“Spasm and Fear”: a new version of the death of tourists on Dyatlov’s pass is voiced

Researchers do not believe in the gathering of an avalanche

“Spasm and Fear”: a new version of the death of tourists on Dyatlov’s pass is voiced

On the night of February 1 to February 2, 1959, 9 tourists were mysterious in the mountains of the Northern Urals-7 guys and 2 girls who went on a ski campaign of the highest complexity led by a 5th year student of the Ural Polytechnic Institute Igor Dyatlov.

Versions of what could happen to young people, today has already gained more than a hundred: from an avalanche and a drunken quarrel to the attack of fugitive prisoners, representatives of the Mansi people and even aliens.

On July 11, 2020, the Prosecutor General’s Office declared the investigation documents and stated that the Dyatlov group died from the avalanche. Due to poor visibility, the tourists could not find their tent and froze.

“Spasm and Fear”: a new version of the death of tourists on Dyatlov’s pass is voiced

But not everyone believed in this. At a minimum, a confirmed fact does not fit into this version: the dead were found in underwear near the cut tent.

There are such researchers who have devoted to the study of the tragedy all their lives. At a recent press conference at the TASS agency, the Yekaterinburg search engines voiced a new version.

“The lack of traces suggests that the snow was flooded near the tent. But this cannot be a natural phenomenon, because then the snow would also melt in the place where the traces begin. Tourists could not fly to such a distance. So, this is a technogenic phenomenon “.

According to the researcher Vadim Skibinsky, on that day there were no storms on the pass, and the death of tourists may be associated with unsuccessful launch of the rocket. Then the “fire balls” that witnesses saw in that area become explainable. This is an optical illusion, the so -called “moon effect”, it appears if the rocket launches in the evening – hot exhaust gases rockets rise into high layers of the atmosphere and gain the shape of a ball highlighted by the sun in zero gravity.

“In January-February, there was a launch of six missiles from the point“ Polyarny ”,” says Skibinsky. – In the event of a malfunction of one of the missiles, we will get such a result. “.

The researcher believes: we are talking about the R-12 rocket, which could leave the emission of nitric acid-10-15 tons of chemicals. As a result, a poisonous fog sank into the tent of tourists.

“In this state, the acid could penetrate through the tarpaulin of the tent, and this caused a reaction among tourists,” says Skibinsky. – I myself once accidentally inhaled a vapor of acid. Terrible condition: instant spasm and fear. Tourists were forced to breathe in what was in the tent, cut it from the inside. This was the reason for the death of all nine people “.

However, there are no documents that would confirm the unsuccessful launch of missiles. But there are words of eyewitnesses. So, a participant in the search work Vladislav Karelin is sure that it is time to open a criminal case again and study the version about the ball of fire.

“February 17, 1959 I myself saw fire balls. There were a number of observers, ”says Karelin.

So, putting an end to the loud business is still early.

Earlier, the magazine “Around the World” published a detailed chronology of a tragic campaign in the north of the Sverdlovsk region and an interview with a rescuer, who explained what to do in the case of an emergency in the mountains.

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