefully supports his trunk.

The elephant attracts the attention of all members of the herd, they approach him to meet, stroking his trunk. Mother first drives others away from him, but soon young immature females begin to help her to care for the baby.

So that the predators do not smell the smell of an elephant, his mother stains him with mud. At first, the elephant eats exclusively milk. The baby does not know how to use the trunk, but gradually learns to take different objects with its help and bring them to the mouth. And in six months the elephant can already suck water through it. The elephant feeds the cub with milk up to three years, and sometimes longer, but at the age of three months he begins to try plant foods. The bacteria receives bacteria necessary for digesting cellulose, eating maternal manure.

Chapter 1. Twice after half the world

Thousands of people come to the Moscow Zoo every day. First of all, they go to look at a white bear, orangutan and, of course, an elephant. And few people know that unhurried animals, whom the caring dad shows today to the first-grader, remember, perhaps, dad himself a schoolboy.

They remember a lot of things – among the inhabitants of the zoo, life does not look like the one that visitors imagine. In 1984, several elephants were caught in Vietnam Wild Forests, he was accustomed to a person for six months and then sent to Cuba as a government gift. In total, seven animals went on long -distance swimming, some of them were very small. The ship sailed to the island of Freedom for almost six months, all this time the animals stood in the hold, chained, almost without movement and sunlight.

Love and trunks: an amazing story of the elephants of the Moscow zoo

One elephant did not bear the exhausting road, the rest were very weakened and were extremely exhausted. But Havana refused to accept the generous gift of the fraternal state – the animals were vaccinated against a foot and mouth disease, which was never in Cuba, and the government was afraid that elephants could bring infection onto the island.

The accompanying people urgently look for where you can still send an unlucky gift, and unexpectedly the consent to accept elephants gave the Moscow zoo. The animals were again at sea, and Cuba supplied travelers as an apology with a large supply of fruit. Elephants have a little improved health, and the second part of the navigation went without losses.

Wanderers reached the USSR in the middle of the winter of 1985. There were severe frosts, and elephants had to go to Moscow by train, in two commodity cars. There was a bourgeois stove in one, and the second was not heated at all. At night the temperature fell to minus 30 degrees, and by the morning there was no more elephant. After all, in the homeland of animals, plus 20 – this is already cool ..

Five elephants survived the terrible months of the road and are still alive. Three animals remained in Moscow, and for two stages, this journey was not the last: in the same year they moved to the Berlin Zoo. Migrants from Vietnam and are now living in the German capital, but they have not acquired children.


Passion and shooting range

Elephant Pamirs has one harmful habit: he loves to spit in people, primarily in the Cypeers. But this is nonsense compared to what his predecessor Shangro did. Instead of locks on the grilles of his aviary, there were bolts, which always tightened tight so that the elephant could not get out. At night, Shangro twisted all the bolts from boredom and neatly stacked in a heap.

The second favorite lesson of the elephant was even worse: Shangrin was thrown by manure at visitors. For a while, the cypers turned a blind eye to this, but once on Victory Day, a colonel came to the zoo in a white tunic and orders. Shangro aptly hit the military, there was a scandal. Cyupers were ordered to immediately remove behind an elephant so that there was no manure left in the aviary. Shangro at first sad, and then again began to shell visitors. No one understood where he was getting manure, and then it turned out that his friend was shared with the shooter – she pushed her through the bars.

Chapter 2. Fatal triangle

The male Pamir and two females remained in Moscow – Pitapit and Prima. Elephants were perfectly mastered in the zoo, and after 10 years, in 1995, Elbrus was born at Pipita and Pamir and Pamir. When he turned five years old (elephants at this time have the beginning of adolescence), the elephant was sent to the zoo of Yerevan.

In the wild, young elephants are separated from mothers a little later, but, oddly enough, the parting was painless. Apparently, the mother at this point was tired of the violent nature of Elbrus – he ran all the time, pushed, scattered food, did not really give anyone to eat – and was glad to get rid of him. Even the prima from time to time tried to slap the elephant when the mother does not see.

Love and trunks: an amazing story of the elephants of the Moscow zoo

In Yerevan, Elbrus settled down, and now a couple is looking for a young elephant in the prime. In 2009, Pipita and Pamir had a daughter, who was called Capriide (as of 2022, an elephant, who still lives in the Moscow Zoo, is the name of Cypris. – approx. She was born very small and at first could not reach the maternal nipples.

To get to milk, the baby had to rise, standing on her hind legs. Spring (2014. – approx. Capriide will turn five years old, but while she lives with her parents. Nobody thinks about her future fate, but most likely, in a few years, this home girl still has to part with the current family and go to meet with the new.

In the zoo, Pamir lives separately from the family – in the neighboring aviary. Occasionally, the elephants are allowed to take a walk together, and the rest of the time, animals communicate through the grate that separating the aviarys. Tactile contact is very important for elephants: as a greeting, they stroke or grab each other’s trunk, touch the mouths.
In nature, the herd is usually led by the oldest and experienced female – the matriarch, but in the zoo it is more and more complicated.

Pitypit and prima of the same age, and although they are long -standing friends, from time to time they still begin to share power. In a good way, the main picit is among them, which, although it is smaller, is already twice a mother, and therefore more experienced. It will be considered to be considered this, but the older the capricid becomes, the more difficult it is to kick your status – its dominant position is based on the experience of motherhood, and with the growing up of the elephant, it becomes not so obvious, as if forgot10.

Already, the prima often pushes a friend from the feeder, and then the elephants begin to quarrel, curse and even fight. The brawl takes about ten seconds – they talked and dispersed, no self -mutilation.

Love and trunks: an amazing story of the elephants of the Moscow zoo

But the boss of the elephant family is Pamir. From time to time, he reminds the girls who is in the house the owner, besieging them through the bars with a trunk. Both ladies obediently tolerate it, because they are afraid not to please their hero and try to please him in every possible way. However, Pamir does not notice the efforts of Pipita, as they do not notice their common daughter Capriid, and before that he ignored the son of Elbrus. The only one who interests the elephant is the prima.


Secrets of the names

Elephant names are selected carefully. But unlike human society, where parents are usually limited by a more or less traditional list, in cases with animals nothing holds back imagination.

For example, Elbrus was called so because his dad also has a mountain name – Pamir. The nickname was given by the “Pepita Song” from the operetta “Free Wind” of Isaac Dunaevsky, fashionable in the USSR. What was exactly in the song, the current zoo workers no longer remember. I would be called that because it was noticeably larger than the second elephant. For the baby, capricids could not come up with a name for a long time, even announced a national competition, and in the end this beautiful word appeared.

Chapter 3. Fun of young people

The drama of adults is brightened up by a universal favorite – a little capricid. Mom does not let her go a single step and is very nervous if some procedures are carried out with her daughter. Prima is also very tender to the elephant.

Capriide copies the behavior of senior females, but, like any child, loves to ugel. She runs along the aviary, scatters manure, frolic, bathes, plays. He loves to engage in baigers – people who care for her – and remembers the teams well, but sometimes he indulges during classes: he begins to do everything the other way around. While the capricid is still small, the females endure her tricks, but soon she will become a full -fledged member of the small herd, and the girl will begin to educate. To explain the rules of behavior to adolescents, elephants beat them with a trunk or feet.

Love and trunks: an amazing story of the elephants of the Moscow zoo

In the middle of summer, Pamir usually begins with a must. The elephants at this time often approach him, stroke with trunk, soothe. Cypers also try to help the elephant survive this difficult period. To somehow distract the Pamirs, he is put up with large stones lubricated with essential oils with a fruit smell.

In search of fruits, the elephant turns stones throughout the aviary and calms down from physical activity. The rest of the time, Pamir is a sociable elephant and rather wayward. Now (in 2013. – approx. He is 34 years old, he became calmer than in his youth.

In the summer, Pamir loves to take sun baths: it will come out in the sun, eats up, abandon the trunk behind his back and sleeps standing standing. Once he fell asleep so tightly that he fell right in front of the visitors. Pamir loves to be paid attention to him, and often he himself approaches the Cyrus to caress. The elephant likes the most when he is staggering tusks: he even waves his ears with pleasure. When Pamir is boring, he begins to thunder and knock with bars, attracting cyper and visitors.


Grown females remain with mothers in a herd, which consists of slogen-relays with cubs. And males aged 6–7 years begin to gradually separate from the family. They form their own groups, and adults (elephants become sexually mature at about 15 years) lead a single lifestyle and approach the herd only when some female is ready for reproduction.

One of the males in marriage battles conquers the right to stay with the herd. Elephants are looking for females during the Must, when the level of testosterone in their blood increases many times. The male becomes very irritable, aggressive and excited, almost does not eat, and a black odorous fluid begins to flow from the temporal glands.This condition lasts about three weeks.


Elephants live for a long time – 60–70 years, and in captivity even more. They are not only very smart, they also have a great memory – even after many years these animals recall the events that they had to endure and people. So, if the passions in the love triangle of the Moscow Zoo settle down, the spiritual wounds are shortened soon. If this happens at all.

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